Creepy History

1.10 - Krampus and the Santa Claus Bank Robbery

December 24, 2020 Fraser and Jennifer Coffeen Season 1 Episode 10
Creepy History
1.10 - Krampus and the Santa Claus Bank Robbery
Show Notes

It's the holiday season, and Creepy History is wrapping up Season 1 with two creepy takes on Christmas. First up, Fraser tells us the origins and mythology behind Santa's creepy, evil assistant Krampus. Then, Jen takes us to Texas for the Santa Claus Bank Robbery and one of the wildest capers you will ever hear about. For today's Creepy Cocktail: Eggnog. And not just any Eggnog, it's the traditional Coffeen family Eggnog. Drink up, listen up, and be nice so Krampus doesn't stuff you in his sack.

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Eggnog Recipe
6 eggs, whites and yolks separated*
Beat whites until stiff
Add 1 c powdered sugar to whites
In separate bowl, whip yolks until frothy (a lot!)
Fold whites into yolks
Gently stir in:
1 pt. whiskey**
1 c. white rum**
1 pt. milk
1 pt. cream (or half and half)
Stir all together in a punch bowl.
Serve in individual glasses, and sprinkle on nutmeg.
*Yes, you're eating raw eggs. No, it's not exactly safe. Consume at your own risk.
**OK, I'm just giving you the recipe here, but let's be honest, this is a LOT of booze. I typically half this, and then adjust to taste.

Fraser Coffeen (Twitter @FCoffeen)
Jennifer Coffeen (Twitter @JenCoffeen)
Music by Fraser and Charlie Coffeen (Instagram @CharliesKeys)