Ignite Your Spark

IGNITE with Plant Medicine Retreats featuring Jonathan De Potter

February 14, 2023 Kim Selby Season 3 Episode 108
Ignite Your Spark
IGNITE with Plant Medicine Retreats featuring Jonathan De Potter
Show Notes

Plant Medicine is in the mainstream now as a way to transform, reach a higher level of consciousness and become the best version of yourself.  Today Jonathan De Potter joins me on the podcast to talk about the benefits of plant medicine, the why, the what and the how.

Jonathan was a former marketing consultant who felt that life was not serving him, he was looking for something more and went on his own plant medicine journey.  This spiritual transformation led him to create his company Behold Retreats - a bespoke wellness service that facilitates journeys of self-discovery and transformation, supported by the scientifically proven therapeutic and spiritual benefits of plant medicine.

Shamans, sages and everyday people have been reporting access to higher levels of consciousness and deeper states of awareness, and many PTSD sufferers have reported complete trauma healing through the use of plant medicine in the right environment, with the right support, and with the right intention.

We talk about my fear around participating and ingesting these different plants, and Jonathan shares how you will just know if a journey is right for you. He discusses the importance of doing prep work before a journey and how to maintain the transformation that occurs.

Hopefully this conversation will enlighten you and perhaps even entice you to raise your own consciousness by attending a facilitated plant journey of your own.

Shine on! Please share the podcast if you are enjoying it.  Cheers....and thank you.

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