Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Podcast

Beyond Binary – with Javi Martinez

August 24, 2021 International School of Temple Arts Season 2 Episode 22
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Podcast
Beyond Binary – with Javi Martinez
Show Notes

In this fascinating episode, Javi Martinez shares about her journey as a shapeshifter, not falling into any of the conventions. Javi is a bridge between the worlds, and embodies a direct transmission of what it means to transcend massive barriers, courageously exploring gender with full guidance from Spirit. Javi is a LGBTQI Educator and Trainer, a Mental Health Counsellor, a Sex and Sensuality Educator for the Trans-Feminine and their lovers, and a bridge that connects all within the spectrum of Gender through understanding and compassion.

Listen in to hear Javi on:
• living in the mystery of gender transcendence
• transitioning and the deep medicine of self-love
• living with a male brain while developing a feminine brain 
• going through female adolescence in your 40's!
• living in full devotion to Spirit
• WET - World Empowerment Trust, ISTA's program for diversity and inclusion

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