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TPD 87: The Best of Neville Longbottom

July 11, 2021 Sound Owl Productions Episode 87
The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom
TPD 87: The Best of Neville Longbottom
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In this episode we look over some of Neville's best moments in the story. Enjoy!

  •  Killing Nagini
  • Standing up to Harry
  • Becoming a professor
  • Much more!

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Welcome to the Potter discussion.

welcome back to the pod discussion. This is episode 87 and on today's episode, we will be discussing Neville Longbottom and his very best moments. Let's do this.

 Welcome back to the Potter discussion. This is episode 87 and boy, it is good to be back. Those last two episodes were actually prerecorded. I was just a little bit busy, so I couldn't get to the microphone at that moment, but I am back now. Yeah. So excited because today we are talking about Neville.

He is so under appreciated, but so big in the story. I think it is very important to talk about him. And that is exactly what we are doing too. Before we get started. I am going to remind you that those two links are in the show notes below. If you have any questions, comments, topics, Quizmaster questions, or even jokes that you want to submit to the show.

There's a SpeakPipe page link that you can click and you'll be all set. There's also a Google form to submit a text emission. And if you don't want to do either of those, you can send me an email.

My email is the Potter discussion at g-mail dot com. That is the Potter discussion at g-mail dot com. And if you're wondering why. Awesome voiceover at the beginning of the intro music that is because Mike Russell just made me that voice over and it was so amazing. I'm so happy with it. So if you want to go check on Mike Russell, I will link his YouTube channel in the description below.

Please go check them out. If you like audio, if you're Nadia person go give them some love. That would be amazing for me, for him. And I. Appreciate what he did for me. So if you could just click that link, it would be the very first link click that go to his YouTube channel and just check it out. You know, if even if you're not an audio person, you might find some things that you will like, but without further ado, let's get into.

Kicking it off at number 10, we have Neville returning to Hogwarts after failing in almost every subject. And it's sad, but fortunately it is true. Neville struggled very much in school. And the only subject he was good at was her biology. He got an oh, an outstanding in her biology I think for his owl.

So that is really fantastic. And outstanding is. Very great, especially for Neville. And that really saved him from , um, you know, just staying in fifth year and  , um, from taking the OWS again, which has been very difficult and not something , um, that would have been very, very fun for Neville. So I am glad he did something good in his life.

Um, getting an outstanding, that was really a great thing for him and. After doing that after the whole thing of the battle of Hogwarts, he went back to teach Neville Longbottom, went back to teach that deserves a round of applause. He taught her biology, of course, but it really was a,  a punch in the face for all the people who doubted him and saw that he.

Couldn't do something like what he did. He went back and he really excelled in something that he loved to do, which is something that I don't think many people can do. You like selling, but you rarely actually get a job in that field. Like if you. Love planets. You probably aren't going to be an astronaut, but you can still love planets and Neville of plants.

That was actually all the similar level of plants, but he's still got a homology job at Hogwarts and add Hogwarts, no less being a Hogwarts teacher is one of the hardest jobs there are. And it's still very much of a mystery of what the was teachers really do besides teach, but going back. Teacher biology after all those years, after failing a lot of subjects, he really pulled ahead and was a really great asset to the school as I might imagine.

And that was something that everyone really was. It, it was so fitting. It was so fitting for Neville Longbottom to go back and teach the subject he was best in, which was really, really amazing and fitting. And that's just number 10, we got nine more to go. 

 And coming in at number nine, we have Neville mastering, expelling Armas with Dumbo's army. Now this might feel like something that isn't a big discovery in something that is really important, but for now, It is expelling arm is, is a very useful charm.

It blasts your opponent's want out of their hand and flings it across the room or wherever you are doing. And that was a spell that Harry made sure to teach Dumbledore's army. And that was really smarter than because he used expelling arms in the final battle, defeating Voldemort, which is really okay.

I'm laughing at that scene. I just finished a Harry Potter. We watch of the movies and. That duel. It gets me every time, because the way they do, I mean, like that's, the beginning is fine. I know it's like so dramatic w like crawling towards, or once they get it, then they start and that was good. And then we should, the snake navel destroys the snake, which is maybe coming up foreshadowing.

And then they like, Voldemort is like, oh, And then they start like the final final, the last time Voldemort locks, wand with anyone. Voldemort's expressions. It is hilarious. Every time I see it, because he's like, I don't know what he's doing, but he's like, like he's trying to like lay an egg. That's what his face is. Like. He's just, he's like, he's trying to lay an egg. And then when the wan flies out of his hand, Harry, like, you know, does the spell and then.

The one flies out of his hair and he he's so dumb founded and, oh my gosh, I am sorry. But I had to say that , uh, but yeah, the bottom line  is a very useful spell and Neville mastered it. Like it took him a while, but he did it, which was really amazing. And we saw how hard it was for him to just cast spells in general, which is a bit of a problem because spells is how you do things and the Wizarding world.

Neville made a lot of progress on the necessities of being a wizard, including expelling arms, which was just amazing to see when you finally did it. And everyone was just like marsh and have a good job that is when you knew Neville did it. Right. Neville did something that is amazing. And everyone congratulated him for it.

Rightfully of course.  Yeah.

 And at number eight, we have helping Harry in the ministry. A really fantastic thing that Neville did that was somewhat overlooked. So if you are in caught up and if you know what I'm talking about in the order of the Phoenix, the fifth, the book, the vision of Sirius being tortured by Voldemort in the department of mysteries came to Harry and he rushed off to get his friends.

They were ambushed by a umbrage and this whole thing happened. Eventually, they went to the ministry of magic to rescue serious, but serious wasn't there. Voldemort gave Harry a vision, put it inside his head and hate to say it worked. And Harry and his friends were. And they fought, they fought their way out and they did a fantastic job of it too, especially Neville.

We did see Neville in the background casting some very, very cool spells. And I'm not sure if we actually saw him doing, you know, as a feature, but he was dueling his heart out. And that was very, very nice to see and correct me. But he might have disarmed the Witcher wizard or two. I don't know. So that's just goes to show.

Neville is a really great wizard and he really face, he, he really shined through , um, in the battle of the ministry of magic. And that was a really fantastic scene for navel. And it is something that Neville really did fantastic. That was a really great job on his part. So good job novel. That was great.

  And number seven, we have Neville standing up to the Keros and keeping the da alive in the seventh book. That was a very difficult thing for Neville to do because the Keros were really nasty.

They tortured and they tortured students and they made them torture themselves, which is a monstrous thing to do. But the Keros did it anyway. And the students would be punished for doing anything remotely close to being. Nine and Snape was making things horrible at Hogwarts, but Neville kept the da alive.

I think it was Neville in Luna that did it the most, but Neville, I think definitely initiated it because Netherland Luna really didn't have any friends besides da all they really had was each other. So starting the da up, back again and using those gold coins to commute. Neville. Yeah, that was pretty good.

Pretty cool of Neville to start up this whole new thing and create a whole different universe for , um, the time at Hogwarts, because going into the seventh year now, Darkest time by far for anyone and, you know, Griffin or have a buffer written claw. I mean, the, the Southerns are doing just fine, but no one else, no one else was, which was pretty unfortunate because that was a very, very difficult time.

And they needed some form of light, which Neville. But we did see, they were still a little down, but I can pretty much guarantee that that was not Kimball's fault because being down in the da means something really bad was happening. In other words, the Keros and in the book, he did so much more. Everyone stood up to the Keros and Snape, but Neville really did his part in making Hogwarts castle a very, very nice place. At least some of them.

 When Neville gave Harry the Gilly weed, that was another one of the best things Neville could have ever thought of. And I am going to go off the movie for this one, because I know in the book it was Dhabi, but in the movie it was Neville. Neville gave Harry Gilly weed.

And that was something that say literally saved Terry's life because as Harry said himself, There's no way you can not, you survive underwater for an hour without anything to help you. But Harry did it with Neville's help. Of course, maybe mad eye moody did some initiating on that part, but it was still Neville who thought of the idea and.

Literally saved Harry's life in that moment, which is something that Neville could have really used. He was, I think, in the fourth year, that was really the point where everyone was kind of like becoming who they were. Harry was really maybe becoming, you know, someone who has grand magic and spells her mind.

He was, I think, taking her job more seriously and seeing about what you want to do in the future. Ron, not so much, but the point is everyone was figuring out what they wanted to do. Neville, I don't know. And saving someone's life with a plant really helped his decision along. And of course the great line, oh my gosh, I've killed.

Harry Potter will ever, it will forever stay in our hearts because that was something that. Genuinely believed. And it really scared him that he may have killed Harry. And that just shows the friendship that Neville shares with Harry and the bonds he can make. If he has a great friends and a great environment.

So Neville really. Thrived with that decision. And he decided what he wanted to do with his life now that he realized that plants were his passion. So that was a very interesting scene to see how Neville took it, how he , um, you know, reacted when he realized that Harry Potter was not in fact dead and how he managed to how Neville managed to come out of that situation with a more positive outcome.

So that was a very, very. Seen to see Neville thriving in. And I think everyone was really happy for him.

 Now this next moment for Neville is really a great tie up for everything we have talked about so far, and that is a number five, overcoming his doubts and making a successful life for navel.

That's tough. You should imagine make your, put yourself in novel shoes. You really have a struggling in most of your subjects. You don't know what you're going to do. Then it clicks and you make a very successful life. You do so many great things. And that was really a great moment for Neville, because if everything we've been talking about so far hasn't happened, he wouldn't be able to do anything.

He probably wouldn't have ended up in the job he had. He might not even have had a job and he would have not led a very successful life, but overcoming everything that he was , uh, that he was. But overcoming everything that had, that was thrown at him was really something that should be recognized as so hard.

Overcoming life challenges is unbelievably difficult when you don't know how. To do that. If you know, know how to solve a math problem, and someone tells you to solve it, you can't, and that's what Neville was going through. Someone gave him this thing called a life and said, okay, go on and make it good.

How could you do that? You can. But Neville did. She used every tool. He had, he used his brain. He used his love for plants and he put something together. I love plants and I'm good at our biology. What do I do? I become a teacher and that's something that really worked. He really was a great teacher and he led a good life after that.

 So for Neville to overcome these challenges, I don't think anyone else could have done that. And I'm not saying that just because, you know, it's an envelope episode, but I'm saying that because it's true. If you come from the bottom of bottoms, you go to the toppest of tops and Neville really, really did that.

He had to grow up much faster than he needed to, but I must say he did very gracefully and Neville ended up in a very, very good position that I feel like no one else could have thrived in, but Neville did because he had the tools and he brought himself up so far that getting to where he was. Not a problem at all.

 The battle of Hong Goertz was a very transformative moment for Neville.

Neville had to go through many things, and this is kind of what this next collection of things is going to be about Neville overcoming his challenges and doing some pretty awesome things. So we're kicking it off with number four, destroying the bridge. That was fun. That was epic. That was powerful. That was meaningful.

There was so much packed into that one action that Neville did that. I don't really think anyone else could have done it. Okay. Let's just, let's just lift off. Let's rather list off the awesomeness of the scene. Let's start with. I want to know that smell. What was that? It was like, boom, boom, boom. Kind of like filibusters fireworks.

But then it was like, oh no, we're actually going to split. And it was like, boom, going down the joints. And then, you know, each start exploding from the back and you could see now running and then he jumped. And no one knows, but then, oh, he went up in his won, then he was like, oh my gosh, I'm alive. That went well.

And then everyone in the audience was like, yes. And every time I am so worried for Neville, but I've seen that movie so many times. I don't know why I am, but he's just, he's just such an important character in the battle of Hogwarts that I'm worried for. Every time. I see that scene. I'm like, oh no Navajo, no novel, but that okay.

Because I think he could survive pretty much anything. So that's nice. And it's also a really meaningful scene because he kills a lot of snatchers and those snatchers,  I dunno, what kind of crowd technology they use to, you know, make all those snackers on screen, but, oh boy, that was, that was  cool.

And there were how many, like probably at least a thousand snatchers there to so many and Neville destroyed the bulk of them. By far with that one smell that he survived, that he cast that he came up with the idea of war and he executed so really great job. Absolutely fantastic. I'm still going on and on about this, but it's, I just love the way he did it.

I absolutely love the way Neville executed this and yeah, really, really great on his part. Love the bridge scene and let's move on to some other awesome scenes.

 As we all know a worthy Gryffendor can only be decided by a couple of things. Most prominent of which is pulling the sword of Gryffendor out of the sorting hat, which Neville. When Harry was presumably dead Voldemort and the remainder of the death theaters were went marched on Hogwarts and Voldemort.

. I love that scene every time, but that's not the point. The point is don't Voldemort says, come forward and join me or die. And Lucius does those things like joint gone back down and then Joe does move and then Narcissa says, Draco let's come on.

And then Draco comes, I don't know, character clues. Maybe he likes nurses more, but that's not important, but important is then Neville steps forward. And the first time watching this, I'm pretty sure this is what everyone's reaction was. Neville why Neville and then Walden were, goes, oh, well, I must admit I'd hoped for better.

And then he says, well, I, but I'm sure I could find a place for you in our ranks, which was amazing. And then he says, I like to say something. Neville says I'd like to say something and then, okay. The way Ray finds did that, he like was like trying to calm himself with his hand. He was like, okay. That okay.

If your homework is to watch that scene, it is so funny. It is so funny. So the way were just goes, okay. You can like, imagine his thought process. Just amazing. But again, that's not the point. Let's just get to the point here.  Neville goes on to give his speech. And Neville says things like, you know, people die every day, but Harry is still with us in our hearts and he didn't die in vain, but then it just.

You will very, very powerful. And then he pulls the sword of Griffin door out of the hat and boil boy, that scene was woof. That was amazing. He pulls the sort of Gryffindor out of the hat and then Harry goes, whoop rolls off Hagrid and then runs away. And the battle of Hogwarts commences, that was like, that was so amazing.

That was the best scene ever. Um, because. Neville triggered the whole end part of the battle of Hogwarts. And he pulled a sword out of the hat, which is a pretty, pretty good segue into the next point that I'll go over right now.

  And that segue is leading to this next one, which is number nine, scene two, killing niggas. If you're wondering why this wasn't number one, there was, you know, a little bit of a more impressive scene that was going on, but this scene was also very exciting  it was amazing. So Neville pulled the sword out of a hat and then unfortunately he was blasted back.

Then he woke up and the flying body flew past him.  There's a cut to run your who are trying to kill McGeeney her mind. He threw some rocks at it. Ron is approaching with a bass, looks Fang, and then again, he turned and pounced and the bachelors Fang flew over the edge of the railing.

And what happened. They couldn't do anything. And Ron, in her mind, he ran, they fell into a pile of rocks. Ron tried one last ditch effort, but it didn't have work. And again, he was approaching and the Neville goes and the horcrux is destroyed. Neville Longbottom. That is right folks, Neville, Longbottom destroyed.

Neguin the one horcrux that Voldemort was trying the hardest to protect. Now that might be because it was a snake, but also because it was the last one and Neville destroyed the last horcrux collapsible. That's. Neville Longbottom destroyed the last horcrux. Just amazing the way Neville pulls these things off.

I mean, Sunday, I want to get his autograph and then I'm going to say, I got never logged on, on graph. That'd be so cool. But that was a really, really big scene because okay. One sorter. Two Nagy dead and three horcrux destroyed. And I am tired of seeing Negi being killed. And the horcrux Munis wrote as two different things because the gaining is kind of Voldemort's symbol, that's his pet.

So if you kill the symbol of Voldemort, you're almost, you know, killing his reputation and that was big. And that was a big thing. Also, it was a horcrux, so kind of a two for one deal, killing the snake, destroyed the symbol of power and destroying a horcrux, the very last horcrux. And then that's when the final, I can't think about it.

I'm going to have to arch and that's when the final duel started and you know, that whole thing went down. So the way Neville pulled that off are really impressive, really fantastic and really amazing. But let's move on to number one, because my.

I and now we are here. This is the final reason. This is the final scene.

This is it. So it's a little bit of a surprise. I will tell you. But this scene is very well summed up by something that Dumbledore said. And right when I say this, you're going to know what scene I'm talking about. But Dumbledore said in the first book, Standing up to your enemies is very difficult, but standing up to your friends is much harder.

That's not the exact quote, but that's what I got from it. And so now, you know what I'm talking about? That's right. When Harry and his friends set out from the Gryffendor common room, trying to get to the traps or before Snape did Neville stopped them. He said, I'm going to fight you. I'm going to fight you, Harry, put them up.

That was great. Now that was when Matthew Lewis audition Dawn too. That was awesome. I love that one. I love that scene. I, this is too funny. This is supposed to be powerful. Okay. I'm laughing too much. So Neville stood up to Harry and his friends, which was absolutely amazing. And this is number one because what Dumbledore said.

Absolutely true. Standing up to your friends is so much harder than standing up to your enemies. If you go up until a year school bull, you go, Hey, I don't like what you're doing to me, please stop. It's so much harder to scope your friend and say, I don't like what you're doing. Don't do that anymore. Like even you can try it, you can try it.

It is so hard. It's so hard to, you know, emits some kind of negative thing to your friend. Then I made some kind of negative thing to you. Which is exactly what Neville did, and that really shows his character and it really sets in stone. The fact that Neville is very, very capable of doing what he did doing the thing that almost no one else could complete standing up to Harry Harry Potter.

No us, I might add. And that's why this is at number one. That's. It is above standing up to all of his enemies. That's why this is the first. And I think that is a perfect way to end this episode. I am trying out a new editing software, so it might sound a little weird as I'm getting used to it, but just bear with me, please.

This is this time, like the show is that makes you feel good. So that's cool. If you are hearing this, that means you care a little bit about me. Yeah, that's happening. But if you have any questions, comments, or topics that you would like to hear on the podcast, there'll be send me an email. My email is the Potter

That is the Potter If you could just scroll down in your pockets type of choice, tap those five stars or evenly a written review that could help me out more than you could ever know. And it helps other listeners find this. As always you permission to your advantage and I will see you later.