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Season Two Finale: Top Ten Writing Tips

May 27, 2022 Kate Narita Season 2 Episode 39
Chalk and Ink: The Podcast for Teachers Who Write and Writers Who Teach
Season Two Finale: Top Ten Writing Tips
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I’ve compiled the top ten writing tips from this season’s guests to help get listeners psyched up for a creative, productive summer. 

This episode embodies the reason this podcast exists. You count. You matter. Your creativity counts. Your happiness matters. It’s time to pour all the energy you channel into teaching during the school year into your creative process. Whether you are a budding or a blooming writer, these tips will help you deepen your creative practice.

Tip Number Ten: Write Alongside Your Students Featuring
Carole Boston Weatherford, Kate Messner, and Jyoti Rajan Gopal.

Tip Number Nine: Write Someplace New Featuring Michael Leali, René Colato LaínezWhitney LaRocca, and Jeff Anderson.

Tip Number Eight: Keep Notebooks Featuring
Whitney LaRocca and Loree Griffin Burns.

Tip Number Seven: Dummy It Out Featuring
April Jones Prince and Marcie Flinchum Atkins.

Tip Number Six: Plot It Out Featuring
Zetta Elliott and Rukhsanna Guidroz.

Tip Number Five: Featuring
Michael Leali, Veera Hiranadani, and Lisa Stringfellow.

Tip Number Four: Interview Someone Featuring
Kristen Nordstrom and Tina Athaide.

Tip Number Three: Blog About It Featuring
Pernille Ripp.

Tip Number Two: Bust Out of Those Boxes Featuring
Laurel Paula Jackson, Loree Griffin Burns, and Tina Athaide.

Tip Number One: Practice What You Preach Featuring
 April Jones Prince,  Erin Dealey, and Pernille Ripp.

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Have you read Melissa Stewart and Sarah Brannen’s Summertime Sleepers yet? If not, why not? It’s the perfect book to help you enjoy summer’s slower pace. Plus, you’ll be supporting Sarah, who does our podcast art.

I can’t wait to talk with you again on August 26th, 2022. Until then, happy writing everyone!

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Tip #10: Write Alongside Your Students.
Tip #9: Write Someplace New.
Tip #8: Keep Notebooks.
Tip #7: Dummy It Out.
Tip #6: Plot It Out.
Tip #5: Hone Your Voice.
Tip #4: Interview Someone.
Tip #3: Blog About It.
Tip #2: Bust Out of Those Boxes!
Tip #1: Practice What You Preach.