Ignite Your Spark

IGNITE with construction worker turned healer - John Povey

April 11, 2023 Kim Selby Season 3 Episode 113
Ignite Your Spark
IGNITE with construction worker turned healer - John Povey
Show Notes

My guest today is not prominent on Social Media, and you have probably never heard of him, but his story is remarkable.  He left school at the age of 14 to work in construction where he spent many years before joining the British Armed Forces. After leaving the military through a few twists and turns he  taught bricklaying to students until he did research on ways to combat stress, downloaded a REIKI training  manual and that one act literally changed his life.

He and his wife attended the Spiritualist Church near them and more synchronicities and healing abilities landed upon him. He shares with us the stories surrounding how he acquired all of his healing modalities. His authentic and down to earth nature will leave you uplifted and inspired. He tells us that we all have the ability to heal ourselves energetically and John now spends his time healing, teaching, leading the Church and igniting the sparks (the energy) of all who come into his presence.

John tells us that we all share guides, they are energy and surround us all. We can reach out to them at any time for assistance with healing and more. He also tells us that The Fifth Dimension is a place where all all unwanted energy is sent, transmuted and released as a harmonized energy back to the universe.

John is charming, modest, wise and so knowledgeable.  I hope you enjoy him as much as I did.

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Shine on!

You can find John on Facebook Messenger - the best way to reach him. And he always responds.  Catch him for a healing before his star soars.