The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom

TPD 90: Predicting Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3!

August 01, 2021 Sound Owl Productions Episode 90
The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom
TPD 90: Predicting Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3!
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In this episode we discuss some likely and unlikely things that might happen in the next installment of Fantastic Beasts!


  • Credence learns more about himself
  • Queenie regrets her decision to go with Grindelwald
  • Newt gets more creatures
  • Much more!

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Welcome to the Potter discussion.

welcome back to the part of discussion. This is episode nine. And on today's episode, I will predict what I think will happen in fantastic beasts and where to find them three.

welcome everyone.  episode 90 already. Yikes. We are going through these things like butter. Well, today I am very excited because we are talking about fantastic beasts, three, the newest new shiny thing that is going to come out in about a year, a little less than a year. So everyone. And listening, I hope is really excited, but there are some things that we would like to see happen.

And there are some things that I think should happen. And that is what we are talking about today. Predictions of what? Fantastic beasts three. It's going to be about, because there are some things that were really, you know, left, open these open plot points that which never really tied up nicely that I think we can expect.

But also these things that weren't quite started, that we might've expected to have begun, that I will also be talking about today. So we have a great episode lined up, sit back, relax, and let's do that. Before we get started, whoever I will remind you that the SpeakPipe page link and the Google form link are still in the show notes for any questions, comments, feedback was Noster questions or jokes, your best one, that you got put those in those two forms below, it would really help me out.

And it only takes you a second. It is completely free. I would absolutely love to hear what you have to do. Also, you can email me the Potter discussion at g-mail dot com. That is the Potter If you don't want to use those two form of communication, I just listed. All right, let's do this.

So fantastic beasts three, what kid? Fantastic. These three possibly hold fantastic beasts to the crimes of Grunwald really gave us a taste of what Warner brothers was thinking about to take over this Harry Potter fandom and give it a new twist. Fantastic. Beasts is really where the Harry Potter franchise is going to branch out and explore the other areas of magic.

We just never got to see, and that's exactly what they are going to do in fantastic beasts and where to find them three. Now I will not give my full predictions on what we're going to see right now, but just a little hint on talking point later in the episode. They did reveal that we are going to be, that they were filming in Rio de Janeiro..

So wherever they're going to do there, that's what they're going. So we'll see exactly what that entails, but let's just get on. I do have a list of  several predictions that I do think are quite proud of. And we are going to be going through those. I have started with the most obvious ones that are pretty much going to happen.

And then the ones that are kind of more theorizing and in the old days, we'll, , you know, kind of think about different character arcs, what people are thinking, decisions are made, , Queenie and different things like that. So, My first prediction is an update on credence and more info on his identity.

This is pretty much just what I think we'll continue on in the story. One of the more prominent subplot of fantastic beasts is credence trying to find his true self who he really is. I've made theories on this, um  before, if you haven't seen those, it would be a good idea to go check those out.

The Aaron on YouTube, but they are on your podcast app just for some good insight on what, um  like the real depths of credence. , but treatments has been looking for who he is ever since he left to New York,  during the wall came to him in the form of Mr. Graves and thinking that he was the solution to all of his problems.

And in return, Mr. Graves would give credence who he really was. Probably was not true because Grenoble didn't know, but in the end he seemed to have figured it out a real you stumbled or, and the way he gave credence to that wand hoof every, every time I know there always has to be one scene. In every episode, I always criticize one scene, but this is that scene.

So the way Greta walls gives trade-ins the wand at the very end of the crimes of Grindelwald, he goes. Like Johnny Depp did an amazing job for drinker in the world, but he, he whispered, he never talked. He was, yes. I give you this on. It was like he was a million years old and his, his, you know, I'm old switch was always flipped.

 It's crazy. How often he just always is whispering and creepily saying, oh, it's, it's like a, like a, like pre Voldemort. It's kind of Grunewald evolved into Voldemort. How they talk Voldemort. But grandma goes, no. Well, this is a, this is a fully podcast now, but that's my rant for the day.

 But my prediction credence is going to learn more about himself. This is pretty much, you know, starting with the most likely this is pretty. Going to happen. That's kind of a, one of the fantastic pieces about, , creating, finding his true parents is true family. And as it stands, is he a Dumbledore? I don't know, but when he was given a wand, he went bang, bang, pow, pow, and it was pulling out.

So that was cool, but, , there's also a, a Phoenix that appeared to him and that's, I mean, this is kind of like a mini Easter egg. I'm pretty sure this is what to Warner bros wanted you to see. But, , in France and Paris, he was feeding a bird in a box on a rooftop, and that's where Gunwale found them that same bird was the Phoenix.

So the Phoenix found him before he, you know, was. Marked as a Dumbledore, I guess you could say. So maybe it's true that he is a Dumbledore. I know no one does, but the fact still stands. He is going to find out more about himself while he stands for his family, his parents. And I don't think it's just going to be, he finds out something and that's it.

There's going to be more to it because of course we know Warner rose. They're going to find something to make their bank. But there has to be some kind of twist and it's very exciting as it is, but for criticis family to be something that we expected, but didn't, I think it will be a really smart move for the franchise to go in.

And just because there's a twist within a twist is really the best you can get. That's where the excitement. And that's exactly what Warner rose is looking for at this time. So our twist within the twist of how credence finds the family is exactly what I'm expecting and fantastic beasts and where to find them three

 Queenie went with Grunewald and her decision may not have been the smartest, but she thought it was, it was a moment of weakness for her. And Grunewald is exactly the kind of person who capitalized. On other people's failures and weaknesses to his own gain, it sounds twisted. And it is, but it's very effective.

As we saw with Queenie, she is clearly good through and through from fantastic abuse. One up to pretty much the end of my dad's abuse. um But in the big speech, the speech of the ages, she is swayed by Grunewald and steps through the blue fire or dramatically. And then there's a great call back of the line.

You know, Jacob thinking a queen, he's crazy, but queen can read minds and then we need like walk with me and Jacob's like, no, you're crazy. They're just like, well, I'm sorry. I sound like a squabble and Crow. But bottom line Queenie really decided that Drenda world was her future. As hundreds of other wizards had before her, she fell in with Grindle.

Baldwin was a Peretti chummy with him. As we saw in  um  Norman God castle and co little cutscenes. But Queenie is going to question her decision. That's another probable thing that I can foresee because we saw how fast she changed. And without thinking out a decision, you know, it's never going to be what you really think you saw when she arrived first in Paris and that, um  you know, one of, um  Greenwald's close followers, um  the French woman.

Talk Queenie into her, you know, that'd be Boulder killed, um  which you called at her home and gave community, which was so funny because she couldn't, it was covering her, covering her cup. And then it was a very persistent teapot. And when Grunewald came out, she was, she was ready. She pulled out her wine, she stood up.

She said, don't come here. So were there. And then what was it? Two days later she's like, oh Jacob, I don't want you anymore. Grin of all this, my future. So you can see it, the effect that granola has on these crowds of people, looking for something other than what they have, as the saying goes, you always want what you don't have.

And then right, when you get it, you don't want it anymore. I made it the last part, but it's just true with Queenie. Queenie decided that Jacob Newt and Tina, they don't understand me anymore, but carnival clearly does with his insightful and personal speech. So that's, that's probably what I'm going to.

World's biggest strong suits. He's a great talker, which is exactly how he built his masses. So Queenie. Joins Renauld and I don't think that decision's going to hold up. She was making that decision in a moment where she didn't think that she was love and cared in her little circle of people.

You know, you have your circle of friends, your family, or neighbors, whatever. She didn't feel like she had a police in that circle anymore. So she wanted to find a new circle and we know with Queenie, she's a very. People person, she can't survive without being around other people who, you know, notice her pay attention to her and, you know, kind of interact with her.

So when she didn't get that attention anymore, she needed to find somewhere else to get it. And granola walled. What do you know was that person? So embryos of course he is a great person to talk to too. You know, interact with, to get attention from because he will, I mean, it isn't, he's doing it because he wants to, he's just doing it to get on, to get those sweet, sweet followers, which is that a works.

It works. I had to say it, but Bruno, Walt is a talker and it works really well. But Queenie joined him. And I don't think that is going to be something that she is going to stick with. I mean, joining the dark side is kind of a big deal. So if Queenie just did it, when she was feeling a little lonely.

Definitely that that was a snap decision. And she's definitely going to, um  change. I don't know if you say, well, no, it wasn't necessarily because she was sad for, you know, weeks. Well, she was sad for weeks, but she wasn't thinking I want to join the dark side for weeks. She wants to join the dark side when Brenna wold gave that speech about how they are different.

They're just other value, you know, that, that whole other value of speech and. Another region queen. You want it to go with Greenwald was because she wanted to be with Jacob. And although maybe that might've happened, it still is kind of about reason to go with Greenwald because all Valda will only do what he wants to do when his, um  you know, ideas.

Spread across the world. He only does what Greeneville wants himself. So when Queenie joined him, she in a sense was saying, I want exactly what you want. And, um  she, she literally said that when the speech was over So when the speech was over, she said, Jayco, he wants what we want.

And that is so, so false. Now I see that because although. Maybe muggle now being together with muggles is something that he was thinking about maybe doing, implementing in the world, but keep in mind in, um  maybe, maybe in Europe that was already a thing you is legal to, you know, be with muggles, you know, a witch or wizard being with.

But in America, that wasn't true. So it was completely foreign and very appealing thing for Queenie, Jacob, this love of her life that she just meant in America as an American, which couldn't be with her, they would, their relationship was illegal. So when Greeneville said, I will make your relationships legal.

We have to, we have to do this. We have to there's no other option. So she joined greener and hopes that that law would be placed, that she would be able to be with Jacob.

So far, we've only seen school in Europe and America, but there has to be other places where people can learn magic. And in thinking that you are correct in south America, there is a school of magic located in the Northern Amazon rainforest called Castello. Similarly to America and Europe  shoe is run by the south American ministry of magic.

It takes in students from all over south America. And as you may have guessed from my introduction, I think we're going to go there.  As I have said before there has been filming in real that much we know. So might there be some south American magic that we might see?

the south Americans will have magic. It's a very hard word to pronounce for an English speaker. um Castella brew Shu is located in the Northern Amazon rainforest in Brazil. I know that Newt is a collector of magical beasts. And I'm thinking that part of his motivation for going to south America might be to get grinned of all, because maybe he's going there to help Dumbledore because Dumbledore wants you to go there.

But also because maybe he might want a magical creature there, or you might want to release a magical creature there. Now I know there are. Of their magical schools that we might go to. And we have, we've done kind of like two cultures of magic. um the first movie was the American culture of magic and the second movie was the English culture ranch and some French.

So there have been a lot of. You know, schools that have been highlighted in these specific movies. So maybe Cassella her shoe is going to be the one that is highlighted in the third movie. I know there's also one in Africa, one in Japan, maybe another one in Europe. um if I can remember correctly, um, but.

The bottom line is there are so many different magical cultures in schools and ministries to see that there is just too many to capture in, you know, Harry Potter. So this fantastic beasts might be another reason why we are going to all these exotic places, places we've never been before in the Harry Potter world.

We've only been in what, like how did we even go to America? And that's what hollows we just traveled the United. When Harry and, uh, Ron and Armani were going across finding horcrux is they never left their country. They, they never left England.  

So it is really exciting that we can go to all these other places besides where we have already been before. Uh, even the first one has to be movie. Everyone really loved it. And that may be because it's in a different place and old, there's a huge fan base of Harry Potter in America. So it could be that everyone was excited to see the city they know and love, uh, New York, the city.

New York and America. And you'd the American ministry of magic is really very similar to how England and the minute of the British ministry magic does it, but it's so it's like, it's so slightly different. That's very interesting to see what's had what and how they do things, how they process even their papers, how they bring their tea, how they attack, how they train their oars.

There are so many things that they do differently that are just slightly different. Every ministry does the same thing, just in a different way. So when we saw the American administrative magic and hopefully some fairness move, we might go ahead over morning. We could see how different cultures. Process they're magical people, which would be something that I really love to see.

And or maybe that may be why they're going to Rio. They're making these stops at all these magical hotspots, just to show us what magic can really do and how it affects the world as a whole.

 Newt is a very wild person. He sees the world differently, which helps him in helping fantastic beasts and helping other people see the way he does.

And that's exactly what. Job is he is writing books to help other people understand the beasts of the world. And he has, and is helping a lot of these same treaters, uh, in his care. So he has to use them. He has to, I mean, it's like walking a dog or taking care of a cat. You have to take care of him. That's why he has, um, a helper.

And he does a lot of work himself in that arena. It's high time. Now these beasts give something back to Newt. And of course, I know you could say like give something back to them every day, but that's not what I mean. I mean that Newt and a beast are going to battle, not each other, but together they're going to take down a force.

Newt is going to try and use one of his beasts in battle I think the only, you know, big or somewhat significant time, and this has been used in battle is when he used the swooping evil escaping from the American ministry of magic. And that was really fleeting. 

His purpose is taking care of these magical beasts. And that's what he does, but we don't get to see them. We don't get to see them in action. You will only be, you know, like physically get to see them in frame. But that's not something that they actively, you know, are moving and going. And really in the first movie we saw, of course, this whooping evil and, uh, all these creatures, you know, in their natural habitat.

And then we never saw that again. We never saw that again in the second movie, he, you know, captures and maybe netballers and walked by an Eagle and. That was it. And of course that was a lot, but it wasn't nearly enough that the franchise was called fantastic beasts. Fantastic beasts, not this is new commander and Jacob and Queenie are having issues.

It's like, it's not called, it's not, you know, capitalizing on other things. It's the fantastic beasts. So there might be a big battle. There might be a big conflict. They might encounter a Grinch. And that is when Newt is going to take out his beast or maybe he's an openness case and they're all going to flat out and they're going to attack Grunwald at the same time.

I don't know what's going to happen, but it has to be something that's be something there. Now we just didn't get, we had maybe in total 10 minutes. Of seeing these beasts and all you really did was capture them and put them in these cages and, you know, ride them or something like that. But that was it.

He just didn't do anything that was majorly helpful and yes, yes. Yeah. There are a lot of scenes with these beasts, but it is called fantastic beasts. It is designed around these beasts. So there should be at least one in every scene. That's what Warner bros, if you're listening, put in at least. One magical beast in every scene, even if it's just a Niffler nude shoulder or a bowl truckle on, he lay on his hand, like something, something just not, you know, him like Dumbledore talking on a bridge.

Him bringing out a Niffler from under his coat, like a weird person and putting it back in, and then them Lauren nude, having a serious conversation about death and destroying things, mash, just something that was there. And like they could have kept that they could have kept that Niffler it, but they didn't.

I don't know why and okay. Maybe I don't know why, because with anything it's always the dollar signs they want to take in as many dollar signs as they can, without spending a lot of dollar signs. But with the money that they're spending, they have to be making a lot of money. And if they put in a lot of effort and money and time and people into making these beasts and putting them on screen, then people are going to be happy, more feeling, more people are going to go to the movies.

So, ah, That's my screen. I'm happy now. Next segment. What am I doing?

If there's one thing that Galera granola vault is skilled at, it is gaining followers and convincing people we saw in the first and second fantastic beast movies. His silver tongue was the reason he was able to convince so many people and sway their minds to how he was thinking. And in fantastic beasts three, that is exactly what he is going to do.

He is going to be able to gather masses of people, give them his, his swaying speeches and tell them things that will make them follow. Going to south America, if he does, that's a whole nother continent of people to convince. So if Grinnell can manage to get together, so many people like Queenie, who don't feel like they have a place anymore, he can give them that place.

And as Dumbledore said, with the ministries tactics, they're just pushing support into Grinnell's arms, which is exactly what they are doing. Where I'm thinking. Hmm. Maybe I should think about maybe I, maybe I should use, you know, nicer tactics of trying to keep people inside the boundaries. I shouldn't use force.

And that's something that the ministry just hasn't considered. If the ministry was nicer, if they used gentle or tactics, if they did better things. Maybe Grendel, Walt would have a harder time, but now we can go to south America. Now he can gain followers there and he's going to do it a lot quicker. The third movie is really the time, , I mean the third part of anything, third part of a book, third act, the third movie is really aware.

Everything kind of starts to come together. That's where the two sides start to form. That's where everyone has to choose a side and thesis said about better than I can. Sometime you're going to have to choose and Newt even predicted what's going to happen. He said, I've already chosen my side at the end.

And even then he said, I don't choose sight, but that's bad Newt. Ah, I'm sorry, new, but you just, you have to choose. And of course we know he is good and he probably will always will be. But. In third movie, everyone is going to do what Newt did. He is going to choose a side and sorry, they are going to choose a side and probably.

The bulk of the people are going to go to Grinnell volt side because the ministry is doing everything wrong. And I'm not saying that Grunwald will have more people than the ministries. I'm just saying that more people of the existing neutrals are going to go over to Greenville because there are more good people than bad people.

And like, as of now, but in the third movie, when more people join, Grenell. I dunno, it's going to even out and it's going to even out hard, but still Greeneville is still going to be outnumbered, but he and his followers are still, you know, kind of the evil people with the powers that administry is too good to use, even though they're so good pushing supports supports to Walt's arms.

Hey, so in the third movie, Grunewald is going to reveal his tactics. He's going to do so many more things and he's going to really make a, he's going to do some sort of heavy marketing for his, Grunewald brand is going to do a lot of marketing to get a lot of people onto his side, thinking his way.

And for Greenwald is really easy because his way is something that a lot of people see as some of that. They also want to take. They want a place where they will also feel like they have, they are loved that they are cared about. So Grunewald is going to make a mad dash to get as many people as he can into his followers.

And I'm going to say right now he is going to succeed. And that's it. That wraps up this episode. And boy, there are through what, five predictions. I'd 13 written down as an episode for another day, but yeah, that's it. If you have any questions, comments, topics, Chris must have questions or jokes that you would like me to see or other people on the show to hear definitely send me an email.

My email. The part of That is the Potter Those SpeakPipe page link and go form link are still available down in the description of you could just do that. That will be amazing. It only takes a couple of minutes and it's free. It helps me out. You want to say, put those two, pick those two lines and figure it out.

If you could just scroll down in your pocket, stuff of choice, tap those five stars evenly by written review. Now could help me out more than you could ever know, and it helps other listeners find the show as always bench. And we'll see you later.