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Animas Podcast: The Coaching Life
Georgie Nightingall - Transformational Conversation, Talking with Strangers and TedX
November 26, 2018 Animas Centre for Coaching

In this latest instalment of the Animas Podcast, life coach, entrepreneur and founder of unique events business Trigger Conversations, Georgie Nightingall, talks about her work around getting people to have more meaningful conversations and move away from the repetitive mundanities of questions such as "what do you do?" Georgie also shares reflections on how identity and belonging play a part in our new encounters and conversations, as well as talking about her recent TedX talk on conversing with strangers.

Georgie is an Animas-trained life coach, serial entrepreneur and the founder of Trigger Conversations. In all of her work, she is fascinated with how we can engineer real conversations that allow us to express our whole self, feel truly nourished, connected and provoke new discovery about ourselves, others and the world.

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