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Animas Podcast: The Coaching Life
Harpreet Sandhu - Burnout to Bliss, Happiness TV and Success and Fulfilment Coaching
December 03, 2018 Animas Centre for Coaching

In this, the first episode of series 4 of the Animas Podcast, Harpreet Sandhu shares his journey from dissatisfaction and unhappiness, to becoming a success and fulfilment coach and Mr Happiness TV. Along the way touching on spirituality, flourishing to fulfilment, authentic happiness and the continuous support of the Animas community. 

Harpreet is a Success and Fulfilment Coach who empowers people to find Authentic Happiness and Aligned Success, so that they’re flourishing to their true potential and their best self, and living life on their terms. Harpreet is also a Motivational Speaker and founder of  “Happiness TV”. 

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