Ignite Your Spark

IGNITE with Shadow Work and Steven Twohig

May 23, 2023 Kim Selby Season 3 Episode 117
Ignite Your Spark
IGNITE with Shadow Work and Steven Twohig
Show Notes

Today on the podcast Steven Twohig joins me to talk about Shadow work. I’m a self professed joy seeker, and tend to not go into my shadows. This was eye opening for me. Steven shares what exactly shadow work is and how we all suffer from some type of trauma that creates any suffering we might have in this life time. Everyone has trauma and it starts when we are born and come out into the bright lights of the world after leaving the nurturing environment of the womb. 

Steven suffered unbelievable trauma at the age of 3, something that has informed his entire life and led him to do his own shadow work and now help others move through their own shadows to release perhaps decades of suffering. This episode today may assist you in looking at your own trauma, your own shadows and hopefully give you the impetus to break through and heal your life.

Steven is the Founder of Mastering Change and is currently studying the impact of shadow work on psychedelic integration. He says you do not need to work with plant medicine to unleash your trauma, however it does facilitate the process.

Steven is an international speaker and worked for and studied under the world’s leading business and life strategist, Tony Robbins. His shadow ceremonies are available for anyone looking to connect directly with their shadow and recode their mind to make lasting change for a more joyful, truthful life.

Shadow work is the process of identifying unwanted coding that keeps you from living and experiencing the life you strive to attain. By rewriting the code that drives your experience, YOU REGAIN YOUR AGENCY. YOU REGAIN YOUR POWER.

Favorite quotes from the episode:

We all have genius with in, what gets in the way is the why, so in shadow work we go into the part you don’t want to look at.

We do shadow work because we are just living at the surface, you are not experiencing the depth of who you are.  

If you don’t own your shadows you will be owned by your shadows

People are miserable underneath the bandaid

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Shine on!

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