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Animas Podcast: The Coaching Life
Sachin Sharma: 10,000 Blog Subscribers, Authenticity & Life Coaching
March 16, 2018 animas centre for coaching
In this pop-podcast, Animas coach, Sachin Sharma joins Jay Mewes, Head of Media at Animas to talk about the power of social media, blogging and presenting yourself authenticly online. Also in this episode, Sachin openly shares his personal journey with great honesty, passion and detail. He offers lots of advice and tips on the many obstacles and challenges he has faced in his life. Find out how Sachin built up his 10,000 strong "positive vibe tribe" in just over a year... To find out more about Sachin visit: SUBSCRIBE to 'The Animas Podcast' and FOLLOW us on social media: iTunes: Download: Facebook: Instagram:
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