Ignite Your Spark

IGNITE with Ascension Teacher Ellyn Katherine Shamolov

September 20, 2022 Kim Selby Season 2 Episode 97
Ignite Your Spark
IGNITE with Ascension Teacher Ellyn Katherine Shamolov
Show Notes

Maybe you've heard other spiritual podcasts or teachers speaking about ascension.  What is it you may be wondering or how do I get there?  Today my guest Ellyn Katherine Shamalov tells us what it is and how we can get to a place of infinite joy, happiness and fulfillment of our soul destiny.

Her modality is a new one to me, she works with people utilizing The Quantum Enlightenment System. This is a system she was divinely guided to create and present to assist us in raising our vibrations, remembering our true essence in order to help us release emotional burdens that are holding us back.

Ellyn's system uses the wisdom of the ancient Hebrew language to access our own divine blueprint.  Through working with this blueprint, Ellyn helps us unearth our challenges, talents and mission on earth at this time.

She tells us that the body is like a computer, holding all the files from our past ancestors, our DNA and all that we have lived in this lifetime and in lifetimes past. 

I love presenting new ideas that I have never heard of. Ellyn gives us something to think about with her method of uplifting the vibration of humanity as we reach towards expanding global consciousness.

You can find out more about Ellyn here:
INSTA: @catalytichealing

Instagram: @kimduffselby