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Making UX Work with Joe Natoli
Episode 01, Daniel Bosnjak :: Planes, Passion and UX.
November 13, 2017 Joe Natoli / Daniel Bosnjak

My guest Daniel Bosnjak is a multidisciplinary designer from Croatia, focusing on UX Design, Brand Strategy and crafting usable, beautiful digital products. Over the last 15 years he’s applied his design and UX talents to successful websites, web applications and mobile apps of all kinds.

After working in the high-stress environment of Commercial Aviation, Daniel recently struck out on his own as an independent UX Designer, serving clients all over the world.

And as I think you’ll hear, his passionate belief in the value of UX — and in doing things the right way — should carry him through a long, successful career.

Our conversation ranged from his experiences with high-risk UX in the world of aviation, to dealing with disappointment, his graffiti-filled past and his big leap to UX entrepreneur.

Portfolio/Websites: Behance, Dribbble

LinkedIn: danijelbosnjak

Twitter: @aerozg

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