Creepy History

1.9 - The D.B. Cooper Hijacking

December 17, 2020 Fraser and Jennifer Coffeen Season 1 Episode 9
Creepy History
1.9 - The D.B. Cooper Hijacking
Show Notes

Episode 9 is a single story from Jen and it's a good one. Learn the story of the only successful, unsolved airline hijacking in US history, and the mystery behind the man known (erroneously) as D.B. Cooper. Jen has all your D.B. facts, plus some theories on who this mystery man might be. For our Creepy Cocktail we have a riff on the drink Cooper ordered on his flight: a Bourbon Rickey. Spoiler, it's... a lot.

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Bourbon Rickey Recipe
2 oz Bourbon
4 oz Club Soda
1/2 lime freshly squeezed
Pour the bourbon in a glass over ice.
Top with soda and lime juice.
Stir lightly and drop the lime in.

Fraser Coffeen (Twitter @FCoffeen)
Jennifer Coffeen (Twitter @JenCoffeen)
Music by Fraser and Charlie Coffeen (Instagram @CharliesKeys)