Top Insights from the Best: Top Insights for CEOs, Sales & Marketing Leaders and Investors from the best experts in the world.

Top Insights From the Best: Kyle Porter

December 16, 2020 Zorian Rotenberg Season 1 Episode 15
Top Insights from the Best: Top Insights for CEOs, Sales & Marketing Leaders and Investors from the best experts in the world.
Top Insights From the Best: Kyle Porter
Show Notes

Kyle Porter is the founder and CEO of SalesLoft, the provider of the #1 sales engagement platform. SalesLoft helps more than 2,000 companies provide better selling experiences to their customers and was named the 7th Fastest-Growing Technology Company in North America by Deloitte. Recognized as the #1 best place to work in Atlanta for the second year in a row, SalesLoft has more than 400 employees in its offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, London, and Guadalajara, Mexico. Kyle is a fervent champion of organizational health and is focused on creating an environment where people can learn more, do more and become more. 

In this episode:

- Why every great CEO prioritizes "Organizational Health" and culture over everything

- Why great leaders set Vision, Mission and Values

- On using Core Values to gauge who you let into your company and how they guide the behaviors you celebrate vs those you tolerate 

- The story that inspired Kyle from Patrick Lencioni's "The Advantage" and Southwest Airlines & how "it's below me" is the reason most CEOs don't pay attention to Organizational Health

- Why the Sunday Night "Weekend Update" email is so important

- Cultural rhythms like the "All Hands" meeting every friday 

- About team members who get an applause 3 times

- Managing remote teams with 2 types of Fridays - the "Rest Days" and the "Focus Days"

- Why Kyle developed his own internal "Leadership Program"

- On why Kyle had strategies to be: "Best Place to Work" and "Best Place to be a Customer"

- How to do exceptional Marketing in SaaS - on not talking about yourself, ranking the problems you will solve, finding influencers and repackaging their messages

- Stories of how Kyle used "risky marketing" which led him to meet @Marc Benioff

- About the KPIs/metrics and how the goals for Meetings Scheduled by Outbound SDRs are 70 / quarter while Inbound SDRs is 100 / quarter  

- Learning from Kyle's leadership style about empowering his lieutenants and being a Leader who is "biased to approve his executive's decisions"

- The way to fill gaps with Trust

- Why leaders say "I intend" and how to learn Intent-Based Leadership Philosophy from "Turn the Ship Around" by @David Marquet

- Great leadership and expecting the best - giving lieutenants big goals outside of their experience or comfort zone and say "I expect from you" while also saying "I will help you and support you"

- What it means to be a "Level 5 Leader" based on John Maxwell's leadership methodology

- The importance of being exceptional at attracting great talent and the difference between "Recruiting" vs. "Hiring"

- Using a "Role Clarity" spreadsheet

- Profound insight: how Kyle learned to scale his own knowledge faster to scale as his SaaS company grew from zero to $80+ Million in $ARR and Kyle's point: "I intend to learn faster than the rate of my experience"

- Why the ultimate compliment to someone is to "take advice and do it" then come back and tell them you did it

- What is "#SalesLove", why it's an internal culture plus what the reps give to clients and about the mural behind Kyle in the video

- Why it's critical to read your Customer NPS Reviews and G2 Crowd Reviews while listening to your rep's calls

- Why Kyle loved the "Above the Line" concept from reading the "15 Commitments to Conscious Leadership"