The Knackered Golfist Podcast

TKG Ep 36 Tad Moore from Selma Alabama

February 27, 2021 The Knackered Golfist Season 1 Episode 36
The Knackered Golfist Podcast
TKG Ep 36 Tad Moore from Selma Alabama
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Show Notes

Hello fellow Golfists, 

Welcome to The Knackered Golfist Podcast.  I had a distinct honor and privilege to have a chat with Mr Tad Moore.  Tad Moore is located in Selma Alabama and his career has allowed him to travel all around the world, working with world renowned golf brands, and world renowned professional golfers.  

His love of golf developed at a very young age.  Originally from Toledo Ohio, Tad Moore became the Chief Designer for Maxfli / Dunlop / Slazenger back in the late 1980's.  His carbon steel milled putters started to be specifically requested on the PGA Tour by several players that eventually became loyal followers of Mr Moore's golf designs.  I have owned several Tad Moore golf clubs over the years and I love my TM 92 Australian Blades, my Tad Moore TM 61 wedges, and my Maxfli TM 4 putter.  Thank you again Mr Moore for this opportunity.  


Tad Moore can be found at

Thank you for listening to The Knackered Golfist 

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