Ignite Your Spark

IGNITE with healing angel Jen Accristo

February 15, 2022 Kim Selby Season 2 Episode 72
Ignite Your Spark
IGNITE with healing angel Jen Accristo
Show Notes

My guest today is Jen Accristo – an angel on earth who shines and glows from the inside out.  She is a gifted light worker who brings many modalities to her healing practice. She has always had the gift of reading other people’s energies, and she has gone on to study plant medicine in the shamanic tradition, - a fascinating discussion where Jen shares that often a guided plant medicine ceremony can help someone heal from past traumas much more rapidly than traditional talk therapy

Jen utilizes sound healing, reiki, cranial sacral massage (the best), ancestral healing and more, along with  her own intuitive gifts to provide her clients the opportunity to step into their physical, spiritual and energetic power.

 Her unique healing concept was born when Jen was working as a fitness facilitator and utilizing some of her healing gifts in her sessions and although her clients didn’t completely understand what she did they wanted more, and thus her beautiful healing practice was born.

 Oh and fun fact, she also holds a black belt in a form of Kung Fu – Jen is strong, yet vulnerable, gentle and powerful.

She will ignite your spark!

Shine on!

Jen can be found:
Instagram: @jenangel999
FB: Jennifer Accristo

Instagram: @kimduffselby