Ignite Your Spark

IGNITE with Scientist and Healing Practitioner Holly Copeland

October 26, 2022 Kim Selby Season 3 Episode 100
Ignite Your Spark
IGNITE with Scientist and Healing Practitioner Holly Copeland
Show Notes

Welcome to the 100th episode of Ignite Your Spark!  I'm thrilled to have you all hear, thank you for listening.

Today's episode features Scientist, and Human Potential Coach Holly Copeland. Holly began her career as a conservation scientist. She pivoted when she became so disheartened by the state of the planet that she decided she could make a bigger difference by working with people. She began by delving into neuro science, our brain and the meditative state. She realized that helping people would ultimately help the planet and she took a deep dive into healing the chaos that lurks within all of us.

Holly is a Human Potential coach, neuromeditation teacher, sound healer and Reiki Master. We talk about different scientific tools which can assist us in our own healing.  She shares how she first used a headband tool called The Muse which enabled her to see her brain waves while meditation. She also gives us the whys and hows of using Tuning Forks to assist us in releasing stored trauma around our body. It's that Quantum Field that some of my other guests have spoken about. How everything is energy and our energetic field that surrounds us contains all the traumas we have suffered. Tuning forks help release that trauma.

We talk a lot about the thinking mind and how vital it is to live from a "being" state.
Holly leads us through a powerful meditation that helps us tune into that state.

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Shine on!


Holly can  be found here:

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