Ignite Your Spark

IGNITE with Destiny Shaman Jack Ji

May 16, 2023 Kim Selby Season 3 Episode 116
Ignite Your Spark
IGNITE with Destiny Shaman Jack Ji
Show Notes

Jack Ji is my guest on the podcast today and his goal in life is to help us all find our soul purpose. Jack is a Destiny Shaman and utilizes Vedic Astrology and a simple deck of playing cards to determine each person’s unique destiny. 


Jack Ji was a former employee of Southwest Airlines when several events led him to change his life trajectory. He heard voices that told him to move over while he was driving, in order to avoid an accident. The first time he didn’t listen, but the second time he did and his life changed when he started listening to his intuition.


 Jack shares how every year we should think of our own birthday as New Year’s Day – when the cycle of our life repeats itself. Every 52 days we enter a different cycle and Jack shares what each of these 52 day segments mean. For instance one of the 52 day cycles is when our intuition is highest, one is when we will make great friends, one is best for work, manifesting and more.


Jack Ji shows people where they are in their exact cycle of life so that they can get the most out of life. He also tells us that we have one or two pinnacle years in our lifetime, which are years where we can accomplish almost anything. By knowing these years in advance, we can take full advantage of our year and achieve amazing things.


We discuss aura photography and how this determines what is out of balance in our lives. Certain chakras that may be compromised can be healed with sound and light therapy which is another modality in Jack’s toolkit.


Lastly we go into a new healing technology that Jack Ji has received certification in. It is Firefly Light Therapy, the most powerful light therapy developed. Firefly Light Therapy™ is the latest in multi-spectrum LED light therapy for pain, neurological disorders, and pathogen issues

By putting these lights directly on the body, intense healing occurs. Jack explains the technology a bit and I had the opportunity to experience this healing directly. I have more energy, am sleeping better and am in the process of healing my gut issues. It is incredible, but is only available in person. Wherever you are located you can search for Firefly Light Therapy and find your own practitioner.

 Remember though Jack does virtual Destiny Card Readings and more.


Shine on and thanks for tuning in as always. Please share, rate and comment so more people can be inspired to Shine their own light.