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Breakdown: Draco Malfoy Pt.2!

October 17, 2021 Sound Owl Productions Episode 101
The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom
Breakdown: Draco Malfoy Pt.2!
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In this episode, we discuss the remaining challenges Draco has to face. Enjoy!


  • Being pressured to join Voldemort
  • Killing Dumbledore on threat of death
  • Coming out to his parents
  • Much More!

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Welcome back to the Potter discussion. This is episode 101. And on today's episode, we will be revisiting breakdown, Draco Malfoy. Let's do this now. All right. Welcome back everyone. I am very excited today because finally I am back on the mic recording. This episode, uh, episode a hundred was a absolute blast.

Thank you for everyone who listened to that episode, a huge milestone. It's something I'm immensely proud of. And today we are going back to the roots of the Potter discussion back to the discussion. And we are closing down an episode. We are recording the back and of breakdown at Draco Malfoy, and I did ti.

Yeah, there was a very exciting talking point at the very end of the episode that I did not get to. And today we will finish out that I was where we will find the exciting talking point and we will really close up the character of Drake OMAFRA. We will see what is inside. We will dig deep. We will really look into his character and see.

Full picture. Very exciting day. We are recording again here. It's so, so amazing to be back here. The sun just came out and looking at my window and that is amazing. It is a very period of Purdue view. So I can, uh, be recording, looking out over the pretty view. So that's going to be fun. And we are going to continue this episode with valor and end this breakdown episode.

And this is not the only one. I will have, you know, that there are more breakdowns coming. They are not in my immediate plan, but be prepared if you enjoy these episodes, they are coming your way. Before we get started, I will remind you that they do have links in the show notes below the SpeakPipe page.

Like, and the Google form, like are still available to you. If you want to send a voice submission or a text emission, just click those two links down below. And if you want to send me an email, my email is the Potter That is the part of For anything you would want to tell me, all right, let's get into today's.

 So I want to kick this episode off was just a quick overview of what we've covered so far. I will not go into detail because the detail is in the previous episode of this episode. So if you want some more detail on the things I'm going to go over in December. So definitely check out episode. I believe 96 breakdown.

Draco Malfoy. So, uh, go check that out if you want a lot of detail on what I'm about to go over, but if you have already listened to that episode, or you just want the general picture here it is. So we stopped. Right at, I believe maybe talking 0.6. So we, we went over, uh, an intro to his character. We went over the fact that he wants to please his father police, his friends, and press Voldemort, bully Harry, and fit into life.

And that is a very difficult thing. And that was a good talking point. So. That we talked about that we also an over that the fact that at first I thought Duka was trying to only impress his father and you know how that was kind of a. Some that we would come back to. And I was also talking about how, you know, the mouthful unique situation with switching from a dark side and trying to get in with fudge.

That was a very interesting and stressful thing for Drigo. And I also was speaking about, I speak of Draco's strange relationship with his father and mother. So that was definitely a, a big deal. So I'm pretty sure. That is, that was last episode that was Draco Malfoy, a burndown Draco Malfoy part one. And that was, it was a very great episode or I'm glad we did that.

And I think that part of the episode really is a, a great foundation for what we're discussing. All those things are huge. Part of how Dre goes live is impacted and also how he and his father and his mother, how they just kind of fit in with life and how they treat each other, the world and how they interact with different things around them.

So that was a great intro into Drigo and a great intro into his family and his mother and father and everyone around him. But now in this part of the episode, in part two, we are going to be going over his problems specifically. The things that drag him down and just end the thing that he hates. And that is a huge part of Draco's, you know, life that's his life.

He has so many things that he has to overcome and his challenges are almost solely based on a Voldemort. Harry or his parents. And those are the things that he is really, really struggling with. And those are the things that we see him struggling with in the movies and the books, because he has so many issues going on.

He has just so many things he has to deal with. So many, you know, people you asked to impress and please he has so many just agendas yet he has to fulfill and he can't do it. So I was mentioning in the last episode, especially in the fifth and sixth moves and books, we noticed him kind of falling apart, cracking under all the stress, finally, growing into his role, at least in Lucius.

And seeing that he is now, you know, becoming a true man of the family, you know, going joining Voldemort. It's like, it's almost like a Rite of passage for the Malloys joining Voldemort is their Rite of passage. And when he had to join Voldemort to when he was B, when he was pressured into. It didn't go well, because Draco did not want to do that as much as she would have loved to, you know, follow in his father's footsteps, he didn't do it because he wanted to join Voldemort.

He did it because he wanted to be a part of the family. He wanted to just have someone there to relate to. And. I must say it was not a very smart decision because once your Joe is Baltimore, it's very unlikely that you will escape with your life. So I doubt that you go thought that one through you was just seeking validation in no, in, in the comfort, knowing that he was part of a group, knowing that he was, you know, in this circle now is exclusive.

So that was also a huge part of Draco's experience was that he just had so many issues and so many problems that he needed to overcome in order to become a functional, even being. So it was, it was unbelievably hard for Jericho to Mount to this problem that eventually come over then. But those are the problems we're going to be talking about in this episode.

And the first one is coming up right now.  One of the things Drake, all mouth was suffered with the most was Voldemort at a very young age. He was forced into servitude of Voldemort. And let's just say it was not a good for his health. And that is the first problem on this list. The first thing that Draco had to overcome was his.

You know, I, I don't want to call it a, like a problem with him. I just want to call it a challenge he had to overcome. So that's one of the things that I think he was struggling with the most was, you know, figuring out his life in relation to Voldemort, because I think Draco knew. Joining in with Voldemort was not, you know, a one or two year gig.

It was a thing that you had to do your whole life. And even when he joined, he was branded as someone who had helped Voldemort for the rest of his life. And everyone was going to know that. So I think Drigo was struggling with the fact that. He didn't want to pick a side. He didn't want to become the villain in another person's eyes.

All he wanted to do was, you know, walk in quite literally walk into the sunset with his barons, which he pretty much did. And at the, at the end of the, the certain set wasn't as bright as it might've as it should have been, but he still did escape. And although that may be seen as an act of, you know, like, yay, he did it, it was more inactive.

You know, like, okay, he's gone. You know, he, he escaped from a Voldemort. Now what of course Wildomar did die along with most of the death theaters. So he probably wouldn't have to go on the run, but he would have to be, you know, how he would still be in society. He would still be walking the streets and people would still be seeing him as the person who had joined Voldemort.

And that was a fact that Draco was really, really struggling with because. Voldemort is a very difficult person to deal with because you don't know what he's thinking. You don't know what he wants you to do. And if you mess it up, you don't get the, you know, try it again. You, you, you like, you likely aren't going to try anything again.

So I think the only problem with Draco's, you know, well, not the only problem, but the big problem with drinker joining Voldemort is there's just so much pressure along with school, along with his parents. Just adding Voldemort to the mix is not a very healthy combination. Just expecting, expecting so much from him at such an early age, especially from Voldemort.

That is not something that is very good for someone like Draco to experience.  This next problem. Maybe isn't so high on the list of, oh my gosh, this is the worst thing ever. I don't want to die, but it is up on the list of this is going to mess up my future. And I can not stop thinking about this. What I'm talking about is Draco and not having a stable career ahead.

As much as it might sound silly. I think Drigo was very, very worried about what he was going to do in his future life. Like it was before. He is branded as a death eater and he will always be a deaf theater in some people's eyes. So getting a job might be similar to like a werewolf, trying to get a job, you know, no one wants to take him just because he's different and Draco, especially I think has struggled with that because his parents expect such a specific thing from him.

I doubt, I sincerely doubt Draco would have been able to do the things his parents wanted him to do. And it's a very difficult thing to do to.   I have to fit in to this almost like this, this archetype of who you are supposed to be. And that is a very difficult challenge for Draco to overcome. That was something that he struggled with, you know, thinking about what am I going to do after this?

And his parents were just there. His parents were pretty much thinking like, after. You know, we're kind of done, you know, our time is done and they have very they're they're doing well on money. So I don't think they would worry about that. But what Draco, I think Jericho is we worry about that because he wants to be, he doesn't want to be, you know, the, the, the evil brother, you know, kind of thing.

Like he, he doesn't want to be the person who's always doing the wrong thing and always falling in the footsteps that other people want to. He wants to be his own person. And he wants to be his own person in such a way that allows him to help the world and make up for what Jericho feels like is his fault.

And that's, I totally get that drinker would want to, you know, just help the world recover and he wants to make amends. He wants to do just so many things and he has so little time to do it that not having, not even having. Uh, career path, not even having a job, not even having a police to go after Voldemort after Hogwarts is something that was just really alarming for Draco, because he wants that stability.

He wants to go to so, you know, go to a job and, you know, go, I don't know what the hours are going to say nine to five, but I doubt it's nine to five was with the Wizarding. But the one is dribble. Just wants a police to go. He wants a place to be. He wants the routine, the comfort of knowing that he's going to do the same thing every day.

And as much as he might grow to hate his job, it is definitely going to be there for him. And it definitely going to help him along with his journey of just feeling better. Yeah. The world and helping it recover from Voldemort and recovering from Voldemort, I think is another, you know, big thing for Draco in terms of his career.

If he doesn't have any place to go, you know, how can he have at least two to be it? Doesn't, it kind of sounds weird, but if he doesn't have issues and going anywhere, where is he going to end up? He doesn't have any, you know, Plan in his mind. I mean, maybe he does, but again, who would take him who would hire him?

And I just can't help thinking about how, where would he go? But down, you know, from where he is, He is, she's just like setting himself up on a glass bridge is kind of how I see it. He's walking out and getting so, so much close to the middle with Voldemort. And then right with Voldemort dies, the glass bridge breaks and drink open fall, or learn to fly.

So I doubt he would learn to fly when the glass bridge breaks, but if you fall. I don't know how hard the water, how cold the water might be. So Draco's struggles. Don't just end the with Voldemort. They don't even, you know, start with Voldemort. Draco's problems are all about where he is going and how he can be redeemed in his own eyes and going to a place having a.

Uh, a stable career and just helping the world from there as soon as the Drinko doesn't have, but I think Draco wishes, he does.  The sixth year for Draco was really where he started to fall apart. I was definitely noticing that in the movie, especially the way the filmmakers made that movie, you know, the scene in the bathroom, the way Snape was trying to help Draco the way Drigo was refusing him.

I think that whole year, those all the, all those situations were really pointing to the fact that. The sixth year was where Draco's life just went down hill. And I think the catalyst for that was being forced to kill Dumbledore on threat of death. Again, not very good for doing those house Def not, uh, definitely not recommended by 80% of doctors.

I would definitely think that Dragos, not, you know, feeling happy and dandy about, you know, being, being forced to go alone blower on threat of death. And even if, even if he could find a way, think of a way, how would he even get to Dumbledore? Dumbledore is one of the smartest. It was it in a world. If not the smartest, how could Draigo just a student get to Dumbledore?

Yes, he tried. It did work kind of, you know, it got to it poisoned us several humans. It's several people got poisoned, although maybe not the B folder. I want it to actually happen. Like Katie bell with the necklace Iran with the, uh, I I think it was Mead may. It was fireworks skier. And boy, wow. I mean valley and effort, but stumbled.

It was clear. And even double-door admitted, a Dumbledore knew the whole time. And if only I feel like, I feel like it's, it feels cruel to say. I feel like Voldemort new. I feel like, well, the more new and that Drigo couldn't do it. And he was almost proving to the world or that the death theaters, and even even drink was parents that drink a wasn't cut out for this kind of business.

And although, you know, because Voldemort is not a very merciful person instead of, you know, just. You tried. Good job. Let him go. And just showing, you know, not cut out for the job. He's saying like, ha ha. Look at him. He's failing. Now, watch me kill him. Watch me kill Draco because he didn't do it. And that kind of thing is just unbelievably difficult and all over the more, did a want Baltimore to be full-time.

I want a double as we killed it. I doubt. I sincerely doubt again. I laid out that dad Volmer was planning for Draigo to be, you know, the one, the one. And as much as maybe he was thinking about it the most, as much as Voldemort was saying, or thinking to himself, you know, like, well maybe if he succeeded, that'd be great, but I have to have a backup plan.

And yes, his backup plan was sending it all to the debt theater. So of trickle failed. Then the deputy would just take care of it, but Drigo was still under all that pressure. Not knowing that if he failed, you know, he was, he was destined to fail. He didn't really know. And if anything, not just to add to this fridge that just adds to the, you know, like I have it's, it's one of those classic situations that you hear about, you know, like in books and stuff, there's like you have one year to do this and if you don't, you die, you know, that, that kind of thing.

And with Draco, it's all the more real, because you know, Dumbledore is just all around him. You know, the Hogwarts castle is just a big reminder of his failure. So Jericho was like, freaking. Out freaking out about that kind of a, you know, his, his deadline. And it was a huge part of how Draco, you know, lived his life in the sixth year.

And if we go back.

If you go back to some of those scenes, we can see how much it is taking Drigo apart. And, you know, in my mind, all I'm hearing is, you know, while, while talking about this, all I'm hearing is like, I have to do what I have to kill him, or he's going to kill me. You know, that's just that one line. I'm thinking about it and that's such a big deal.

That line is a really great written line, but for Draco, it is not a very fun thing to say. And that's such a, such a huge realization for Draco that if he doesn't do it well, the more it's going to kill him. He is not going to make it out of that year. He's not going to graduate Hogwarts if Dumbledore isn't dead by the end of the year.

And it's really a lose, lose situation for Draco and is a win-win situation for, uh, for Baltimore. Let's say Draco succes. Well, he's killed his childhood headmaster. He's killed a person and everyone has seen him do it. He is now all of his ties are cut with the world and he is officially with Voldemort Wildomar winds because he gains a trusted follower or not a trusted follower, but someone who doesn't want, he has nowhere else to go.

And if Draco doesn't do it, then the Draco loses. And Walmart wins because Voldemort gets to Gill Draco. So what a, what a cheerful way to exchange things. So that was a really interesting part of this whole thing too, because there's no way Draco could come out on top. He unknowingly signed his life away when he joined Voldemort.

And I think in the back of his mind, he was sneaking, this is a very risky decision. This is a very risky thing that I'm doing. But if I don't then who else am I going to go with? That's kind of what he was thinking about. And I don't think it ever crossed his mind, then maybe he could just leave. You know, he could get out of there.

He can make a new life for himself, but I don't know. I just, Jericho is very. Very single-minded that makes sense. There's only mine is you want to fit in and want to make friends. I want to impress people and I want to move on and I want to do stuff that's right for me. And that's kind of what he's thinking.

And I think Mo a lot of his struggle was kind of developing that. So that second mind of. Maybe I don't want to, maybe I don't want to do that and maybe I want to move on and maybe I want to, I want to do good for the world. Maybe I don't want to join Walmart. Maybe I want to join the ministry and be an aura and cash.

The wizards I was joined with, and that brain I think, was growing inside of, of Malfoy, of Draco in, you know, it's fifth and sixth years. I was kind of when he was realizing that his parents aren't the, the, the default, you know, he doesn't have to be Voldemort just because he's a male. He doesn't have to join Voldemort.

He can just do something else. He can move away. He can do whatever he wants, but he just didn't realize that. And he had to use his second, his second brain to do that. So I feel like if Draco had to realize that he can move away, all the stress of killing Dumbledore is Lulu situation would have been avoided.

And although he didn't, the option was still there, but Drake goes still did nothing. So killing double orange threat of death. Was still something that I definitely noticed. What was a huge source of stress for Draco?  This next challenge for Draco? I think we also mentioned in the last episode, but this challenge goes a little bit.

And it is not having a friend to talk to. I think Jericho really struggled with the aspect of not really being with people. He could trust Jericho. Wasn't a with, you know, a crowd of people that he felt comfortable with and he can share his problems with that. He could be himself. With even he had to be a character for all the groups she was in with his parents.

He had to be the obedient son with Baltimore. He had to be the obedient servant. And with his friends, he had to be, you know, the elevated cane who was, who had his life figured out everything was straight and he was going to join Voldemort and Pratt and enter into this. So his life really took a turn when I'm in the fifth and sixth years again, and he had no one to talk to.

He didn't have anyone to come to fight. And I mean, I hate to say about the thing. Snape was the closest thing he had to a friend  is no friend to anyone even Draco. So Draco had no way to get it into problems out. The only way he could. You know, just express his emotions. It was by running into bathrooms and taking your shirt off and crying, you know?

So I think that's another big part of. Draco's struggles. He couldn't take the problems off of his chest and he was just taking on problem after problem and challenge after challenge and the way it was just adding up. And it was too much. It was just too much for Drigo to bear. He couldn't in a million years, bear the weight that was put on him.

And he just had to find a way to shrug it off. But he couldn't. And with the absence of friends, no one could help him bear the weight. No one could support him and no one could just be there for him. No one could be around him as a friend, if you, yes, you right now, if you even know. You know, on your run.

Think about, think about it. You know, you're interacting with your friends probably just about every day. And if not your friends and your family, you're not your family, then your neighbors, when you're always interacting with someone every day, as a typical day, you're interacting with someone and just think how valuable that is.

You know, you're not cooped up in your shell. You're not, you know, like that. Even walking by someone in the street, noticing them, maybe they're talking on the phone, maybe they're, you know, they have multiple phones, maybe they're, you know, just really struggling. That's something, that's just a whole story in its own.

You know, every place has own story. And I think it's up to you if you decide what that story is, and that just makes the world a better place, you know, with humans, just interacting socially, that's just how everyone is built and going back to Drigo, he doesn't have that person to interact with. He doesn't have this story in his mind of seeing.

He walks by people every day. Sure. But he's not like, yeah, I'm just going to go kill Dumbledore. Oh, look at that person. I bet they got an a in their homework. Like, it's just, I don't think that's how it works. I don't think Jericho is walking around, you know, with the looming threat of getting murdered by a Voldemort over his head and really thinking was off.

Yeah. Yeah. You know, I'm enjoying my time here at Hogwarts, so I, I definitely. That Draco is, you know, having a healthy interaction with humans and definitely not having a in, uh, in an interaction with other people that could really help him and could really boost him along in his way.  Okay. So now we have the one, the talking point that sparked this whole idea.

And before I really tell you what it is, I just want to know the backstory. So it's very quick. Don't worry. So I was on a vacation and a very beautiful town. And I was talking with a friend. I went with a couple of friends and I was talking with another friend who was a fan of Harry Potter. And we were talking about Draco Malfoy and.

I was saying, I was really noticing that he was this, the talking point. Then my friend was saying like, oh yeah, yeah. I noticed that too. And then we had a very meaningful discussion about what this might mean for Draco. And I thought I would love to make an episode about this. I would love to share it with you.

So that's how the talking one came about. This was, this was really the spark for this episode. So I am very excited to be sharing this with you. And Paul, we, uh, again, another, I am, I'm trying to keep you here. So I do not have any experience in this arena. So I apologize if I get a fact or something like that wrong.

I do not mean to offend anyone, but that is my, I might suggest, so say something incorrectly, but so the talking one is, I don't think. I think the biggest source of anxiety for Draco would be something that he had to admit to his parents. And that thing is his sexuality. Now this is not a fury. I'm not putting together a pieces of evidence, but I'm just pointing out that in Draco situation.

If he was in fact gay, I don't think. He could, you know, it, uh, I don't think he'd come out to his parents and then just be, you know, go on with life as usual. It just seems to me that his parent. Draco and natural echo, Lucius, and Narcissa are very, very much focused on like one thing. Jericho is going to grow up, he's going to marry, oh, he's going to marry his wife.

He is going to join Voldemort. He is going to, you know, serve on more for a certain amount of time, then stops and Voldemort and then settle down with his wife somewhere. And yeah. But Drigo, as we were talking before, maybe he doesn't want that. And, and his second brain is kind of developing from what I at least have seen that the teen years is really where, you know, Draco especially might start to notice those kinds of things about him.

And I think that if drink a word to realize that about himself, I think that whole just like rock his world and know for a lot of other people, you know, in the real world it does, but for Drigo, if you was going to see, you know, admitting to his parents and coming out to his parents like that, I mean, to his parents, I mean, his father would be like, what, what is happening?

Why are you like this? He doesn't mean that you're so mean. I don't know how Draco could be thinking that to himself. How could, Drigo be thinking, I have to tell my parents, I am gay. How do, how do I do that? How does that happen? And it's think about it now. I mean, it might not be true, but just having that, that big of something that he has to tell his parents and really thinking about it, I don't know how Draco could overcome that fear of thinking like, well, how will they react?

How will they. Yeah. How, how, how would they react? And anyone listening, who has a house who has had a similar experience, that's like, I'm sure it's a huge thing to do. And it is a very large, you know, it's a very large moment in your life to come out to friends and family. So for Draco coming out to his parents, that might not be so accepting of who he is.

Is going to be tremendously stressful and anxiety inducing for Rodrigo. So I don't know how he would have overcome that fear of not knowing how his parents were going to react and not knowing how the world at a whole, as a whole will see him ever again.  So now, to wrap up this episode, I think we should just talk about why this all matters.

Why does everything we have previously discussed? All. About Rico. Well, I think it can be summed up with there's pretty much one basic idea. Draco Malfoy is an very much not understood. He doesn't have that, you know, four or five dimensional characteristic that we see. If we go inside the head of say Harry or her mind or Ron, we don't spend time around Draco.

And all we see is. Him trying to impress his friends and family and him trying to escape from his friends and family. And it's just talking in two different directions and it's just the waiting that that thin cord is waiting to see. But with this, I think with talking everything out and just laying everything on the table, we can kind of realize that Drigo is such a more complicated person then that he has so many things going on and he has so many challenges to overcome.

I would say. Even more than Harry Drigo is struggling just with himself and as Mo I mean like Derry's problems where it were bigger, you know, like finding horcrux and killing Voldemort is quite big, but that's all he did. He only did, was find horcrux. Who's an kill Voldemort. Yes. I'm not saying, you know, Harry did a bad job.

I'm just saying Draco just had so much more to juggle and add such longer. And as such a younger age, So Draco just didn't have the arms to keep everything in his life up. You know, it's just, it's like when you knock something off a table, you see it fall, but your brain doesn't. Breech out instead, it's just falls to the floor and it's too late.

That's kind of how Draco was watching his life fall. He saw everything just slowly coalescing into this one big strand. And I think when he saw that start to fall, I don't know if he would have grabbed out to save it. Eureka was seeing his life just fall apart everywhere and seeing it just, you know, a mass into this horrible thing and then break into a million pieces and spreading everywhere.

And when Voldemort fell and when the death eaters disbanded and kind of, you know, when to hire. I don't think Draco would've said, I want to pick my life back up right afterward. I think you would have been like, how do I go on from here? And how can I, you know, just keep going. And he would have struggled with that for, I want to say, you know, a couple of years we saw 90, it took him 19 years.

Um, while, at least from, from a we, so he was fine. 19 years later, after the battle. Bit of a time gap there. So in those 19 years, how did he recover? How did he keep on going? And that's a huge part of why everything matters is just seeing and filling in the blanks of Draco, Malfoy, and really experiencing his pain and seeing everything that he had to go through.

All right. I think. Is that dragged out? Is that, is that Drake down? Is that breakdown, is that breakdown Draco, Malfoy park to finished? I think so if you enjoyed this episode, I certainly did. If you would love to send me an email to tell me anything, if you want to suggest this breakdown, if you want to suggest a different breakdown, if you want to  suggest even a topic for a completely different.

Send me an email to the Potter discussion at g-mail dot com. That is the Potter discussion that you or use the two links in the show notes below the SpeakPipe page link or the Google form link for a voice mission or a text submission. And the question this week is what do you think  biggest source of stress pain and anxiety was in his.

That's a good question. And you can answer that question. Uh, be very impressed. I would love to hear your answers again. That is the positive for anything you would like to send me and make sure you tap those five stars. You know, I would love it. If you could send me a review that really helps me out.

And I love to see that other people are enjoying the show. So thank you so much for listening. Thank you for a hundred. Now going on to a hundred, to like, not even keeping track anymore. I'm so cool. After hundred, what's the point? You know, there's just too many to keep, keep track of, you know, this wasn't just too, too cool for school to go for county.

Okay. I will still keep counting, but I just feel like, you know, after a hundred and just liking them, they're going to got a hundred, 200, 300. It just feels like I'm going through them so fast now, but thank you again for listening to this episode, it was a blast to record. We've got a couple more parties coming your way and then a new series possibly.