The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom

Breakdown: Draco Malfoy

September 12, 2021 Sound Owl Productions Episode 96
The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom
Breakdown: Draco Malfoy
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Happy one year!!!!
In this episode we breakdown the character of Draco Malfoy. Enjoy!


  • Draco's complicated life
  • Lucius forcing Draco into things
  • Escaping Voldemort
  • Much more!

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Welcome back to the Potter discussion. This is episode 96 and on today's episode, we will be breaking down the character of Draco Malfoy. Let's do this. Episode 96 are getting close to the magical number 100. And yeah, this is a very, very exciting day. Not only because we're getting close to a hundred, but also because this is the first episode after we celebrated the one year anniversary of the Potter discussion.

That is right. September 8th was the first day that I logged on to my podcast. And I uploaded my first couple of episodes. They all weren't very good, but there were a start and you all know that we need a start to finish and I'm very happy with how far I've come since then. I think I've done a pretty, pretty good job of keeping up the, keeping up the work, the schedule, the episodes.

So, uh, if you've been listening. The whole time for this whole year. I want to say a huge, thank you. It's still like crazy. It feels like it's only been a couple of weeks since I've done this, but it has been a one year and a couple of days. So it's just crazy that this long I've been going for this long on this.

And I was kind of thinking, you know, it's a good COVID project as you know, for fun, but it's really turned into something that I really enjoy doing and I intend to keep up. Very far future. So thank you all for sticking with me. If you're a new listener. Welcome. I hope you stay for another year. If you have been listening for this whole year again, thank you so much.

Your support has really been why I have been managing to continue this. But today I have yet again, another series for you. I'm trying to start a bunch of series, you know, have a, have a, have a good stream of content coming in from all different angles. And this one is called breakdown where we discuss one character, every episode of breakdown, and we, you know, break down their character, see what's in the side.

And this week's breakdown is probably one of the most discussed out of. Everyone except for maybe like one or two people. So today we are talking about Draco Malfoy, uh, his middle name's actually Lucius, which is kind of weird, but Draco, Lucius Malfoy is who we were talking about today. He has so many different layers, so much inner conflict is a very interesting character and he will be a very interesting topic to discuss.

Let's do it. However, before we get into today's episode, I will remind you that the two links in the show notes below are still going still active, the SpeakPipe page link and the Google form link. If you have any questions, comments, topics, quiz notes, or questions or jokes. I am accepting anything you want to tell me.

And I absolutely love what you have to say. And yeah, my email is the Potter discussion that you That is the Potter discussion at g-mail dot com for any similar things you would like to say to me, and you don't want to use this piece by page link or the Google form link. So yeah, that's that let's get into this episode,     Draco Lucius Malfoy, that person we will be discussing today. He's a very interesting person with a lot of, uh, you know, little piece of information, a lot of inner conflict, as I've mentioned, and he has so many different layers that it will be very interesting to pick his character apart and see who is with him.

But before we get into the juicy stuff, I will give you a quick timeline and intro and his character, just so we're all on the same page. So Draco starts at Hogwarts and the first time we meet him is on that staircase, at least in the movies. It's a, yeah, he we've been on that staircase where he goes up the hair and he's like, Harry Potter's school, you know, asserting his dominance as the school bully.

So he comes over there. Harry says, Nope, sorry, sorry, bro. I'm not going to accept your hand. That is stuck out to me. So kindly, um, and then Draco becomes resentful of Harry and they become bitter rivals. And the first movie goes on without much interference from Draco then comes the second movie where he is very much against.

And their rivalry only grows in the years following. So in the fifth, sixth, seventh books, that's really where Draco starts to become, you know, a big character because in the sixth book, he is joined with Voldemort and he is tasked with killing. Dumbledore. And this is really where his story starts to take shape because we see in the sixth book and six movie that he is struggling with himself and he doesn't know what to do, even with the, with the orders, with the commands, whatever you want to call it, that he has been given.

And he knows that if he doesn't it. Voldemort will kill him, but he doesn't want to kill Dumbledore. He just wants to have a happy life with his family, but happy. I mean, you know, uh, Voldemort free life and that's, that's kind of what the whole Malfoy fan. Once because they, they just joined with Woodmore because they saw him as the most powerful.

But when they saw, you know, when the word, uh, the last movie in book, when they saw Voldemort was doing what he was planning, they realized that they were on the wrong side and that side was Voldemort. So they didn't, you know, they, they left. They, of course they didn't join the good side, but they just wanted to get away because they knew that if they can keep their family intact, that would be a win.

So they left and we didn't see them ever again. So that's a good timeline. I brushed over quite a bit of things, but they aren't very important for what we're gonna be talking about today. But what is important is the sixth book that's really kind of the central focus of his trauma of what he is, you know, kind of struggling with.

So that is we're going to be coming back to you quite a bit. So yeah, let's just, you know, start off with a very small. Then we can break. We can work our way up to the rather large and earth shattering details. The first item on my list is kind of what Drigo is struggling with what he's juggling at one time.

So drinker wants to please his father, the police, his friends, impressible more bully Harry and fit in life in between. Now you didn't have to hear for me to know that Draco has a way too much going on and not just a one thing, too many. He has about five things, too many. He uses trying to do so much at once to please so many different people that there's no way he is going to please himself in the end.

So let's start off with his fathers. That's really, you know, the roots of Draco's. I dunno, just his whole, his whole demeanor. He really wants to, you know, fit in with his family. He wants to make a name for himself with Voldemort. And the way to do that is to join through. Father, you know, Lucius can go to Voldemort and say, how low kind master would you give my son a chance to, you know, do something small.

I killed Donald door. So when Voldemort let Draco in, then Lucia's would look good, you know, bring in someone else from the cause, but he knew she's never stopped. The thing that may be drunk or didn't want to join. But I'm sure that even if Lucius knew that it was, that was what drinker was thinking. I doubt he would have stopped because Lucius Malfoy is not the caring father type Draco just wants to fit in with his family.

And he was born with the wrong people. He doesn't want to fight in a war. He doesn't want to join with an evil person. He just wants to live his life with his family. But is that what loges wants? No. And unfortunately Draco has no say in the matter is Lucius is involved too, because Lucius will claim that he knows best in just giving himself a boost in popularity, in the eyes of fudge, in the eyes of Voldemort.

And Lucius is really the only person who benefits here because even Voldemort wouldn't benefit very much. Just because, I mean, besides getting a deputation to the castle, but Draco didn't do what he was supposed to, he didn't kill Dumbledore, but that's because he didn't want to, he didn't want to in the first place.

And the only reason he even tried was because he was going to be killed if he didn't. So Draco never really wanted to join with a death theaters and, you know, ravaged Hogwarts and treat mishap and just be this overall mean person. The only reason he started to bully because that was the only place he could really feel like he was in control because with his father, there was no way that he could have overrated his father in anything.

And even in his first year, Draco knew that. So despite everything that he has been through, Jerico still does not have a say in what happens to him, even though it is him not be happening is happening. I definitely use proper grammar there. And you are going to not say anything about that, but the bottom line here is folks that Lucius is really taking, bought a Draco's life out of his hands and is really twisting it into something that Lucius can use to his own benefit with Voldemort again, with Lou.

With, I mean, with fudge and with anyone else that Lucius needs to get in with to manipulate the law, the world justice, to his own personal benefit.     on a similar note for this next subject. I just wanted to say that at first I thought Drigo was trying to only impress his father. So as mentioned before, Draco is very much about that.

You know, trying to make sure that he is in seen with good eyes or the right eyes, rather with everyone, he wants Harriet to fear him. He wants the teachers to respect him. He wants his father to like him. He wants to Voldemort to, you know, give him better jobs or that at least that's what we think at the beginning.

And he just wants everyone to be, you know, his friend or his enemy. He doesn't want to get close to anyone, but he doesn't want to get too far away. Yeah, that makes sense. But at the beginning of the story, I thought he was just trying to please an impress his father. Did move the mouth. We family is very much, you know, like the Gaunts they are of course, you know, descendants of the sled around or something like that.

They are pure blood. They believe that everyone else just doesn't matter. You know, they aren't, they aren't real people. If they aren't pure blood, they're just, you know, like a squirrel or a dog, you know, they exist and they might be, you know, Fun to have or see, but they don't serve any real purpose. Of course that's completely untrue, but the Lucius Malfoy and Draco Malfoy, and.

Maybe not so much, but you know, the mouth of family in general, they see the muggle borns and the half Woz and muggles as completely unworthy of a wand of the title, a witch or wizard. So that's kind of where their family is different from many other families like the Louise lasers or something like that.

I could also imagine they're very accepting of other kinds of people. Like someone not like from really far away, they might see as not like them. And in addition, like a, you know, uh, a muggle born or a half-blood or a muggle that they may be not like that. Are only accustomed to them. And if they don't, if they see someone else, that's not them from, I don't know Europe, they're going to think that they are someone who is alien who's other to them.

And that's also similar with the way that they see their, their own family, especially Lucius he's kind of the, you know, the ruler of the family, just because everyone else just doesn't want to cross him because they're afraid of what they might.

Or what Lucia's might do to them rather. So they can't even step out of line when it comes to everyday matters, which seems like something that is completely ridiculous. But Lucius has to have order and Draco is trying to appease his father by, you know, applying himself to that order. Just so thoroughly too much.

And he can't give 100% to him of himself to five or six different things at once. So impressing his father was really the only thing that he could manage in the beginning books because there's nothing else on his plate. And there was nothing else that he actually had to do. But in the litter books, we'll be starting with books three, four, or 5, 6, 7.

He really was, you know, Starting to have more things in his life. And he was dealing with a much more difficult situations and having to face more of his fear and his father. So he had to find a way that made it look like he was doing the right thing by his father and by everyone else. And that's just impossible.

You can't make everyone happy. That's just not how it works. But Draco didn't know that. So he wasn't exactly privy to the fact that you can't, you can't be, you know, multiple different people. You can just be switching between personalities as a one person. And it's very difficult. To, you know, do the things that Draco did, but Drigo insisted that that was the best way that he, if he managed to do the things that his father wanted to do, do the things that Voldemort wanted to do.

Bully Harry still stay in school, you know, get a good education and kind of make a good name for himself as friends. It seems like he needed to merge it all down into something. And he pretty much just decided that that would be impressing the population. But that just all led back to his father, that his father was the only reason that he could have survived.

Because if you need to, if you could impress his father and him, and I guess by extension to Voldemort, then he might be able to make a name for himself in a, in an arena in general. Maybe that was not the arena that he wanted to be in, but a fight is a fight and he wanted to. So that is pretty much what this was about.

So I hope that this kind of is like a good baseline for the future topics we will be discussing today. And it is very true that this is a big part of Draco's life and a big part of his care.    at number four, we have the Malfoy, his unique situation was switching from the dark side and trying to get in with fudge.

So this was a big part of. Fourth and fifth books, I'm actually reading the order of the Phoenix right now. And that's how I kind of came up with this point. But the Lucius, I always, I always say I always called them the Lucius Malfoy, just because, you know, that's like, that's just how I think. So the mouth voice, especially Lucius and, you know, Narcissa and Drake.

Well, I'm really not speaking right today. The Malfoy family are, they go to the dark side and then they switch back, uh, when Voldemort falls and then they have to find a way to make sure that they aren't the ones with their dirty. And you know, it's like, Hey, are we trying to clean off his, the mud on his hands inside of his pocket?

And the printer basket, man. They are very, you know, weasel even more weasely on the weasel Lees, which is something that they are definitely never going to admit at all. But just because, you know, a mouthwash is Draco's favorite thing to say is like, hello, you know, uh, Harry potty and, um, Ron weasel, you know, that's like his favorite thing to say.

So there's no way he's going to say that he's more Weasley than the Weasley is.

Yeah. That was very off topic, but we're going to bring it back. So the mouth always switch from the dark side to the light side, after Voldemort falls, and they have to find a way to get an in with someone of power. Of course, the minister of magic is probably the most powerful person that they could get in with, of course, Maybe Dumbledore would be the most profit person if he chose to be, but he would see right through the mouth and he does, and everyone knows that.

So they chose fudge Cornelius fudge as their person, as their person that they're going to get in with and make a good name and give him a lot of gold and ask for faith. Even in the book, it said, you know, the, uh, Mr. Weasley said that the, the mouth always give a lot of gold to a lot of different causes.

And that allows them to call in different favors, uh, you know, postpone laws that might not want pass and stuff, which is only benefiting Voldemort all this time. And I mean, occasionally Lucius just choose to do something for himself, but the mouth always have come back and they really are. Trying to, you know, put on a different face.

And it's a difficult thing to do to change though your ways. But they were lucky because Cornelius fudge couldn't see through them. He was too blinded by the fact that Dumbledore was trying to convince him that Voldemort was back and he was dead set on saying no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Baltimore is not back in.

Even saw the movie. I mean, uh, I wish I knew who that actor's name was, but he was doing a great job. His face was like, like quivering with anger. He was like knees, the various rituals. I'm sorry. The point is the fudge is a very easy person to get in with, if you play to his fears and Dumbledore knows what his fears are, but that means us.

So do a lot of other people. And fudge has a lot of fears, which is unfortunate because then Lucius has a wide array of things to play into. And I think what he really harps on is the fact that Voldemort is not back. Dumbledore is crazy. And Harry. Spouting a bunch of lies and we see how much it affects him in the third book.

He's all like, oh, Hey, are you, we don't send people to ask a band for blowing up there on, you know, but that was even more serious than the Patronus term, which he casts in the order of the Phoenix. But yes, there were special circumstances with Sirius black, but Sean was still not, um, what's his name?

Fudge was still very chummy with Harry, uh, when they were talking and they put Nebraska members. Two years later, the order of the Phoenix Harry cast a spell. Yes. It's bright. Yes. It's loud. Yes. It's fast, but there was good reason he was acting in self-defense and fudge is like, you are going to jail, sir.

I'm going to break your wand and you're never going to see the light of day again. So he was like, like almost murderous. He was ready to jump out of a seat in the strangle, Harry, if it didn't go his way and we, uh, in the. I also love the audio book of the Phoenix, because I think I like the, the Jim Dale version definitely the best.

And Jim Jones does a great way of. Conveying the anger that fudge is feeling for Harry and for himself and even in the books while you're reading it, you can just sense. You can sense how angry fudge is that this didn't law, that this law didn't get past that the line boy, Harry Potter. Didn't, you know, didn't get thrown away and locked up and as cabana.

And that's a really difficult thing for fudge to handle, because if he, you know, is convinced of one thing, it's very difficult to unconvinced him right in the middle. And he is the most convinced if that makes any sense. But when Harry gets off, he goes right. Solution Malfoy and starts complaining. Erin didn't hear her hair.

He got off, we have to do something. Yeah. And I believe in the movie, we overhear Lucius saying like, we have to act now, or he says something like that. And then Arthur and, um, Harry are kind of, you know, going up to them and then they hear them talking and then they stop Lucius and fudge stop. Right. As they are going in.

I think. To the courtroom, not out. So maybe it's, I don't know, but one is, you know, going to, or from the quorum, they hear Lucius Malfoy and fudge talking and in the book, they, they also see them talking. So that's like a big point in the story that Luke, Matthew and fudge are very close and yes, I know that fudge is.

Still a minister of magic. And it was very hard at Lucius would be very hard put to convince him of something that may not be a large point of interest to him, but there's Malfoy still has an in with the minister, all the say, and that is really all that he cared about.    at number five, we have Draco's strange relationship with his mother and father.

Yes, we are talking about Lou she's again, but he is a very, a very important person in this in Draco situation. And he has a large impact on Draco's life. And his mother is also. A very large part of who Draigo is and is very important to the situation. So let's start off with his father. Now we don't have to spend too much time on him because we know plenty about his relationship with Drake already, but it's a very.

Professional relationship. If that makes sense, they don't really talk about like, oh, you know, how was the game? Was it good? You're making a new friends, you know, and that's just not how they talk. They talk about, you know, like how your grades are they good? Okay. Then get them better, you know? Lucius doesn't focus on the food, the warm fuzzy stuff.

All Lucius wants to do is talk about, you know, get better grades, getting to school, beat the muggle borns, beat the half bloods. Be better than everyone else. Be a top student. Get points. It's just all about being the best being number one, beating everyone, you know, crushing the competition. That's everything that Lucia is about because he knows that if Draco gets out of school and is a very skilled wizard, then Voldemort would be like, good job Lucius.

You raised him. Right? Of course he started off wrong from the beginning because by, you know, encouraging Draco to crush the competition, he's already raising him. Right. It's still difficult to say how Lucius, you know, is still is like thinking emotionally about your echo and it's, I mean, it's harsh to say, but I don't think he cares too much for Draco's wellbeing.

You know? I mean like, yes. I mean, he would be unfortunate if he, if Draco died, that would be sad, but he isn't thinking, you know, instead of. Thinking about Draco's wellbeing when he gave him to Voldemort, he just thought about Lucius, this thought about his own, you know, his family's reputation. And he did care about Draco in the end, just because she recognized that Voldemort wasn't the, you know, the, the big all father Baltimore, wasn't doing the things wrong.

He was living life wrong and Lucius recognized that this family was more. And that situation and if they could get out and when they saw that volume was losing, when they could get out of that bottle and they could live their life, then they would be happy and they did. And you Lucius finally, that's the only time.

Then I will ever think, you know, positively of Lucius Malfoy when he got his family out of the battle of Hogwarts and they just ran away. That's the only positive thing that he ever did. But I hate to say it now, but yes, he cared about his family and he got them out. But that might also have been because Lucius was, you know, looking to.

Escape from a losing situation. And he wanted to make sure that his life was. Better than the rest. And he wanted to make sure that if he may, he was the only deputy who actually made it out, that he would be remembered for that. And he would be seen as, you know, the person who switched from Voldemort in the end.

And, you know, given the title, I don't know of a honorable war survivor. But, uh, Lucius still is a very competent person and yes, and you can marry everything, but he hasn't very, he doesn't care very much about drink on a very emotional level. So that's pretty much it. But now for his mother, this is really where it gets interesting because not assistant Malfoy is basically the polar opposite of her husband Lucius.

So Narcissa is the person. In black cares for Drigo on an emotional level. And she's the one who really thinks that Draco has options outside of Voldemort and, uh, Malfoy Draco. He's really the person who has an emotional connection with his mother Narcissa and Draco are, you know, very. Very tightly linked and they have a very good relationship, but Draco with his father, they don't, and it's very professional.

Yeah. As I said before, but Narcissa was really there for Draco when he needed, you know, someone to talk to because with Draco's lifestyle, he had to be, you know, a pure blood wizard who beat everyone in his class and was number one with his father. But with his mother, Because his mother didn't care about, you know, beating everyone.

She just wants him to do well and do what was right for him. And Narcissa was the person that Draco was really, you know, kind of fighting for if that makes sense. And I think that's why they made it out because. The the, the light side will always win if they have something to fight for, because Voldemort's is just, was fighting for powers, you know, fighting for power for power's sake.

Not because he had any goal in mind and you could say that he wanted to rid the world of muggles and everything. But at that point it was really about, you know, becoming a mortal, never dying and, you know, doing everything like that. So Baldwin didn't have the money to fight. But the fact is that Dumbledore and Lucius and Narcissa and Drake on the end finally did.

And that's why they made it out. And that's why nurses on Lucius had such a good relationship because they could support each other and they could continue to be, you know, this happy family because they themselves were happy with each. And Lucius was not a part of that just because he couldn't connect with people on an emotionally secure level.

He wasn't. Yeah. Strong enough to admit to himself that he could open up and he could, you know, join a, uh, he could, he could be with other people on an emotional level, not just on business or all, you know, pro for personal gain Lucius. Wasn't strong enough to, you know, open himself up to the world and as unfortunate because he probably could have made an out of with Voldemort much sooner if he did.

So that's the episode. That was a lot. That was a very large load of stuff. And like plot holes. There's just so much more, uh, I only got through about half of what I have and I have to say, I was like, so looking forward to recording this, the last talking one I have, but unfortunately, I will not be able to today.

Episode is just way too long right now, and I don't want to extend it further and just have so much time as episode I, as much as I would love to, I do have other episodes to make. So I'm fortunately I will have to end this episode here, but the good side is, is I didn't finish this episode, but I do have, now I do have.

The other half of this episode to record, I will add some more stuff to it and I will get back to you because this is a really amazing episode that I was looking forward to making. So you will have breakdown loose enough away. I always say, I always say illusions, Malfoy breakdown, Draco Malfoy. Coming at ya a couple of weeks.

Maybe it might have wait until October because I do have a couple other things planned, but are nonetheless, I'm still very excited because this is going to be, it's going to be a very, very fun episode. And some of that I think is really revealing that Draco might not even know himself sounds the episode.

I would love to hear what you have to say. And I would like to know. What do you think Lucius Malfoy could have done to connect better with Derek Cohen at this moment? I do mean Lucius the father of Dorrigo. What do you think Lucia's mouthful he could have done to better connect with Draco and Narcissa and just people in general, please send me an email, the Potter

That is the Potter What could Lucius have done to connect with people on an emotional. And I would also appreciate a review on apple podcasts or pod chaser if you are on those apps. And also actually I'm realizing that on overcast, the app, I know a good chunk of my listeners on overcast.

If you could tap that stuff. Actually, I've never accessed that. I've never realized that before, but there's a star on the episode. If you tap it, you know, the blue bar comes down and then you tap a star. You can, you can do that. I would appreciate that because it helps us to listen, to respond to the show as well.

So that would be very helpful. Actually. It's pretty easy thing to do just reviewing, but as always just have those five stars, even write a review because that would help me more than you can ever know and helps other listeners find the show. As I always say, but yeah, the starring overcast, I mean, this is an experiment.

If you could do that, that'd be awesome. Thank you so much. Uh, as always are you was information to your advantage and I will see you later.