The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom

Analyzing the New Secrets of Dumbledore Trailer!

March 06, 2022 Sound Owl Studios Episode 120
The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom
Analyzing the New Secrets of Dumbledore Trailer!
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Watch the trailer here!
In this episode, we break down the Secrets of Dumbledore's second trailer. Enjoy!


  • Still no Tina!
  • Mads Mikkelsen's hair is crushing it.
  • Albus and Grindelwald having a chat and a duel?
  • Much more!

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Uh, welcome to the Potter discussion.

hello, everyone. Welcome back to the Potter discussion podcast, discussing Harry Potter, fantastic beasts and the Wizarding world fandom. I'm your host Oscar. And today, finally I am back in the studio. It has been so long, but finally I can return to this. I had a wonderful time away from the, from the microphone, as much as I would have loved to give you a couple new episodes over the time that I was gone.

I am back. And this is the newest episode episode, a 120. That's a huge number. Um, but today today's episode, we are talking about fantastic beasts, the secrets of Dumbledore trailer. Like the second one, I think I got that. It was the first one out of the second one. Is that going when this is finally out, um, after machine anticipation and I do lay, we are finally with the second trailer of the secrets of Dumble door to desk beasts, number three.

And there was a slight delay. I believe it was a come out on Thursday. Maybe that was one or two weeks. But due to the very unfortunate situation in Ukraine there had, there was a slight delay. And if you are in Ukraine, if you are around Ukraine or you're suffering from the situation, I do hope that it will get better as sometime in the future.

I am very sad and I, every time I see a picture or I hear a news story, really just as not, not fun at all, to hear what is going on. I am so sorry for what is happening over there. I hope it will get better as soon as. As possible, but I, my ma I am with you in this one. So I hope you will take that. So as soon as I've done with her trailer, there was delay and now it is out.

Uh, and I watched it so many times and I listened to so many different podcasts about it. I am very excited to talk about today and I have a way too much stuff. I'm going to try. But it all ends this episode. I don't know if I can, um, I have 20 different things I want to talk about. Um, so much that is, that is just there.

That is, there's just so much to unpack. It is a very dense trailer. It's not very long, but it is very informative. And there was a lot of surprising parts and there was a lot of stuff that I think everyone listening will definitely find. Quite interesting. So that is very fun. Uh, some other exciting news while I was away while you were listening without me.

I, yeah. So the Potter discussion Instagram account is now over 2000 followers actually, as I'm recording, this is that is that about 2,700 and should hit 3000 in the next couple of weeks at the Potter discussion on it. That is at the Potter discussion. I am loving everything that is going on over there.

If you listen to the podcast and you're on the Instagram, you are really as deep as can be in the Potter discussion until today, because I also am now relaunching the Potter discussion. Okay. Rebranded as the Quill and a newsletter, if you want to sign up for that, that link will be in the show notes. Um, I haven't really decided on what kind of content I want to put out, but the first, the first edition came out a couple of weeks ago.

Um, if you are subscribed to newsletter and you got that, then I hope you enjoyed the email I sent out. It was my predictions and the confusing timeline for Vanessa bees and where to find them through the trailer when the movie is coming out as out like, you know, the whole. Um, I read a great time writing that and I hope you enjoyed reading it, but the Quill and ink is going to be coming out every other week.

That is a plan. As of now, I'll be discussing whatever's on my brain. Uh, on an episode that I found particularly interesting or anything like that, you can find that on the Quillin and guy, I have a couple of signup forms on the website. You want to go check that out or again, the first link in the show notes below for sign up and you also get a free 100%.

Guide to a perfect Harry Potter movie marathon. When you sign up to PDF of several pages of all his different details and Easter eggs that you may have missed in the Harry Potter movies, that will make your watching experience just that much better. So go check that out again. The culinary and the Instagram.

So. So much exciting stuff is happening. Um, but I am, I am too excited to delay any longer. So let's get into this episode. All right. So this is going to be a very difficult episode to follow. If you do not know what I'm talking about. So I will provide a link to the trailer in the show notes. I'll put that at the very, very, very top of the China's just so you can click on that and check it out.

It is again, it's not very long. Uh, it'll take a second of your time, but I think if you do that, it'll definitely make you, or you're listening to. A lot better, but if you, if you haven't paused right now, get up and go listen to it, go watch the trailer. If you have keep on listening because we're getting into it this second.

All right. The first thing I noticed, the first huge thing that stood out to me was Hogwarts. There was a lot of Hogwarts, I mean, a ton, and it was really. Really ran. I mean, like really random a Quidditch player flying. I mean, a cool it's a Quidditch player. There's a, there's a lot of the snitch too. We said Dumbledore, we're getting the snitch.

We saw a ton of other stuff. So Hogwarts, why is Warner brothers putting in so much Hogwarts? Why is this here? Well, I think the answer to this one is pretty obvious because. This is the most recent movie after what, like 20, more than 20 years of the first movie coming out. So you can imagine how the first wave of Harry Potter fans who read the books, then we're watching the movies and then just kind of kept on going if they really liked it, but just kind of tapered off.

I'm sure. Just about, you know, one in every three or four people have read at least one Harry Potter book, but it's only one and maybe a hundred people who have. Still continue to read the books. Um, but that is the problem for Warner bros. They have to keep the spark alive. They have to continue to, to make it valuable.

They have to make it enticing for people to go and watch the movies and continue to buy the merchandise and make Warner brothers. So Warner bros want to make it. So the fans who have watched the movies at any time with the fans, who've read the books, anytime will still find enjoyment from the movie. So they want to put in things that the, they know that the older Franz.

And love such as Hogwarts, such as Quidditch, such as this snitch, all of that stuff. We're a big, huge parts in the first generation of Harry Potter, the movies and the books, uh, the first seven slash eight. Um, so all those people who were reading and watching those then, uh, you know, got the Harry Potter germ and they loved them.

Of course it was a huge seller. Um, I had a number of my head before. What was that? Uh, there've been more than half a mil, not, I have a million, half a billion copies of the Harry Potter books sold, which is boggling. I mean, I'm pretty sure JKR made, uh, she was the first billionaire from her writing. So, um, but that, that the Harry Potter world, the worsening a world, God it's it's fame and God eats appeal for.

From again, from Hogwarts, from Quidditch, from the snitch room, all those telltale, this is Harry Potter things. And that's what really, the huge wave of initial Harry Potter fans was like, oh, wow, this is great. It, Hogwarts is so fun. I want to play Quidditch. I want to catch the snitch. So nowadays when that stuff just isn't around anymore, one of us has to find a way to bring that stuff back into it, to make the world even more enticing for her butterfly.

I haven't really been involved in, it would fit in fantastic beasts up until this point, but who see the trailer go? I know that stuff go. I want to watch a movie because I know what that is. That is what they're doing with that. That's where there's so much Hogwarts. They want to appeal to the people who haven't read Harry Potter in a while.

They want to appeal to the younger hearts of view Wizarding world fans. So now moving on from this trailer, we see Hogwarts and then we see McGonigal. Is it McGonigal? I think it's McGonigal because we hear the accent. We hear, um, we VC her and I think it the same casting from the last movie, from the crumbs of Grinnell and those Lita flashbacks, but gone to ghost Dumbledore.

And she says I'm Sergeant distributor Alibas but we have a problem. It's Grinell vault is I was dumped at the hogs head in this, I don't know because we see Minerva. Definitely outside. I think we've kind of a clinic kinda, kinda salvage that I'm looking at a trailer right now, and we have a shot of the snake.

Then we have a shot of, uh, you know, Hogwarts at a Quidditch player swooping down. And then we can definitely tell that Minerva is outside somewhere knocking on Elvis's door and Elvis opens the. And that's when they have that interaction. So where could Alba's be? I think it's the hogs head. And I think this is kind of the beginning of the ad befores and Dumbledore saga, how they are so close and how that they're kind of ripped apart by the death of Ariana.

But this, I found very interesting because we did see them in Nirvana. In the last movie, we didn't see her, um, you know, uh, chasing lead us and good back. You're good. Back here. Looked strange, look strange, but now I'm glad that she's back in. Uh, in this movie, but why couldn't there be at the hugs head, maybe this plays a similar role than it does in the Harry Potter story, being a gateway of some sort being kind of a base for the forces of good, perhaps the order of the Phoenix.

I don't know. I was hoping there's going to be a mention of the order of the Phoenix in this trailer. I know that's definitely not the later in Harry Potter, but I kind of. The theory. Uh, here's my eyes again, um, that I was thinking about was maybe this is kind of like the birth of the order of the Phoenix.

Of course, we kind of know it was started to defeat Voldemort, but Grinnell vault is kind of the first big threat that Dumbledore had to face. So maybe he, he made his web of connections and created this, this anti dark wizard slash which slash person, magical person. Again, squirter vault. So I was thinking maybe the hogs head, it kind of acts as a first kind of like the, the jump off point for where that whole thing happens.

And we do see out befores, Newt goes into the bar, says we're looking for Albus Dumbledore. And then I have a fourth who looks very different, goes. That would be my. So maybe the hogs had plays a much bigger role than we think. Question mark. I mean, I don't know it very well could because if we think back into the Harry Potter story, we know that the hogs had really became something in the very end, the portrait of Arianna.

It really became a. Again, the jumping off point for the da and that's how they managed to go in and out of the casts without being detected with that nifty secret passageway. That I'm sh I was so, so confused about from kind of what I deduced. Of course the room of requirement gives you whatever you require.

And maybe they, the, when the, when the da kind of just took up residence in the room of requirement. Though the room recognized that they needed a place to be outside of the school and they needed a secret way to get there. So maybe I thought that's what I think. I think the room created that super passed away.

I think the, the room of requirement kind of made that because I doubt that the portrait of Ariana was like half before. Uh, it seems very random and especially, I mean, I know, I know that it is very, um, you know, senior paths. Do you place, of course there are seven in total, out of the school, but the ho the hogs me, I don't think it was built around the same time as hoggers.

I think it was a little bit later. So I think the, the hogs head and Hogwarts kind of become linked in Harry Potter story now. We might see something like that are reflected in this trailer and in this movie. So maybe that's why Minerva called on Elvis at his, had his own house in the hogs head. Now I want to kind of jump back to the very beginning of this trailer.

If you go to the very beginning, you press play, we see a very familiar. Saying a very familiar thing. Michael Gambon is Dumbledore standing by the pensive saying memory is everything without it. We are blind without it. We leave the fate of the future to chance or something like that. I don't know. I just watched it and tried to memorize what he said, but I couldn't quite get it, but that's, that's, that's the gist memory is now coming into play.

This, I think is another very important part to remember because later in the. We see Greeneville doing some fancy stuff with memory, uh, with use of comma, it looks like he's taking a memory out of him and a lot of other stuff like that. So I think this part of the story is really a part that I think we should, we should play close attention to that's I think not only is this another, um, play at money by Warner bros to go here's the Dumbledore, you know him.

Um, but also by kind of saying. You know, memory and the future and the future Dumbledore is I was going to play a part in this. And I don't know if they got Michael game and back to, I don't think, I think I could swear. I've seen that somewhere before in a different trailer, but it is interesting that they reuse this.

It couldn't be, I mean, a ton of different things is there's a very large variety of what this could be about actually, but for what can I can kind of gather? I think Dumbledore is going to really kind of start being haunted by his future. And this, I don't know how old he's. Oh, actually, we can do the math.

We knew the math one. So if this, this is 19, let's just call it 1930. I don't, we don't know when this is actually taking place. Let's call it 1930. Um, and the, Hey, let's call it Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows part two, it takes place in a 2000 and. No, no, no, no, no, no. The, it takes place in nine. I don't know the date.

Exactly. That's called 2000. It takes place in 2000. So that would be, uh, two years before that for the half-blood prince, he died when he was 115. So he is what, 115 minus 70 exerted 9, 19 30, uh, he's 40, 50, 40 something, 40. That's what I'm signing on. Not very old, as far as Dumbledore girls, but he's never going to get older.

So I think this is where the point in life, where he is thinking, how, like, how is the future going to be different? How is the world going to be different? I think this is really coming into. In terms of how the world's going to change, uh, in like with, with Greenwald, because then we, in, later in this trailer we see Dumbledore and Greeneville talking.

It's an, a random diner, fancy whatever place. I don't know what it's called. I think I definitely gonna get to that one later. Uh, they also dual later on, uh, that one is even less explaining. Second, we just see them kind of going at each other. Um, so you can, you, can you hear my, my mouse? Clickings going crazy.

That's that's what that is. Um, I'm just going back and forth between my recording software and the trailer. Cause I need to see both at the same time. I'm trying to, I'm trying to do the best I can, but. So memory, this is I think, where done with those going to kind of use his own past and try to use his future to, to go against grin vault.

Now the blood pack has not yet been destroyed as far as the Canon goes in the crabs. Don't lose it it's that he would try to destroy. Maybe he does. We did see them fighting. That could be some of the duties for the blood tactic could be sent other things, but as far as we know, Dumbledore and we're going to all cannot do all, especially because it is not even 1945, yet this is not their final duel, but it very well could be a dual cause we don't know fully how the blood pack works.

It might just be, they can't fatally injured in each other. What they can literally fight. Um, because it would be difficult to kind of set that boundary the blood patch. I doubt would be strong enough magic to, to be able to hold those two apart. Um, even if conventionally, it would, it might, this is very unconventional situation that I think there's definitely going to be a big part of this.

So. It's going to be a very large part of the movie, at least from how, how prominent it is in the trailer. And that's what I can gather from this. All right. So jumping back ahead, after my nervous says Albus, they have a problem. It's Grunewald, there's a shot of Nerman guard castle in the Alps. And then it's been evolved saying, you know, the time was close to my brothers and sisters and that he's shouting, he's saying, oh, well, we're the muggles biggest.

And this is big. I mean, I'm going to say everything is big cause it's part of the trailer, but this I think is definitely a very interesting part of the trailer in the first trailer. This, this, our war with the August begins today. Line was at the very end, um, right before the fast action. Cut. Cut. Cut, cut, cut, cut.

Title card. You know, that was so bad. Um, so that, that is where, um, that line was before. But now in this trailer, it is much farther up. And I think this is Warner brothers symbolizing that. War with the muggles is going to kind of begin. Greeneville has a mission, is, you know, the bag goes, I don't know, I'm not lesser.

They're just either, uh, his whole, you know, completely and utterly true speech. And of course I definitely believe, but the war with the muggles, I think he is referring to. His brain, not literally. All right, everyone now turn around, let's go kill all the muggles. I think he's kind of saying, you know, we're not going to war with them and he goes, we are starting the revolution.

We are going to burn the world down. And that is what we are starting right now. Our war with the muggles begins today. Um, so that everything is kind of what he means by that. Um, but. What I was also wondering about is this is kind of a weird thing, but, um, Mads Mickelson is now playing Grinell vault. Uh, for Johnny Depp, uh, gave up a tad to give up the role too much Mickelson.

And I'm glad that they did not make his hair blonde. I'm going to say that. I think Johnny Depp pulled it off very well. I liked Johnny Depp's screen of all very much. Definitely played very well. He understood the character and his hair was fine. I mean, if you see Johnny Depp, um, just in the real world, you know, Johnny Depp, not a character, you see how we choose the worst hair.

It's usually pretty long. It's straight it's it falls down, you know, kind of like it's kind of the snake hair, but if you see grin vault, you go, whoa, that's, you know, like if you compare it to Beatrice, it's, it's strange. But as far as grit of all that goes, I think it works very well. And I'm so, so glad they did not do with mass Mickelson.

They could not do it with magic medicine. I'm just saying that right now might as well, listen, Sarah would not work. They did put a little, little gray in it. Um, I don't know if we, I just has a naturally, uh, if he does, or if he doesn't, it works very well. This character, I think they didn't really have to explain, or rather they don't have to explain the change in, uh, you know, Grinnell, vault, Foursquare.

Everyone knows the reason, but also I think they kind of put it in. Tack it onto the plot convenience slash you know, he's such a dark wizard. He, he, he looks different, you know, in every movie, because of course he was Abernathy and then he was Johnny DAP and then he was Mr. Grey's and now he's mad at Mickelson.

So I think that the swapping of people playing Grunewald is just another part of who he is, uh, as a kid. So I wasn't really shocked by, you know, uh, why, why they didn't try to make him more Grinnell all like rather, I think another reason why they didn't was there were making him Johnny Depp involved.

Like I think he can be grinned of all, like anyone can make him Grinell I'd like, but he. It should not have been Johnny Depp grin and would like, because everyone has, has their own talent and everyone, you know, can, can portray differently. It has different aspects of who they are that allows them to do things, uh, better slash worse.

I think mass Mickelson is a very good actor and can portray the, the, the role of, of rid of all very well. He was a great villain, um, voice. He has done quite the, the rest of my vacuum before this. So we, this is not his first gig by any means. So he is definitely prepared to play Greeneville, Tennessee.

What he will be taking on when he takes the role as, as he is Greenville. Now he is completely prepared for what is to come. And I think I am so glad I am. I am so glad that again, that I'm like his hair blonde, because that is just that I would not. Ooh. Ooh, I cannot, I cannot imagine. I mean, most medicine was short hair.

I wouldn't be, I wouldn't be mad. I think if they just like cut his hair a little bit, I would not complain. I think it would still be fine, but right when they took that coloring out, I would just, I would just go. No, Nope, because again, the giant duck run of all the works really well with. And as medicine Greenwald, that's not other work well with a blonde hair.

It worked for, with the gray hair. It works well with the big speeches, with the flourishing of the wand bats. Their maximum goes in granite vault, not the blonde hair, Johnny Depp, Grinnell vault. All right, after this, a lot of things happen. First of all, after magic, Nicholson and sex Greenwald says, I went with the mugs being in today.

They shoot his son to the. I'm glad final finally got a logo. It is a weird blocky strange logo, but it is a logo nonetheless. So now Dumbledore now I think I'm struggling. I want to call them Elvis just to differentiate between, um, you know, Michael Gammon and Richard Harris and Jude law. So I think I'm going to try, I'm trying to, I'm trying to call my Elvis.

So Albus, the 1930 Dumbledore, he says the world doesn't know what is coming undone in the, uh, in order to stop, we need you to try. And then a ton of different trots happen. So like I said, we have the logo, the logo shoots up into the air, a ton of people it's like drain or something like that. Lots of green logo.

Shouldn't, I'm calling you. I'm going, gonna call Grinnell to mark. I'm calling it a logo, just really weird. So Grinnell's mark is shot into the air. We see that. And then we have, again, that, that, um, scene that I was talking. And I'll take some memory from use of comma, takes it and like flourish it into the air, creating.

I don't know what, uh, and then after that there's a cut of a street with a huge kind of below of, of, I assume obscures type thing. I assume credence is kind of in the. Um, it was like, uh, like a bunch of street things, you know, kind of ripping a house apart, swirling up, and then we have you Lailey Hicks.

Finally. Lelea X is here talking to Jacob. She says, Mr. Kowalski, Mr. Kowalski. And he says, I don't want a part of this. I don't want a part of this. Leave me alone. And then of course, the very funny he walks in. He closes the door, turns around and there she is. And she's, and then, um, you hook says. Yeah, I'm a witch.

Right. I laughed with Sada. Very, very funny, the timing. And that was perfect. Um, so it's kind of like the next part of this let's let's just go back on and unpack this. So the mark doesn't mean yeah. It's a mark. Um, but the, the memory use of comma, so use of comma is a very wild cards, trained wishy-washy, um, mysterious, uh, very heavy shawl of mystery kind of person.

He was kind of not on the good side. He can not BEM. Uh, now you've done that kind of how the good side he believe Lita and like, not like I cannot handle it, but now he's, we're going to evolve. That's all I know. Now I wasn't going to evolve. Grant of all takes in my worry from him. Okay. I that's. I try to come with the right word, but my brain just tried to make the sound.

He scoops into the air. I'm calling it. He scoops it into the air, creating a skull. Groupage every spiderweb. And I'm saying now a which spider web of the memory. I don't know what that means. I think this was a cool shot showing that memory is also coming to. Like it was in the beginning with Michael Gaiman's, Dumbledore, standing over the pensive saying memories, everything we had, we were blind without we leave the future up to chance.

Now we have another memory element of the story that I think one of us will going. Oh yes. Memory, of course. So then yes, I was, we have grid involved drawing a memory out of use of common and the whole building kind of. Going up and swirling around. Um, we did see this, you see Dumbledore there also don't do her standing there and the, the, the building kind of swirls up and he, and you watch as it go.

Yeah. So I, I looked back and we see the, um, I think almost, I think we can prove it into other credence or another Witcher. Was there casting a spell? The buildings are swirling. The tiles are going everywhere. Then it kind of comes down on Dumbo Dumbledore. And then the line you need to trust me. And then we have, uh, the ukulele Hickson, Jacob, Jacob says, I want out and I want out, cause it's Mr.

Carlson was girls again. Then Jacob closed the door and the trim trunk had scrapes. He was like, let me see you, Lex going, you know, I'm which right. Um, so that is kind of that part. I don't think there's a huge meaning to, to the Jacobs scene. I think it's just to show that Jacob is alive and you still there.

So after that we then see a true. I don't know what train it is. I was kind of trying to zoom in, I doubt as to how it express or actually, maybe it's the Hogwarts express theory, bump, bump. But, um, is it the Hogwarts express? Maybe it is because they, we didn't see them in the room of requirement. Maybe that's how it was expressed.

Maybe it's the evermore, the express. I don't know. I mean, you literally exist. A schoolteacher of, of mourning is here. So maybe there going to over morning, but I doubt it's a train that they get there. First. America is very different than London. Pretty sure it would not be trimmed, but maybe it's all it's expressed.

I don't know, whatever it is, a train, a train is going. And we have the scene that we saw before with ULI Hicks. We have Theseus and we have Jacob and Newt. They're all there. Um, oh, is Bunty there? I can't, I can't see if Bundy's. Um, let's see if Monte's there. All right. So we don't explicitly see if anyone's there.

We just see new, um, new Jacob and Hicks there. Um, but I do think thesis is also in the tranq around, I don't know if anyone else was there, but we have the scene where, uh, Newt goes Dumbledore. I started giving you something, this, and then Jacob's like, what me? It's a wand. Of course we knew that not a big shot.

Then we have DCS saying, so this, the team is going to take down, uh, you know, the greatest doc was or who wasn't like our chances. Very funny. And then they're running down the door closes. I don't know where that is. It might be 11 Warren. He actually, uh, it could be other morning. It might be administrative magic, but it's somewhere.

Then we see a shot of Greenwald and his team. Um, and then the trailer continues. We have a shot of the hogs head bar with a very interesting writing on the mirror. You look really closely. All right, I'm going to, I'm going to, I'm going to take a nice, nice close look. All right. It says, it says, do you know, do you know.

Bunch of other letters that don't, I don't really, really, um, have meaning. And I do, I would love to decode these I'm a master of world, but items, sink. Um, I don't think we, it might mean something. It might, I might go back to this guy having to get four palmed on my forward thinking, why did I not decode the message, but I don't know.

Uh, so there's some strange text, um, on the. And then we have Bunty telling Newt. You can know like, like, you know, a person can't know everything, not even you. So that's our first signing of Bunty. I don't know what that means. Maybe nude is like questioning grin of all. Naby he's really a wondering, like who, who is, uh, what Dumbledore is asking him to do.

Maybe that's kind of what that is. I know we have a shot of a shot that was both included in the first trailer. We have Dumbledore Hannah snitch. Um, maybe this is just kind of using it as a, as a messaging carrying system. That could actually be why, um, because I'd rather just have a random snitch. Yeah.

Yeah. So maybe it cause it went in his hand. Um, so I doubt it's like a random, you know, one-off kind of, kind of thing. So maybe this is just kind of a messenger. Maybe all right. Then there is a, um, you know, big text says his secrets, um, more of  mark. And then we have what looks like a car, um, with the March and like a bird and alive bird.

Um, and yeah, which is, which is strange. I don't know why they would show that. Oh, Yeah of his secrets. So more of Grindelwald. All right. So then a bunch of stuff happens. We have grin vault in a crowd. He is crowd surfing, they're calling , um, and they're just so happy to see him. And then we have very confusing scene.

Dumbledore and Grunewald are sitting in a fine dining diner restaurant. I don't know. And Grinnell had said. With, so without your help, I will burn down their world. And then it's a wide shot and the whole time it was going up in flames. All right. What could this mean? How is it happening? Those are the two questions I need answered.

What does it mean? I think it could be either two things. I think it could be a memory or they're not really there. That's really the only two, um, feasible things. Could be a, that could be the, the, the reason why these two scenes can exist. Um, I think with the, the, the fire at the end, I don't think they're there.

And with the fact that they are actually together and grid of all the saying with, or without your help Albert down their world, I think this is. It could very well be both. It could very well be neither, but I'm going to go with both. So they didn't do any makeup. They didn't signify that it is years in the past, but I think it's definitely year or two years.

Um, because Grinnell is really saying that the, the war hasn't really started yet. And because he's, he, you know, quote unquote started the war earlier in the trailer. I think that this is either something that happened in the past or something that didn't really mean anything. If Grinnell volt is saying Donald or Alba's joined me, um, because I will bring out in the world, even if you don't help me, um, devil doesn't say anything, but this could mean that this is kind of flashback to when they parted ways like Renault, they, they knew that they could not stay with, with each other Griswold says like, Alba's just come with me.

You know, burnt out in the world, just like let's, let's just do it. And of course, Elvis says, no, they part ways. That's kind of how that starts. So that's kinda where I, where I see this, this going then there's a drop in the music and some more texts that says can save the world. His secrets can save the world.

So what secrets does he have? What secrets don't there have moving on from the diner scene, from the weird, fine dining scene, piecing together this. His secrets can save the world. What does that mean? What are secrets? What world is he saving? What is he saving it from a lot of different things that we don't really know the answers to, but I think this is kind of where we will never know until we see the movie, what his secrets are.

Right? What is he actually protecting? What secrets are we going to find out? Because it is called the secrets of Dumbledore. And like I said, in the quilt and the new. A movie that is called the takers of known Lord can not be followed by a film with no secrets revealed and nothing more learned. So there has to be something here besides just a fancy, a fancy title.

Um, so I think there's going to be. Something here there's going to be secrets. Uh, apparently have the, the magnitude have the power to save the world. So this I think is definitely another point too, to remember that may have a line dangerous times, favor, dangerous men. They are walking through the halls of Hogwarts.

Now they're in the room of requirement and, oh, there's something very funny, done with ORSA. If we were all still alive by tea time, we should consider our efforts a success. Six out of 10. He says, Mr. Kowalski, then Jacob grabs his hands and they go spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning around the big golden sphere thing.

I don't know what that's for. I think there are a lot of inscribed. Maybe it's like a. Megaport key kind of thing. I don't know. They definitely going somewhere, uh, because they had their cases that were there as a hat and a scarf. Uh, so they're definitely ready to they're they're, they're going somewhere that that big fear is taking them somewhere.

Um, so I think this is where this was the, the, the, the point that there they are going somewhere there, they are going away and they are going to go to. Grin of all, whatever that might mean. So this is really aware of where that starts. Then you have a lot of shots of credence of creativity. The Phoenix we see done with a whole hat holding is, want to create, and then we see them kind of dueling and then Dumbledore is holding freedoms down and he's holding a light in his head.

What does that mean? What could that mean? That is very confusing. I think it's the DiLumen Nater. I think a lot of building then, um, and this might be used for showing credence kind of his way back in Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows part one, or maybe just part two. I forget now, um, Iran uses his eliminator and it all happens.

A blue light goes in his chest and feed finds his way back home. Maybe that's what I was doing with Chris. I think I might be, he will put the, the, the blue or inside of credence and credence will now find his way home. And that's kind of where he is going, because the whole idea of credence is he knots to find out who he is.

He wants to put a name to himself. He wants to find his true home and think that's what Donald is doing, but it might not be a very fun thing because he can kind of see he has pain. He has pain of what he's doing. Well, we don't know truly what it is so more will be revealed on. Then we have, again, a Grinnell and Dumbledore, Grinnell says, you said we could shape the world.

And then we have a blood pact. I think this, this is referring to the past of how Dumbledore and grunt of all the work like clothes and, and brothers, and they were ready to shape the world. And then they left. They went their separate ways. And then we have a bunch of different shots. We have the, um, French woman who was helping Queenie.

She's shooting an amount of Java. They are all running through the forest. We have pick it with newts wand. I mean, there's so much happening. Then we have a duel in the streets. We have a bunch of different orbs flying everywhere. Uh, some books going everywhere. Theseus put some, so man in the wall somehow, um, then we see someone get.

By the, the, the mantic hail and it gets pulled out into the distance. All right. So then a very exciting thing happened. Dumbledore and Grunewald are dueling either. Jody, really? I don't know anything else, but they are dueling. We definitely see them. Their wines are a light. They are pushing to their casting spells.

They are doing something they are actually doing now. I don't know what this means. We have, the blood pack is destroyed. Maybe they are not fairly entering themselves or each other, like I was saying before, There is so much happening here that I think, uh, is, is very confusing then of course, uh, and some more shot in the street.

A woman uses her won cast, a spell on the books and books go flying everywhere. I love those spells. They're not, you know, light they're actual magic. Then you have more shots of the manta core. We have more shots of Grinell vaults followers, shootings, beams of lights and smells everywhere. And then we have another Dumbledore and creed duel.

They are kind of credence is pushing and stumbled, or I don't know, it looks like. And operates away, then there's a cut to black and the final line things are not quite what they appear with a picture, not a picture of a shot of the Phoenix flying down. And that is that, that is a trailer for the secrets of.

The second one. Now I do want to touch a little bit of four. We'd be cut out of this. Um, but the Phoenix, it was not looking very good. It was very red, uh, very, very Phoenix, like in the end of the crimes, Greenwald, and now it's kind of shedding and becoming a new, so I think this is symbolizing credences molting.

Prudence is becoming a new. And I think in the next couple of films, we are going to see credence go up and flames and then re be reborn from the ashes. We have the title card. All right. The last few seconds are, Jacob's saying, oh no, Elvis sang. I trust you're drawing your wan, Mr. Kowalski. And then we see Jacob actually casting a spell whether this is preloaded form, whether it's a button that he presses, he takes his one.

He pointed in the air and storm clouds appear. And we see Queenie. We see Queenie she's there. Um, what does this mean? What does this mean? Is did Dumbledore actually give Jacob a wand? Is this a one that actually works so many questions? One, did Jacob learn magic? Two was pick up a squid three that's easier.

Squid now is take up a squib. That's what I wanted to say because there's always, he's casting spells with being a complete muggle. So there are some worms. But we're at the end of the trailer and there's no, Tina, no, Tina at all. I don't know what this might mean. Maybe it means that Dean is not in it.

Maybe it means that Tina. Perhaps a different person maybe, but I'm T I don't know. There's so much more. I just went through it and rambled. This is a very, very long episode. I'm happy I'm doing it. I'm happy. We are back in the swing of things. I encourage you to watch the trailer multiple times because you catch Mulligan detailed by.

And every single thing. And I've watched it at this point, perhaps a dozen times, and I'm still not taken in everything as of this whole episode. If you're hearing this, you must care a little bit. I haven't been clicking and clacking why my mouse this whole time, because I'm switching back and forth between my, my recording software and the trailer.

I've been scrolling through as much data as possible in the 40 minutes. I'm recording this. So this has been a chaotic episode, a chaotic episode. I'm so glad that. Um, I loved recording today. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode. The first one back the first new episode episode 120 out of the broader discussion.

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If one only remembers to churn on the light cm,

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