The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom

Final Predictions for Fantastic Beasts and The Secrets of Dumbledore!

April 10, 2022 Sound Owl Studios Episode 125
The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom
Final Predictions for Fantastic Beasts and The Secrets of Dumbledore!
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In this episode, we make our final predictions for The Secrets of Dumbledore. Enjoy!


  • Hogwarts will be shown a ton
  • The blood pact with be destroyed
  • Credence will either stay with Grindelwald, go with Dumbledore, or die
  • Much More!

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Welcome to the Potter discussion.

welcome back to the bottom discussion discussing Harry Potter, fantastic beasts and the Wizarding world fandom. I am Rios Oscar, and this is episode 125. Thank you all for joining me. This episode is the vine webisode before the release of the secrets of Donald, or I'm going to be locking in my predictions.

I'm going to be giving you some more theories, just some stuff for my brain that I just want to get out there. And hopefully some of them will be. I do have a kind of a master theory that I will want to discuss in this episode. So that's going to be part of it, but there are a lot of little small things that I think will really play a big part in the movie, kind of as a whole, if they are all turning out to be somewhat true, uh, at least.

So this is gonna be a great episode. Um, but as promised we do have a challenge question, we'll just get right into that. Um, if you do not know, uh, last week we had a Quizmaster episode, it was Dumbledore because semester about Dumbledore on the challenge question was when did Dumbledore. At Hogwarts, this is a tricky one.

If you did the math, you likely were correct on this one. The answer for the challenge question. When did Dumbledore start at Hogwarts is 1892, the autumn of 18 at 92, September 1st, actually kind of a trick question to get even more specific. Of course, everyone starts from the onset to ProFirst. So that's when devils will start at all.

1892, which is a very long time ago. Um, so that is the answer to the challenge question. And I mean, I, every week I come back and I say something amazing about the Instagram account, it's growing again. Now what I say last week, we were at like 9,000, what we crossed 10,000 and now we are. Like we're nearing 15,000 followers.

So it is just going swimmingly, absolutely swimmingly. So if you want to check that out, that is at the Potter discussion on Instagram, a lot of content. It's a great way to get into the bottom Scotian community. And yeah, if you enjoyed that check. And another thing. The last thing I promise, the last thing I want to talk about is that the new music, these, these series of them where our music has been released on apple music.

I don't, I didn't check Spotify, but I think apple music is where is that only two songs? Obviously only, only two pieces, because I had to say, I wouldn't talk about usually, but we just had a music. I was, I was, I felt like in honor of that, we had to talk about. Uh, I just have some very quick thoughts. So there's only two pieces on there right now, the theme and a song called the room.

We require I was pretty much, I was very disappointed. I want to say with the theme, it wasn't a fantastic piece of music, but it really wasn't the kind of, it, it didn't feel like. There was no scenes of NSPs at the very end. That was the only time we heard any, any even tastic related things at the very end of it.

It was like a little, you know, it wasn't even like up-front that wasn't even the main thing. It was a very fleeting clearly in the, in the scene that was not, you know, uh, not an action scene at all. So I was very disappointed with the theme. It was, it was a great, it's a, it is a great piece, but not fantastic beasts, not, not fantastic bits at all, but the next piece, the room we.

I was very pleased with it was absolutely fantastic. I had a lot of the themes that we heard and most notably it had some of that a Hedwig's meme in there. So I think this is really the prophecy coming true of how, you know, they're showing Hogwarts, even it's on the cover. Hogwarts is on the cover of the cover of the, of the album.

Um, so there's a lot of Hogwarts. The prophecy is really coming true. Um, they are really incorporating all this stuff and I will say I did fall prey to their trap. I. Epic that, that, um, like head because being the eating corporation was actually really good. So I highly recommend you check that out. And often music just in searches, Dumbledore, um, but all the same.

That is really my thoughts on that. But this is not a music episode. Oh, I wish it was. And this is a theory episode and I. Uh, great episodes. I really want to get into this. This is really the last time you're going to hear me before the movie's out. I really wanted to do a breakdown of the movie like this the day after it came out, but unfortunately that's not gonna happen.

So it's gonna be the next week. I'm super excited for the release of the movie and for this episode. So let's get straight into. The first thing I want to talk about is how far in the future will the secrets of Dumbledore take place? This is something that we've been speculating about for a while, but I think now that we have as much information as we ever will, um, with, you know, the movie.

I think now is the final time that we should really get our predictions. And the fantastic beasts series started in 1923, I believe. And it stayed in the twenties, uh, the crimes of brunt of all of your still in the 1920s. So the question really here is what I'm wondering. Will we go into the thirties?

Like we're talking about that the, the whole series is going to end in 1945 and the twenties and 1945 are very far away. So there has to be a lot of, of time jumped. So the really quick though question is how are they going to jump that much time? Well, they have to start somewhere. They can't. Do you know, kind of shoulder it off onto one movie, just, you know, it would carry on, you know, year after year after year, then suddenly FB five.

They're like yep. 20 years in the future. How about that? Uh, so that's really something they cannot do, but I think they're going to kind of do a, do a little more like subtle, but still jumping. Like it's, it's going to be a more of a, either, you know, a lot of months, you know, at least 10, 10, 11 months since feature or at least.

'cause they really have to move things along. Like we said, 1945. It was a very long way. And from this, from the Crimson Grinell vault, then to the secrets of Dumbledore, then how much time off the past. It was a couple of years, I believe in between. I mean, maybe there's only one maybe or two, uh, between fantastic beasts and the crimes of Grindelwald.

Um, but now if we go from the. To the tickets of Dumbledore. I think it's going to be a tad more than that because they have to start, uh, you know, getting, getting some years in. And I think this also might be why Tina's on the movie. I think this is also kind of how this whole, you know, Tiana thing plays in because there have been, uh, like want like wonderings of is just seeing a pregnant.

Is that why she's not here? Tina Newton married is a whole new rhetoric in a place of, I don't know, relationships. I don't know. We also see some, some differences in the characters. I mean, Danville grabbed me maybe it's day. Maybe it's just their folder, but I was just thinking of Jacob's hair's all curly.

So maybe that doesn't have to do with that, but there is definitely a time gap that has to form for the whole, to the sort of really, you know, happen as it should. And of course they can't change the Canon because I'm used the Harry Potter movies wouldn't really be relevant. So they have to somehow tie in a.

Something, the one thing I will not stand for is if they bring in time Turners, that would just be ridiculous. I actually, I don't think that I was noticing is like 7:00 AM. It was like, it was very, very close after this movie is that scene with them. Do they're going to see young Tom riddle. So for Jude law now to turn into the, uh, the, the young Michael Gambon is that's definitely going to have to be explained.

Um, so there's, there's a lot of stuff to just be still be figured out. And of course the answers will be given in the movie, but. For now, I'm going to say my prediction lies around three years. I'm going to say three years has passed. We are in the thirties. It is well, very, very early thirties. I'll give you that about three years, maybe a little more.

Um, and the store has moved along. The there was no more activity in terms of Grinnell vault. He has just been with credence and Queenie in Nerman guard or not. No, not, no. Yes. In, in new immigrant I was thinking that it was not as a prison, but it's not. I think that is really where this whole story is going.

And that's kind of why it's going to be a big deal when they turn up again, because they've been away for so long. And then there's Queenie like that. She fits into this. I don't know where that is. My prediction three plus year. And now, like I was talking about in the beginning of this episode with a music release, I want to talk about how much Harry Potter will be in this, not the franchise, but let's just call it the Potter world early.

Where does this stand? Where does the, the Hogwarts come in? Where denim McGonigal with all the wands, where does all that kind of stuff come in and how much of it will appear in just the two pieces released? We already heard that it had big steam was blared and the Hogwarts is on the cover of the album.

So clearly they are very leaning on Hogwarts. And of course we already knew that. Okay. The trailers we've seen Quidditch, we've seen, um, Hogwarts, we have seen all this kind of stuff. And in the trailers they say like return to Hogwarts, you know, the world, you know, greater by Warner brothers, all that kind of stuff is really being brought back.

And although I think it is not some that they should lean on. I think they are, and for better or for worse. And I think that is going to. Add an element of Potter into the series. If, if that means we'll see Hogwarts, if that means we'll be in a lesson, or if that just means that they will be, uh, Hogwarts a couple of times.

Well, um, what I like my prediction for this is I want to kind of think about how many times Hogwarts. And really how are they going to tie that back to the head, to the Potter series? Because of course they had their whole goal and they're showing Hogwarts ease to kind of connected back to Harry Potter, you know, remember this series.

So they're going to have to find some, some bridge, some, some gaps to fill some, a bridge to build between Nancy B's and Harry Potter, because no one else will like the casual moviegoer who has seen Harry Potter. Won't really, it will be like, oh yeah, like. I see Hogwarts where they'll just think it's a fantastic beach because it's the same world.

They, yeah. Wonderful. I just have to, it has to have some kind of way to bridge the gap between, you know, and as we, as an air pod, because there are, there are similar worlds there. They exist in the same universe, but they're very different stories. And that is going to be the challenge of if they want to bring Hogwarts in as much as they did.

And then how much that is they have, how are they going to connect it in between the stories and make it seem natural, but also kind of. Element of it's Hogwarts. Look at this, that they are going for now. I don't think it will be as prevalent as it wasn't a chair. I think that was a very much just to get people to go to the movie, but I still think that we did see a couple of good shots of Hogwarts, a couple of good shots of.

There, there is going to be some element of, you know, this is, this is Harry Potter. This is magic. Come back to see this movie. And I do think we all agree. We are going to hear at least some highlight, like themes. Like we already have here, like shit, like talking about a ton, had an extreme, we've heard. I think we're also gonna hear some, uh, like, um, some similar kind of styles of music, the theme for the series.

Does kind of sound like a John Williams, um, you know, components, very clingy, baggy. Uh, that's actually what I was thinking of. So there's, there's definitely an element of hair pod that they are trying to incorporate. And I w I will say they're doing it very well, but I think they. It's there's a very, uh, when I say Zamie like Warner brothers though, you know, the whole movie makers.

Um, but I think the line that they are trying not to cross is a very, very, very thin line. So however much they try. Okay. Any amount of pot or they put into the fantastic beast series will be just a tad too much. And people were recognized that if they don't do that for the fourth movie, I think if they move on from Harry Potter and they really focused on fantastic beasts when you're making it to own.

I think it can kind of be redeemed. It doesn't have to be Harry Potter. It can be something else entirely. It can be its own thing. And obviously it tried to, um, Vanessa bees do is, is, you know, trying to move away from Harry Potter, but they have to lean on the Harry Potter's legacy right now to really get away.

Fantastic beasts. The first may maybe like a couple hundred million dollars and the box office, which has. And that comes through Greenwald made like what, like 70 million. Um, and I think what our weather is really trying to do is get out of the rut of really not making a lot of money. And obviously that is the, the main concern here.

If they make this movie and it doesn't turn out to be exactly what they wanted, it, they were taking a big risk. Um, if they don't really have this element of. Here's why you see the movie because the draw is the story that drives the franchise. But without that draw, you know, without those Delma, that measly $70 million, they made the bugs off.

As I said, jokingly, they don't have that base of fantastic. So they have to find the other base, which is so conveniently Harry Potter. And that is really what. Thinking here. So now let's get to really the numbers. How much will Hogwarts be shown? You know, when the biggest sweeping shot over the lake to the castle, how much will that go?

I think it's going to be at least two. I think we have seen at least a couple of shots. In the, in the, in the trailers alone. So I think it's gonna be at least two, but I think it's going to be closer to four. I think the there's only going to be one, a big sweeping shot with the head of big steam. Um, but I think there is going to be elements of that, of, of absent elements so much.

Wow. I think that. Yes, I think there, there's going to be hints of Harry Potter themes in, you know, while they transitioned back. If there's, of course they can't just do like a cutaway from America, then they're inaugural, unfortunately, that people will know that that is, but it's too jarring. So they might do, you know, cutaway or so to talking in America, then they kind of, you know, kind of go over to clouds and they see.

Like coming down and Hogwarts. So it's not going to be this big reveal every time. Like, I like a parent playing peek-a-boo with our toddler, but there is still going to be a, you know, kind of like entry shot. And they're going to try to incorporate that as much as possible, because that is really how they drive these ticket sales and how they make the excitement around the movie.

I think is so at least two closer to four, maybe five that's. That's what I'm thinking here for how much will Hogwarts, uh, will shots of Hogwarts be incorporated into fantastic beasts and the, because no door now I will just as a little sidebar for move on here. Um, I do think that there'll be a lot more name drops.

Um, professor McGonagall, we've heard, we've heard obviously Dumbledore, but I think we're also going to hear some things that we're hearing about in the Potter series. Like, um, Obviously we see the pencil with the trail was you might go a gamut of the trailer for crying out loud. So there's be a lot of that.

I think there's going to be some stuff between Dumbledore and Greeneville, and there's going to be some stuff about Aryana. Cause of course we saw some, some leaks of photos me after who was allegedly playing Ariana Dumbledore. So we'll see how that really turns out. And this is the matter of credence, um, you know, being inside.

So the area around to create an obscure. Stuff is really confusing, but I think the whole name, job situation is going to be a lot more, you know, there's new a lot more name jobs because now they know they can really cause they're closer to the Potter series that they can kind of move into the more, uh, you know, closer to that and really incorporating more elements of the story and the more alums.

Well, the story of Harry Potter, independently beast. So a lot more name jobs, but again, to at least two sweeping shots of Hogwarts, three closer to four, maybe five that's that's my overarching. Now I have my first big theory, really the first thing that was, is going to be a very, very large part of not only the secrets of Dumbledore, but the rest of the franchise.

And that is the blood pact. And I want Dumbledore is going to do about it. So far with the blood back, we have seen it in the first and second, um, of the installments of the, if it has to be serious, really, um, it has played a role in that Dumbledore says he cannot move against criminal vault. He just, he simply cannot, or is.

And it has been playing a role in this story after this point. Um, he Dumbledore could not go and, you know, to fight grin evolved. And when the ministry asked him to. He said no, because he couldn't because he said I can't, he just, he just couldn't, he can't. So in this movie, this is going to be really the turning point of, is there going to be a destruction of the blood pack or is it going to stay intact that rhymed?

Well, I think at the end of the question, really. Yes, the blood pack will get destroyed this movie, because this is kind of tying into the rest of the theory about how this movie has to be pretty far in the future. And it is not short it yet. It will be destroyed in the movie. Uh, we, as in, we will be seeing it, you know, we will have seen it destroyed and they will not be a, you know, this is how it was destroyed.

Flashback scene. So, yes, the blood pack will be destroyed. And I think it is going to be kind of, I'm not going to say V climax of the movie, but it is going to be a very, very large part of how the rest of the story plays out. Not only because it is of course, Holding Dumbledore back from Grinell vault, but also it seems even thinking about Greeneville, Vema moving against Renovo, causes him pain.

It really like the, the blood pack we saw kind of like tightens around Dumbledore his wrists and he's really struggling. So this is really something that has to be disrupted, has to, and what I was kind of thing. I think it's going to be a kind of a horcrux situation. Harry needed to find, you know, the bachelors venom, uh, in Butte of sort of Griffin door to destroy the locket and, you know, run into my bachelors fangs and the die down was, was disrupted with, um, feeding fire.

So I think it's going to be a similar situation like that. Dumbledore is going to find some thing that is just so powerful or so destructive or both. I mean, it is going to, I'm going to have to be both, um, that it just. The blood pact. Now, I think there's going to be kind of, it's going to be kind like, like getting two birds with one stone where, you know, Dumble is going to like save, save nude or like save theses, or like I said, or both, um, from something like by using the power of the blood pack in doing so a lot kind of draining it and then destroying it.

So there's definitely going to be it's. The blood bag is going to be destroyed this movie. That is really, um, I don't even think one of the other that I think they have to almost because there's no way the story can continue in the way that it has to, if the blood pack is not destroyed. And now when I say destroyed, I think that can mean several different things.

Yes, the way I think it will go down easily. Blood pact will be literally broken apart. The pack will be broken and the power will be lost. But another thing they could do is just to make it void in any way. That is really the only way they that's. The only other route they could go is a making it, you know, not, not valid anymore because Dumbledore.

This is really what the hell like this. This is what has to happen and really what we saw happening, Dumbledore and Grinnell, vol duel. That is all we saw in the trailer. They are clearly wand to wan. They are clearly going at it. And the blood pact seems to be destroyed. I don't know if that is the. If that is the past, if that is the present where the blood pack was destroyed, but the fact still remains that we saw the man's Mickelson grin involved, and we saw Dumbledore duel.

I don't know how that changes this, but I think it does support the theory that the blood pack will be. And the secrets of Dumbledore, and this is called the secrets of Dumbledore. So there has to be more than just destroying the blood pact and going after Grinnell to this movie. So that could, you know, I could play a role in the whole thing, but that is, that's really a discussion for the movies out.

But yeah, that is that's really what I'm saying. The blood pact has to be destroyed in this movie or moving on will just seem pointless because when you think about it, if it's not, then they have to destroy it in the fourth movie. And if they don't have another, that was one of the fifth movie. What was just completely different.

The point of them doing the grid of vault. Now the only foreseeable thing I could see happening if it's not stored, and this movie is forwarded to be stored in the last movie. And that has to be the kind of duel that they have. That's really why they can do. And why. Um, Dumbledore finding a way to finally destroy the blood packs and then grid of all, you know, seeing that and they have to go at it, you know, in the last movie.

But I think this movie is really where, where they have to, because that's like, I mean, it's built in excitement really. Once they destroy it, then the gate is open and then Dumbledore can go after Greeneville as much as he wants. That is my overarching petition for blood pact. It will be destroyed in this movie and Dumbledore will have.

So there is another part of this puzzle that we haven't talked about yet that plays a huge part in the foreseeable future. And that is credence. Credence has been a major wildcard in the series so far being joining Mr. Graves and how he's with criminal vaults. He's discovered his power. He's a Raley's Dumbledore.

We really don't know what is going on with credence, but what we've seen so far is credence has bonded with his Obscurus. He has become, you know, this evil person that he sees himself as, and he is just confused and he doesn't know what was happening. He doesn't even know who he is still. So credence is a really what I want to cover next.

Uh, what is not, what is great and. Who is credence because that's still hasn't really been confirmed. Yes. Uh, we have heard that Greno balls claims that he is all really is Dumbledore, but that's, I think is another interesting topic that we will get into the second half of this, of this kind of credence point.

But for the overarching, you know, what is happening with creatives? I think he's out of. Not changed at all. You're going to be just still confused and that's going to be kind of unlike another one of the main finishing points is creatives. He, so he, yeah, he's either going to stay the same. He's going to join Dumbledore.

Or he's going to die. Those are really the three options that I see in creating this future. So the reason I say that is credence is very low, not lenient. He is very flexible and he is not. He's very. I mean, he was a, not a, not a bad person. He was just not really understanding of who he was in the orphanage.

And then he went with Grunewald and grin of all was like, yeah, you're really as Dumbledore, you're powerful. You wrote wizard, knack like it. So credence was like, okay, I have to, I have to do this to fit in. And he exposed a mountain and he was like, cool. Then I. Up here to him. So I'll a lots of things are really coming out with this, but that reveal of the Phoenix of Dumbledore, of, of him being a Dumbledore.

So really what is going to happen with credence? Well, I think his Obscurus is going to be a part of this story. Um, I mean, much more so than it was, uh, we saw he didn't have a wan and he was, he was casting spells. He was manipulating mad. He was doing a very. Powerful thing. He was, he was dueling, Dumbledore and Dumbledore.

How to escape. Credence is a very powerful wizard and that is also going to be why he has to make a decision of join, stay or die. Um, obviously he's not going to choose to die, but that might just be what comes with it. And another clip in the trailer was Dumbledore holding the dilemma. Holding prudence down.

Now, what could that mean? I don't know. It takes out the light of someone they read that's what, how, why he wanted to kill for it or maybe, wow. I just can't put that. If it takes out the light in someone, maybe he is, he takes the light, the goodness out of credence, just leaving his obscure us, which allows him to destroy the obscure.

Maybe that's what happened happening maybe. Oh my gosh, these tears are coming out of me, maybe. Okay. This is, I was going to get into this a bit later, but of course, being all with the whole, um, our Yana is inside of credence. You know, it's it's Ariana is, um, you know, Securis inside of him. That's why he's a Dumbledore.

That's why the Phoenix came to him that, so I doubled up. To help him. I was on, I was to health credence, but Arianna's inside create into that whole thing. Maybe don't just try to take Ariana out of credence. Maybe credence doesn't have an obscure us and maybe that's why he survived for so long because Ariana was inside of him.

And, you know, the kind of it was their combined over that stayed alive. Um, heard in the, I wanna say the first movie, uh, the first MetaSeq beast, pre-dinner credence, a Newt said that, uh, in obscurity for someone who hasn't obscures inside them, doesn't live till 10 tens about the cutoff and credence is what like 16, 17, 18.

Um, so he is certainly living bad as 10 with an obscure, some sign him, but maybe it's not his maybe talking on was, and maybe it was crude. It's his help with Ariana that allowed her and him, that all them really just stay alive. Maybe Dumbledore. Maybe now Donald R has his DiLumen later and he is trying to bring Ariana out of credence leaving just credence.

Maybe that's why he's so confused because he thinks he is two people. He does not have his set identity. He's having an identity crisis because he is just. South. He's literally two people. So maybe that is really what was going on there and, and, okay. So, okay. Yeah. So that's, that's really my, my, my theory around that, but also kind of another thing that, uh, another interesting clip was credence kind of a credence and Dumbledore, dueling, and creating to like held out his hand.

It was like shooting his Obscurus out of his hand at Dumbledore. Unbelievable control. We saw it just exploded out of him. He went crazy, but now he not only has long hair, but now, I mean, that's the, that's really the shocker hair, but now he can control his obscure. I mean, that is really just, what is, what are they going with that is that grin, vaults, big power move.

Is that really why he, what Greeneville just going for and obscures, it's an immensely powerful thing. If of a young wish or wizard feelings pushed down in their magic, compressed in something much darker. So in the end, of course, because creatives had so much more time to. All of his magic kind of compounded and with, okay, this is, this is where the Australia, um, this is, this is, this is the really done with where it comes in again, because I really is a Dumbledore.

I really Dumbledore maybe that also kind of, um, uh, kind of fit fits into this where the, the, the power of the Dumbledore and the power of credence combined kind of. Exponentially to create this hugely powerful, uh, you know, person of immense magical ability that was then transformed into an Obscurus.

Just imagine that too. I mean, he's bare bones. He's considered a barrier. He's a little strange at one point he's this he's that? So considering his immense magical ability already with credence Arianna's, then the Dumbledore ancestry comes into play, which then gets multiplied by the Obscurus that gets created.

I mean, this web is just going to get even more complicated as time goes on. And this is why credence has to make a change. He asked you either stay and really not get very far. Join Dumbledore. And he has to either do I do that help Dumbledore. Cause he, he wants to find out who he is. Download Lord can do that.

Green of all can do that. It's a question of who created these things. Can do it better maybe if credence finds out or it's revealed that, um, uh, that, uh, Raylea is in, is it a real yet? Oh my Ariana. I, I said I rarely have so much combined our Relius and, um, Ariana, uh, It is known that Ariana is inside credence.

Then he thinks that download will be the better person to help him figure out who he is. And then maybe, maybe then a grin of all. We'll try to stay. You have, make, create and stay on dual ham and that'll be a whole thing. So, I mean the only solid production that I can make. Is that credence we'll laugh to make a big decision that will definitely influence the story.

And that is going to be kind of the, the, the, one of the subplots that I think is going to turn into much more of a main story point, uh, in the series. And now for the final topic of the day, the Phoenix, the Phoenix, I was talking about that when that appeared for credence, that has been souping in and out of frame for the trailer that has been seen, that is even like the back of that big, you know, water thing that is in the back of the secrets I've done with.

And the trailers is a Phoenix, at least what we think. Well, we see a Phoenix in the cover of the movie flying over the, the water to Hogwarts. The Phoenix is just a huge part of this story and really what is it going to do? Well, I think it is pretty much assumed that this Phoenix is Fox and this is Fox and.

Fox ends up with Dumbledore, someone who is not curtains. So obviously Fox is, is some, some kind of help to Dumbledore and slash credence in this film somehow. And I think it will either. , this is another one that I was like, it might do multiple things. I think it's either going to help create and decide where to go.

It's going to help create him recover from his, his, you know, bout of not knowing who he is or he's going to a Dumbledore MD fight against Grinnell vault. I doubt the Phoenix will stand against credence. So if the. If, if you know, Dumbledore does, uh, fight Grunewald in this movie with the help of the Phoenix nice thing, then if credence will have chosen to be with Dumbledore, and that will have been, you know, the big decision that is why the Phoenix would, would be willing to fight a Greeneville.

And as much as I want to say that the Phoenix will, you know, be, be the, the most pivotal points. I think that they will be a much more subtle use that Fox comes into play here. Of course Vox ends up with Dumbledore, so it has to survive. So, I mean, if it can play that bigger role, that Grinnell Volvo wants to go after it, but it can't be so subtle that the, you know, it won't do anything.

So the question here is how the Phoenix. Still have a part in the story, but not make too many ripples really kind of filling the tank from the bottom if you know what I mean. So if, if we really kind of dive into this, we can't go too far because we don't know much about the Phoenix only that it will appear to a Dumbledore in need.

Are there points with the fact that credence really isn't then we'll door or Aryan inside of him somehow or another Obscurus some part of our analytic creatives or our creative is a Dumbledore. That much is clear. Um, but that's all we really know about the Phoenix so far, but, but, but, but, um, the Phoenix also appears in that car from the movie, like we said before.

So it has to play some. Some kind of in-between role of importance. It is not just a symbol, but it is not, and it is not, you know, the cover of the movie. It is somewhere in between that helps stumble the last minute or really comes in to save, um, you know, the, the, the Newt. Theseus or even Tina maybe, or even better, even better, maybe Fox comes in as this kind of, um, you know, animal aid and, uh, with the help of picket and Teddy, uh, the, the Niffler M and Bo truckle Fox, Fox, uh, picket and Teddy go off to like save the day that.

Awesome. That would be awesome. Um, but what will Fox really do? What that I think is not, we cannot get specific about that, but the one thing that I, that really got me thinking, wasn't it, it was an interview with Ezra Miller as a Miller is the actor for credence. Uh, they play credence in all the films.

And what Ezra was saying was the fall of. Fox helps credence. And I think what I've said was they think that Fox, oh yeah. They think Fox helps create. And I don't know if that's before, as it was on set or after, but I think they were instructed to not say, oh, I know. Um, so there might've been some kind of, you know, mystery on purpose for them to say, I think, uh, Fox helps create it.

I think that Y. Um, I think Ezra definitely pointing to the fact, I think, as it's really the, the, the Tom Holland of, of Harry Potter really kind of spoiling off stuff. But, um, so, uh, we'll, we'll definitely get into that. And I think that is really what, as, as much as we can go off of just. Saying of, um, that, that they think that Fox helps create and somehow, so how does, how, how would that really look?

Well, I think the only way Fox really can help Drayton's right now is that he helps Fox helps Koreans figure out his, his identity because you know, a Phoenix will appear to any Dumbledore. That's great mold would have Dumbledore needs flocks. Maybe that's why he switched it. I mean, there's just so much to it, but for Fox to help creatives, like, as I said, I think that the, that Fox will somehow help create and discover who he really is now that might not be as obvious as dropping a family history book at credences feet like Fox did with Harry and the chamber of secrets shopping, the sorting hat and none of.

It might not be as obvious as that, but I think it here Fox will kind of be there for credence kinda kind of like, you know, I'm just a friend, the friend that credence never had, it's sad, but credence never really had someone who he could really feel emotionally close to. Um, honesty rose, probably the only person he could really stay, be close to, but.

Still not really because I mean, he an orphan, he's not really the number, the best place to make emotional connections. So that I think is really the Fox. He was the first thing, really that emotional, that credence can have an emotional connection with. And then that's going to help him because it kind of, you know, discover who he, who he feels like, and that will really help him going to guide him and his search.

So that's kind of where I, where I'm thinking with this. Um, but then there's the question of will credence come back in the next movies? Um, Ezra Miller has unfortunately gotten to a, some, some trouble they're rested in a bar in Hawaii, and this is not their first offense. So they're, I think the writers would be obliged to write credence out of the story.

So then that kind of goes along with Willie dye. We'll we'll create a style. Or will he just not? Um, so there's, there's a lot to be impact here, but that's really my over just, I'm not, I'm not going to say overarching. I almost did. I'm saying overarching too much. Those are my final predictions for the secrets of Dumbledore.

Now I will likely be wrong and there likely be stuff I missed. But I think that a couple of the things I said today, Is going to come true are going to come true now, I don't know how many, I don't know what, but I think there is more than just, you know, smoke and mirrors. There's, there's something to this movie that it will have to be discovered.

And that's really all I can say. A nice long, solid episode. I hope you enjoyed this again. Go follow the Instagram account and to get there before 20,000 at the Potter discussion, and you could join the exclusive community of the Quillon Inc. It is free to join, but you guys create content that is not openly available for the podcast.

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