Ignite Your Spark

IGNITE with Lisa Haisha and SOUL BLAZING

November 22, 2022 Kim Selby Season 3 Episode 103
Ignite Your Spark
IGNITE with Lisa Haisha and SOUL BLAZING
Show Notes

My guest today, Lisa Haisha created her own method of helping lead people through transformation and it's called Soul Blazing. And that will Ignite Your Spark!

Lisa's journey to where she has landed today began with a Madonna concert when she had the opportunity to meet the legend and receive words of wisdom that changed Lisa's life. Madonna encouraged her to travel the world  - on her own, something that 23 year old Lisa did not think was possible. However, she did just that and today has traveled to over 60 countries. Through her journeys she was introduced to many different spiritual practices and became so intrigued that she received a Master's in Spiritual Psychology.

Soul Blazing came about while she was working in a women's prison with the "lifers". As she practiced coaching she worked with one woman who had lost all hope. However, Lisa opened her up and this woman was transformed and told Lisa, thank you for blazing my soul and thus the name for her business landed.

Lisa has interviewed  and filmed dozens of movers and shakers and out of the box thinkers, including Dr. Bruce Lipton, Jack Canfield and Byron Katie. These are Amazon  originals, SoulBlazing with Lisa Haisha and Conversations with Master Teachers and Encounters with Metaphysical Healers.

Lisa has done humanitarian work all over the globe and has just released a book  SoulBlazing: How to harness your Imposters, Release Negative Self-Talk and lead a more Authentic and Purposeful Life

We talk about the 7 imposters or archetypes that we may identify with in our conversation and how we can change them into superpowers. These imposters often shape our stories and hold us back from living a more purposeful life.

Shine on friends! Thanks for listening and sharing if you feel so motivated.

Lisa can be found here:

@kimduffselby on Instagram.