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Reinventing Live Events

March 01, 2021 Matt Coyne | Marco Giberti Season 2 Episode 13
Waves Connects Podcast
Reinventing Live Events
Show Notes

It’s pretty obvious there has been both positive and negative disruption to the events sector over the last twelve months, that’s why I was extremely excited to have Marco Giberti join me in conversation on the latest episode of the Waves Connects Podcast. 

For those that don’t know him, Marco is founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures, providing early stage entrepreneurs access to coaching, partnerships, advisory and capital. He has also recently release a book with co-author Denzil Rankin from AMR called Reinventing Live: the Always on Future of Events. 

We talk about a lot, but something I enjoyed hearing when listening back was about the realization that #eventtech is no longer a luxury, but a priority to the future of events 

We also talk about:

  • How events are being thought about with “tech first” strategies in mind
  • The skills gap, but also the skills opportunity in this sector – there’s lots of areas to refocus on
  • Communities – it’s a hot topic so we talk about the opportunity for niche communities 
  • For event tech companies, Marco shares some wise words to help you find your niche – what problem are you really trying to fix? Listen to find out more
  • There’s lots of problems to fix around events – not a negative, but it means there is lots of opportunity to build technology for frustrated organizers to see if you can help them with a tech solution.
  • Where to go for inspiration on what we could do next? Look outside of events – education tech, retail tech, sports tech, marketplaces…  

All in, it’s an exciting time for event technology and events with technology. With audiences in their billions all getting used to an “online life”, we are creating a new customer mindset that technology can and should be a benefit to their lives.  

We also touch on Marco’s new book with co-author Denzil - Reinventing Live – An always on future of events. 

Our events industry was successful for 100’s of years, but this book encourages readers to rethink their value proposition and skills for the future. How can we unlearn skills that are no longer valid, but learn skills that are valid for our communities of the future. 

Tech, strategy, innovation, new business models – it’s all covered in this great new book and hopefully enables you to spark new ideas for your events future.

You can buy the book here   – or read more on their website here https://reinventinglive.com/  
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