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Animas Podcast: The Coaching Life
Nick Thorpe - Pacific Ventures, Animas Edinburgh and Male Rites of Passage
November 21, 2018 Animas Centre for Coaching

In this episode of the Animas Podcast, writer, coach and Animas trainer Nick Thorpe shares his journey of sailing across the Pacific Ocean as travel writer, to becoming a life coach and Animas Coach Trainer, as well as talking about male rites of passage and the exciting projects that are currently keeping him busy. 

Nick is an award-winning writer, speaker, coach & Animas trainer. A prolific journalist for more than 20 years, he is the author of three books of travel/self-discovery and has given talks for TedX and Third Sector. Nick leans towards the person-centred, existential realms of coaching, offering clients the opportunity to examine and modify stories that no longer serve them, with particular experience in mid-life transition, men's development, spiritual searching, parenting and adoption, career transition, writing and creative process.

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