The Gaming Persona
Stray: the Psychology of Playing a Cat
Stray: the Psychology of Playing a Cat 57:29 Resident Evil and Survival Horror 57:15 Understanding the Video Game Grind 1:01:36 Life Skills We Learn In Video Games 1:05:50 Persona: The Psychology Of The Phantom Thieves 48:13 Ninja Player Types And Street Fighter 50:19 The Quarry: Player Choice & Games With Multiple Endings 1:11:57 Black Mage Spells for Powerful Mental Health 51:39 Streaming Games, Online Harassment & Mental Health With Dr. Michelle Fynan 59:34 Welcome To The Psychology Of The Lands Between 1:08:28 Couples Who Game Together In-Game Die (& Win) Together 1:03:08 Mobile Games Are Video Games Too! How Games Can Affect Your Life In Positive Ways 52:51 Archetypes and Our Gaming Heroes 38:00 It's All About the Game & How You Play It 1:16:35 Life Satisfaction Scores and Gaming 56:26 Finding the Right D.O.S.E of Happiness in Gaming 57:29 Re-Enchanting Geekdom with @SuperPwrToolkit 58:17 Glaring Responsibly as a White Mage in FFXIV 50:48 Chores and Game Structures 53:43 Our Mental Health Flawless Victory w/ Mortal Kombat 43:08 Being A Guardian: Interview with Matt & Dr. Goku from Guardians Mental Health 46:31 Avatar Relationships (Panel Preview for CFCC 2022) 1:13:21 Triple-Red Shell Life: Mental Health Tips from Mario Kart 50:56 What the FFI (of Personality) 1:01:26 Last Night Before Endwalker Expansion (feat. Jessica) 1:12:07