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SlowMo: The Battle of the Order of the Phoenix

November 07, 2021 Sound Owl Studios Episode 104
The Potter Discussion: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and the Wizarding World Fandom
SlowMo: The Battle of the Order of the Phoenix
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In this episode, we examine the inner workings of The Battle of the Order of the Phoenix. Enjoy!


  • How the battle reflects the story
  • Why the prophecy breaking wasn't focused on more
  • "Nice one James!" explained

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Welcome back to the Potter discussion. This is episode 104 and of today's episode. We will be dissecting the battle of the order of the Phoenix. Let's do that. And low. Hello? Uh, welcome back today. I am so excited because I know that every week, what, today I'm especially excited because we have a new series and we are kicking this series off with problems.

My favorite scene in the entire Harry Potter movies on screen. That is right. So the scene that I am talking about is the battle of the order of the Phoenix. I. I said it many times before that is a film making masterpiece. Everything to do with that scene is fantastic. And today I will be breaking it down or, and dissecting and examining everything to do with that scene, just to see what is inside.

And I'm very excited. This isn't, this is a new series, slow. So if you like this series at the very end of the episode, if you would care to send me an email, the Potter, that is the Potter for anything, any opinions, any questions about about the series, any scenes you want me to do?

So anything you want to say about the episode, the Potter discussion act. And I know the fancy intro music isn't there anymore. You have to been like it. So apparently we are emotionally we're back to the regular one, but it is a great music. So I'm not disappointed, but no more fancy music. But on that note, I think we should get started actually, before we get started, I will remind you that the two links in the show notes below are still available.

If you want to send any questions, comments, topics, feedback. If you have any Quizmaster questions, jokes break the breakdowns, flip the scripts or slow. Most definitely use those two links. The list just keeps getting longer and longer. I have to remember all of these different things. So any of those things definitely use those two links and again, the Potter discussion at g-mail dot com.

The Potter Again, anything you want to do. So, yeah, I'm excited without, without further ado. This is slow-mo the battle of the order of the feet.  Okay. So for the first talking point, I think, uh, it's definitely good to just get a quick overview of the scene if you haven't. If, if, if you have it in your mind, definitely be keeping track of what's happening.

And if you. I'll definitely recommend watching it. I will include a link to a video of this scene in the, the, in, in the show notes. If you're watching on YouTube, it will pop up in the corner. So definitely make sure that you, uh, know what's going on in the scene because it is very important. But if you don't, if you're still driving it, you're still running.

You're still walking. You don't want to stop. I'll just give you a quick overview of, uh, what this unit entails. So just siren out. We are going through. The moment Harry and his friends jumped out the door and land in the chamber of the. To when the battle's kind of winding down and Harry runs to get Bellatrix.

I know it would be great to include the previous scene. And I think that is an upcoming slow-mo because although, uh, including the battle of Dumbledore and Voldemort, it will be great. I just, it would have, the episode will just become three hours. And then, because that's another one of my favorite scenes.

So I think we can do the meat of the scene. And then we can kind of, you know, work around, this, uh, this particular part of the fifth movie. So, but just, just for today, we are doing, going from when Harrington's out the door and his friends, and then until he runs after Bellatrix, so it starts off with surprise, surprise, Harry and his friends jumping out the door.

They just, well, Jenny just Castro's favorite spell and now the whole place is calming down. people are running everywhere and, uh, Jenny is like looking like, oh, and Harry, and all of the storms are running like crazy back to the door. They open it and it's not a door. It is a big hole into a cave. So they all fall down to the game.

And then they, uh, her mind, he does a fancy arrest on woman. And they all slowed down and they hit the ground so amazing. And then they get back up and Harry's like the voices. Can you hear them? And the Lunas isn't like, of course I can hear like random, crazy. And, and then the deserters. And hair was like, get behind and he's moving his wander on so much.

I don't know why. And then they, the dead theaters come and Harry is just clutching their prophecy. No, trying to draw. I don't know. You keep it safe and then making sure his friends are okay. And then when the, all the black swirling cloaks stop. And, but by the way, I thought that those were the mentors.

Honestly, the first time I saw that, I mean, like I knew they were dead theater, but they look so much like dementia. don't know why they just look so much, like you mentioned, like with the, with the back of their cloaks, I think, especially when you see even kind of like, like kinda flicking away, it's like very like, you know, ripped and it just kind of old and you know, it's not like that as a very demented, like, uh, close to where.

It's just a side note. But anyway, when the death eaters wiring to mentor cloaks and take the, all the Terry's friends wakes ever, Harry, they, they kind of go into a circle and then Malinga Malfoy comes up and he's doing his classic Malfoy thing is, is his cane is echoing medicine off the walls. And he goes up above Harry on the hill.

And then he's like, do you really think that you children could beat us? Very funny scene. And then Harry gives him the prophecy and Draco mountain. Not, I always, I always think it's about voice Draco, Malfoy, Lucius. Guy's a prophecy. And he's like, you know, the weird moment. And I actually thought that was a weird scene and it might, I mean, I'm sure they did this on purpose, but When Harry gives Lucius the prophecy, it turns darker. It turns a darker shade. And I wasn't in that, that was, that's kind of a nod to the books because only when the person who the prophet was about, couldn't like, get it, like pick it up. I think that was, I mean, they had to have Lucius hold it at some point.

So giving him the privacy in that moment, I think was smart where that also. I acknowledged the fact that maybe he couldn't in the books and kind of making a little darker has helped. Wait, when you watch the see, and again, just like notice when LA Lucia picks up the privacy, it is a little darker than when Harris holding it, but Lucius picks up the prophecy from.

It's so bad himself. It is his small little Lucius, no creepy breaths celebration. And then we see a flash of white out of the corner of our eye. And what is it? It's, you're a sick, I wouldn't say Siri. No, it's serious. It's serious and he goes good away from my God son. And then the whole thing starts. So the, then the epic music, again, that music is fantastic.

It's so intensive and it really fits the scene. So, uh, Lucius and, um, so Alicia gets steel blasted away and he's, he's still around. But then, the rest of the order arrived, and that is really one of my favorite parts of this. Just to know the music was great. And then the kind of go from dark and dank, you know, in the, in the chamber to like all these like bright lights flashing and all like the friendly faces, people that we know from the already are coming to the Cadillac, save the day.

It's a really well thought out scene. And especially with the, their death theaters with the death theaters, they were not expecting it at all. And the shock, the actors really did a great job.  reacting to the order arriving and all of the different, you know, like the, the bright white lights and all the different ways they landed.

I think it really shows their character Kingsley led like on a, on a rock and his chin held high in the air and moody just landed, already taken out his wallet and ready to go and Tong, slanted. And she was like running around, not knowing where I was doing and then loop and land at two. And he was kinda, he, he knew what was going on and he was.

So we saw that whole thing happening and that was great. And then the whole thing stopped. There are duals happening everywhere. Then Harry and his friends are helped. Do it. Well, not Harry, his friends hair, his friends are helped to a little, little rock alcove by the order, just so they are safe and Harry and serious are behind a rock, a good old rock.

And Steria says, you've done beautifully, but you have to go now. And then Eric goes, no, no, I want to fight. And Sirius is like, no, you have to go. And then he's cut off by a spell and get the sound Gary Oldman made in that. Well, that was great. And it was like, ah, ah, I'm really bad at it, but you get the idea.

It was a really funny the way he did that. And uh, so like when you, when you watched a scene, there's so many things you should look out for, but that is one of them. Ah, but it's so funny. Um, but yeah, so a great scene, a great sound. And then they're back, they're back off. And Harry and Lucius are kind of battling, not hiring.

Lucius has Sirius and Lucius are battling. And then another death eater, uh, jumps into, into the like literally jumps, somehow jumps really high into the battle. And then Harris start doing that death theater and then eventually the detonator that hairdo and cast a good spell and series blocked. It was.

Yikes. And then the whole thing happens. And then Harry disarms, the day he was doing like a serious says, nice one, James, we'll get back to that one. And then Lucius, and then Harry, I think disarms Lucius, and then Lucia told him there's was like, no, no. And then Cirrus does his fancy twirly wand, her hand thing.

And Lucius goes flat. Then the, I think the climax of this whole thing is when Bellatrix lands, uh, from her flight session and she says, oh, and serious, he gets hit with a curse and Harriet is like, Ah, it's like, it's a really bad example, but his shock is just so apparent. And then Sirius falls through the veil and is taken away and then loop and grabs Harry it's so silent, so dramatic.

And then Harry breaks away from Luton Lupin, and he runs towards Balak trucks. He wants revenge. And then Bellatrix is looking at him. Shaking your head. Yeah. Uh, Shirley boy, and she runs away at heritage and this is after her. And that is the scene that we breaking down today. I mean, I, I don't know. I should go on Broadway.

That was pretty theatrical. Pretty great. I hope you would agree, but now we can start breaking down this scene, so let's get straight into.  So the first part of the scene is Harry giving the prophecy to Lucia. That's really where this whole thing starts. And I think the big, you know, kind of message that was trying to be conveyed here was the fact that Harry is willing to.

Anything for his friends. And it was his loyalty to his friends that allowed their lives to be spared. And that's really the first day that we're going to talking about Harry's loyalty, who his friends and how it saved their lives. So I think this is a great example of. Kind of the, the, you know, sides of good and evil, really stretching their strengths. So Lucius kind of, you know, jabbing and Harry talking about how they, he, the, the deputies would always beat them and then came kind of going above Harry and say, you know, give me the profits that you or your friends will die.

And that's really where kind of the evil in him comes out where he is really fused, threatening children's lives. Just to get something he wants. And that's really where Harry's goodness comes into play, where Harry is thinking like, of course I have to give him prophecy and is a, it's a big decision. But in the end, of course, Harry does give a Lucius the province.

Now, I don't know what would have happened if he didn't. I know in this, uh, scenarios, I am always thinking like, what if he didn't I think Harry's friends would have died. And then, I mean, it's sad, but I I'm sorry for being blunt about, I think it's true. Uh, Harry's friends would not have made it out and Lucia's would have been dueled.

Harry Harry would have lost and then the prophecy would have been there. So it's really a lose, lose scenario. And I think with Harry giving moochers the prophecy, that is a great point for Harry to kind of reflect back on and be thinking about when he leaves that place. And when he goes to Hogwarts you, when he goes back to Hogwarts.

So that's really like something for her to be thinking about, you know, what would have happened if I didn't and the fact that. Came out of it because he did. So that is a good example of how Harry goodness and Lucius's evil really came into play.  Next up, we have the arrival of the order and why the prophecy breaking wasn't focused on more.

So one, hairy gives Lucius that privacy. He has his creepy celebration thing. And then the order arrives, the bright flash of light, as we were talking about for Sirius comes up. Good God's son and the holy, I mean, I'm a pretty good Sears freshness. If I say so myself,

There you go, have you enjoyed that? Okay. So I don't know what I'm doing anymore. All right. We're back to we're back to the episode. So in order to arrive and the privacy breaks, and why was that not focused on more? Well, I think we should start with the arrival of the order.

So the order of the Phoenix arrive, and that is a very meaningful scene because it's a good, it's very good symbolism for, I know a fancy word symbolism for the, uh, the, you know, good guys to arrive and kind of defeat evil, right. To when the time is needed. And I know that it is a. Kind of a,  I don't even call it.

It's a very, very common thing to do, but I'm kind of thinking is.

Not only does it reflect the end of the book and kind of the classic hero archetype. It also reflects a moment in the seventh book when Harry is going into the forest. It's I mean, this was probably only me, but I noticed that when the order arrives, BC Lubin, we see serious and serious says nice one, Jane.

And I think this is kind of a callback to, uh, the prisoner vascular ban. When you know, all of the marauders walked in the hog routes grounds tonight, know that, that whole thing. And then also. In the future in the future books and the seventh book, when the hair's about to die and he uses the resurrection stove to see is for the one more time.

I think that was really foreshadowing to see, heading straight into evil and giving something away of yourself. And that's what Harry did. Harry, in the seventh book giveaway his life and the festival he gave away the prophet. And in the F in the fifth book, the, then his family and his friends arrived and he found the strength to overcome what was ahead of him.

And in the seventh book, his family, friends were paired and he found the strength to overcome what was ahead of him. You see if you JT, DCG, I see him here. And so I think the arrival of the order of the Phoenix was definitely, um, more of a. Showing, oh, you know, the good guys are here, all rejoice kind of thing.

So that was kind of, I think, well, that scene was really going for, and then for the breaking of the prophecy, I was really wondering why was that not focused on more? I mean, it's the prophecy. They went to all that trouble to get it. And then. two seconds of a shot adjust, Lucia's going for it.

It breaks, like that's it. And it cuts away and we never hear of it again. Like what was that? In the fifth book, it was his whole deal. And, um, Lucius, you know, Joe, the prophecy and then hair gives see like a figure rising and he couldn't quite make out the words. And he was so frustrated. So he tried to run closer, but he couldn't, the Bible's like raging on.

Book. It was so much more intense, the breaking of the prophecy. It wasn't just the bringing of the prophecy. It was the breaking of Harry's answer the breaking of what Harry had come there to do to get at in the movie. It was just a quick little, you know, just a quick little thing called glass and then cut away.

And we never, ever again like why? Well, I think the answer to that. The filmmakers were going in a different direction. The prophecy was a huge deal in the books. I mean, one can live one, I think I want, am I forgetting? I think it was one can't live while the other straps or one hash Louis. Is it something like that?

And it, the whole, the property is a huge deal in the books because that's like, they're trying to figure that out, you know, Izzy about Voldemort. And then we found out about Neville and like a whole. But I think in the movie, the filmmakers really want to focus more on the rising of Voldemort and really bringing that aspect to life.

And I think that's mostly because it is so much easier to add so much more powerful to show kind of the rising of evil on screen than it is to show the distress of, of a, I M blah, a glass ball was smoking inside of it breaking. So it's much more difficult to convey that meaning in that, you know, the, the hugeness of what just happened.

So if we see kind of break and that that's kind of a moment of, In in the movie, but it was more used as a moment of like the tide is turning  Lucia's first fail is upon him and there'll be many more to come. And that's kind of what that scene was really going for. And the prophecy, I think, is a huge deal in the book, not in the movies, just because of that.

Because it's so much more difficult to convey the meaning of the prophecy bricking in the movies and it wasn't the books and it's so much easier and more powerful to show the rising of evil in the movies. And it is a much more sensible to do something that can be understood by people who hadn't read the books and watched the movies.

So that is a very interesting scene that a part of the scene that I think is definitely a good apart.  And next up, we have probably the most confusing part of this scene. if, if you believe me, I think the most part, the most complicated part of this scene is just. Okay, well, that was good. That was good.

You have to admit it. That was good. All right. All right. I will assume that you thought that was the best impression you've ever heard of serious. So thank you for that. I'll look so much trophy and let's move on, but yeah. So the nice one, James, I think. That was really weird because it was so out of the blue confusing kind of what the heck is happening type thing, because I mean, come on, nice one Jane, like, what am I supposed to do with that?

And I mean, Harry's expression definitely Def I mean, Harris brushing while was perfect. That was exactly what everyone was thinking. He was just like, What like what, what the hell? Like nice, nice one, James, what I'm going to do with that? I mean, maybe it's just me, but I feel like Harry's expressions kind of really told the story and that's a really, you know, Harry Potter type thing and yeah.

So nice one, James, what could that mean? Everything that all, all of my notes on this seat is just nice. One James exclamation point. That's it. That's all I have. So I'm going off of this with nothing. I think this was a semi mistake by serious, not the actor, but by the serious. I think that because Harry is very much like James and as serious really sees James and Harry as evidenced by his wanting to induct him into the order.

And Molly's, you know, absolute, nah, I don't know what the word is. I just didn't. It just didn't come to me at the moment here. Nah, nah, rote. So Molly saw hereon, seriously, James two very prominent sides of Harry. And in this moment when they were dueling together, when they were, you know, dominating against the bad guys, the there are knowing opponents.

I think Sirius really saw James in that moment. And it's not a bad thing. I'll tell you that James was a little minnow, made several Navy people and he was also a little rude and I didn't really think, you know, think of, you know, the pros and cons of what he was, what he was doing. He, it definitely worked out for him.

And I think Sirius saw that in Harry, when they were dueling together, just their domination over the people who had wronged them and they're working togetherness being so perfect. And they just being the perfect man. I think that's what steers was seeing. And that's why he called Harry James serious saw James in Harry, because they were doing what Sirius did with James.

They were dueling. Yeah. Other people, they were winning, they were working together. And that is a good thing. I think, serious seeing James and. Really means that Harry is living up to be a great person with serious and ex not a great person in general is a great person with serious. So not necessarily a with the whole, you know, uh, you know, James not being great person Paul thing.

So his Harry is very much like Harry, the sense that he's a nut, he's a, he's a good person, but he is, he is like James sense that he works well with is he likes people. And he will definitely, he will definitely take a swing over a C well, he'll probably take a spell if someone gets in his way.

So hopefully that's what I conclusion clear it up. The didn't it already?

You can just do that, whatever you will, but I don't know why. I don't know. I can tell you that, but it's just like these like one line that I just love. Uh, there's some that are just like so fun to say. And someday I should just do a whole upper, like whole impression, uh, episode, just like all of, all of the impressions that I love.

All the different lines that are great. Trying to say, am I, should, I should do that. I should do at that time. That's going on the list. That's going on the list impressions. That was all right. I'm remembering that, but we still do have a couple of doggy ones over this episode, so I should not get carried away with the impressions just yet.

 And right after the, nah, you thought I was gonna do it. You thought I was going to do it, but I didn't right after the nice one, James, a common Sirius's death, they defeat Lucius and the death heater and Bellatrix lands and he goes, oh, I'll look it over. And yours is gone. so much to this day, there is so much packed into, you know, like 27.

when I saw in this scene was Harry seeing his child at his parents, the last remnant of the past that he had, like going away, done. Being taken from him. And I think of course, serious as a person was amazing to Harry and Harry is seeing the death of serious, but he's also seeing the death of his parents, the last remnant, those close remnant that he had besides Lubin, you know, gone like that's, that's just, that's something that's like really difficult.

It's like when you. I know this is a pretty bad analogy, but like, you know, that, that, uh, like theory, if you like have a boat and you replaced all the parts of the boat, is it the same boat? And some might say yes, some might say no, but this is kind of the case in this scene has serious dies. And Harry still has those memories, but without serious, are they really the same?

You know, it's, it's always, you know, James and serious games near to there, but now is it. And then when James died, he was just serious. And now it is it, is it nothing? Is it no one, I think that's kind of what Harry was struggling with. It went from James and serious, serious to no on how does that work?

How does someone else fill that gap? I think Lupin try, but he recognized that you would never be James or serious. So I think it was very, very difficult for Harry to kind of see that it was very difficult for Harry to kind of. Be thinking about his future and how that might not be connected to the past.

Now it was really the moment Perry had to let go of his feelings. That's really the moment Heron to let go of everything that he had been holding onto, just because. Everything that he had been holding onto was already gone. And Harry didn't know that, but now that he does, that is really the turning point of Harry, really trying to get at Voldemort, really trying to win an actively, attempting to actually kill Voldemort and later, uh, when Harry was going after Bellatrix.

I mean, Well, you could sit, you can see that Bellatrix had definitely made a mistake in killing serious because Harry was ready to kill her. Harry, I think is Harry or the power. And if I'm sure, I'm sure he didn't that moment, but it, Harry was left and Voldemort hadn't come. I seriously think that in a moment like that Harry would have killed Bellatrix and Coleman crazy.

I don't know if he would have done it, which is a similar spot. I think you would have done some, uh, torturing stuff. You might've done some, you know, crazy shenanigans, but I do think if Harry had been left alone with Bellatrix, Bellatrix couldn't fight back, Harry would have killed her, which is a huge thing to realize, because I mean, Harry Potter, the good guy killing someone not is just crazy.

But on that note, I think we should wrap it up with just one more talking points. Then we will close out this.  And I'm talking point is how this whole Bible reflects the story. We will be dipping into our other side of this scene, but it is not too far. Is that from the, you know, the back-end. So how does this scene reflect the story?

Well, we start Harry and his friends in the place. They want to be the police they went to, and that is the hall of prophecies is also in this. They were in Hogwarts first year learning stuff, being happy. Then the death came, the evil came and that was really Voldemort in coral and really chased Harry and his friends out of the sh of the sanctuary they were in.

And that. Kind of led to them falling into this dank dark cave, and then all the death theaters follow them, which was kind of crazy. And then cause that, that really reflects the third book when the decedent start to rise. And the fourth book, when Voldemort comes back and think, oh, Voldemort coming back saying is reflected by the deserters kind of taking Harry's friends and them kind of doing that whole thing, which is pretty scary.

And then in the fifth book, I think the reflection of the order of the Phoenix flooding back cause when the order of the Phoenix arrived at the battle of the order of the Phoenix. And that is very reflective because it shows how the good guys swoop into defeat the bad guys when Harry needs it the most.

And that whole dual is reflecting the battle, the order of Phoenix, just having over, you know, this year of the, the fifth year in trying to defeat Voldemort, and then. Bellatrix kills serious. I think this kind of I'm cheating here, but it kind of does reflect itself, which I think is kind of a weird thing to say.

Well, natively reflecting itself seriously as death is I think is a very good marker. Oh, Sirius is death. And then Bellatrix runs into the cavern into the great hall, the great hall. It is a very great hall. The, uh, entrance, not interest all. What was the name? The atrium, the atrium and Harry falls. And I think, yes, as I said before, Harry would have killed Bellatrix if he had a chance, but it's when you, when he was stopped, I think that's reflective of in the sixth book, when he was chasing after the, does, he just have to be killed a Dumbledore and Harry was kind of left alone to do something.

Then Dumbledore and would arrive. They had this whole big dual, I think that's kind of reflective of the very end of the whole big battle. And then I think probably the one that I see the most is a little out of order, but I see. When Dumbledore and one more task that spell. So we're devils are cast as, you know, uh, Voldemort cash like black, you know, the black clouds is just like shoot at Dumbo and then they will, their house is blue light that it keeps the black cloud away.

I think that's reflective of all, not a lot, but then, then Voldemort takes that energy and, and blasts. And then he takes all the shards of glass that exploded away from the windows and he shoots it out Harry nimble door. And this is really where I see, uh, all the stories that Harry was supposed to know.

All these shards of glass are this the stories that Harry was supposed to learn. And then when Lauren shielded him from, and then. It does just that he takes his wand. He casts the blue light again, and all those shards of glass, all the sharp stores, all those things that Harry doesn't need to know yet poofed into sand.

And that is where Harry sees the whole picture. That's where Harry sees everything and that's where the story ends. And that is where the scene ends. So I think. I think that's good. And I, if I was rushing a tiny bit is because, um, this is definitely my second take of this part of the episode is because my, my, uh, software on forced quit itself and I was like having a heart attack.

It was, I thought that this whole episode didn't get saved, but luckily it did right up to the Bellatrix, uh, part. And then I was so worried about. Luckily, everything's good. This are the second take. And I don't want, want to get this off the holding done for does, but I think you got some good value out of this, which I very grateful because I also did.

I love the scene and I'm very excited to be doing more slow mode in the future. The question this week. What do you see in serious as death? And how do you think the story this scene would have been different if Harry had left, when Sirius told him to, and also I would love to hear yours. Here's abruptions so use the voice immersion link.

If you want to send me that, I would love to hear your voice. So send me a, uh, an impression of Sirius or any of the character wants. Using that link. I would love to hear what you have to say, and it helps me out a ton. You know, it's like a minute of your time. It is free and I'd love to hear it. You have to say nice.