Unraveling Perfectionism in the Gaming World
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The Gaming Persona
Unraveling Perfectionism in the Gaming World
Aug 14, 2023 Season 3 Episode 26
Daniel Kaufmann Ph.D. | Dr. Gameology

Can your gaming experience be affected by your personal insecurities? Have you ever pondered the psychological implications behind your in-game choices? This episode addresses the impact of perfectionism and imposter syndrome on gamers, probing deep psychological layers of personal quests, from the gallant worlds of Magic the Gathering to the intricate narratives of Final Fantasy 16.

We'll journey through the mental undercurrents that shape each player's decision, such as class selection, and how these choices reflect their real-life struggles. Imposter syndrome often leads to an avoidance of difficult tasks, pushing individuals to seek solace in video games. These feelings of inadequacy can even influence game masters, altering their ability to execute complex stories. Also, we'll navigate the perilous waters of microtransactions in games like Counter-Strike and Magic the Gathering Arena, their impact on those with imposter syndrome, and the dangerous obsession with perfection they foster.

This episode is not just a discussion; it's an exploration of our human nature, a mirror reflecting our fears, doubts, and aspirations. We share our personal experiences, shedding light on the transformation of self-doubt into hope. We'll decode the psychology of accomplishment, unpacking the mentality of perfectionism and helping you navigate the unreal constructs of perfectionism and imposter syndrome. Ready to level up your understanding of gaming psychology? Game on!

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