Sensory Friendly Solutions
#1: Dr. Sarah Gander - Unpacking Anxiety and Depression & the Absurdity of Food Insecurity
Sensory Friendly Solutions
#1: Dr. Sarah Gander - Unpacking Anxiety and Depression & the Absurdity of Food Insecurity
Sep 22, 2020

In this episode of the Sensory Friendly Solutions Podcast our Host Matt George is chatting with Dr. Sarah Gander, a General Paediatrician in Saint John, NB.

Her research and advocacy efforts mainly focus on the social determinants of health and the effects of poverty on the health of children and youth. She has a love of the outdoors and music and her favourite time is spent with her husband and two small boys.  Dr. Gander is always looking to bridge clinicians, other professionals, community organizations and families in research as it highlights the reality of the complex social needs of our patients and families.

You can find Dr Gander at  Check out her podcast, Fac Dev Lounge Podcast for Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick.

3:00 Dr Gander talks about when multitasking can and cannot work.
5:40 Some of the biggest challenges ahead for our youth during covid.
8:00 Dr Gander shares a story of how one of her patients is dealing with the challenges of a post COVID school schedule.
13:00 Dr Gander shares what drives her in her work.
15:00 Matt shares some research: the word sensory overload was being searched over 40,000 times a month on Google, the discussion goes to sensory overload and the dopamine hit of social media! Social isolation of the pandemic has been pivotal in our screen time usage.
20:00 Dr Gander chats about how she has been having conversations and practice exercises with her own children about social skills.
22:00 Matt and Dr Gander dive into the social determinants of health.
24:00 Cambie case ruling came out of BC, care vs economic boundaries. It needs to be people first!
28:00 Dr. Gander, shares some strategies that she uses to reduce the noise of the current time? One of the ways is bringing outdoor education to schools...tune in to hear the rest.
32:00 Christel Seeberger joins Matt in the studio to reflect about the conversation withDr Gander.
33:00 Sensory overload has not gone away with covid and the disruptions to our habits and routines are detrimental to our well being.
38:00 Christel shares how some thoughtful feedback from a listener to the Podcast inspired the team to dive deeper in to how to improve the sensory experience of a podcast.

Thanks for listening - Christel Seeberger and the Sensory Friendly Solutions Team.

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Podcast leadership is provided by Sensory Friendly Solutions Founder and occupational therapist Christel Seeberger.

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