Ignite Your Spark

IGNITE with Renee Linnell and step out of your comfort zone!

September 13, 2022 Kim Selby Season 2 Episode 96
Ignite Your Spark
IGNITE with Renee Linnell and step out of your comfort zone!
Show Notes

IGNITE YOUR SPARK with an adventurer extraordinaire – Renee Linell.


Let’s talk about getting out of your comfort zone, shall we?  Does that spark fear in you when I say that?  For most people it does, but not for today’s guest on Ignite Your Spark. Renee Linnell is a former surf model, professional Argentine Tango dancer, a serial entrepreneur, world traveler and author. She traveled to over 50 countries before she was 35, and not just travelled. She lived, adventured and had more harrowing experiences than most of us will have in a lifetime.

 All of that and she is a cult survivor! Renee shares how important it is to be present and fully aware of where we are in life. She learned to navigate life by stepping out of her comfort zone at an early age. Her father died when she was 15, she lived with an alcoholic mother and left home at 17 to begin her life of adventure.

Renee shares such great advice on how to get the most out of life with being present, appreciating all that we have, being grateful and she does all this by stepping WAY out of her comfort zone. She is open and honest, raw and vulnerable and we talk a bit about some of the stories in her second book, “Still on Fire”, The stories seem like fiction, but they are all true and she is truly a “bad ass”.  

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