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Animas Podcast: The Coaching Life
Teresa Wilson - Coaching in Prisons, Authentic Selves and New Creative Pursuits
November 21, 2018 Animas Centre for Coaching

In this episode of the Animas Podcast, experienced coach Teresa Wilson talks about her work coaching in prisons, sharing reflections and insights from coaching in this unique environment. She also talks about the importance of authenticity and our 'true selves' in the coaching space, as well as discussing her upcoming book which focuses on creativity and coaching.

Teresa is a very experienced coach, having delivered over 700 coaching hours to more than 100 clients. Much of this work has been delivered in prisons, as she has a passionate belief that everyone should have access to the life-changing potential of coaching, and that if the most vulnerable in our society can make positive changes in their lives then the ripple effects of those changes benefit us all. 

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