Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Podcast

Yin Sexuality - with Ellie Wilde

August 04, 2021 International School of Temple Arts Season 2 Episode 21
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Podcast
Yin Sexuality - with Ellie Wilde
Show Notes

Most of us have been brought up in a culture that is traumatized around sex... Ellie Wilde is deeply interested in redefining sexuality so that being in the experience and enjoying is more important than performing. In this episode, Ellie shares about her exploration of how relaxed states of arousal can foster profound restorative Eros, and bring about more connection with oneself and with the partner.

Listen in to hear Ellie on:

  •  redefining the linear and goal driven narrative around sexuality that we most grow up with
  • the beauty and pleasure of more down regulated states of being
  • the massive realm of subtle exploration, much more internal and passive, when we learn to deeply relax the body
  • letting go of the agenda for arousal, and exploring the organic flow that is present  
  • how to cultivate yin sexuality, so that we can be energised and deeply relaxed at the same time 

You can reach Ellie at www.yinsexuality.com
Yinsexuality or Ellie Wilde on fb
Yinsexuality on Instagram

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