No Grey Zone Podcast

No Grey Zone Ep.14 - Special Guest JDoe CEO Ryan Soscia

December 14, 2020 Kathryn Marsh & Melissa Hoppmeyer Season 1 Episode 14
No Grey Zone Podcast
No Grey Zone Ep.14 - Special Guest JDoe CEO Ryan Soscia
Show Notes

Podcast Notes:
Kathryn Marsh & Melissa Hoppmeyer are prosecutors with over two decades of experience between them, specializing in child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence crimes.  They are also co-founders of Right Response Consulting, an agency that provides training and in the areas of sexual assault, sexual harassment and human trafficking as well as developing policies and procedures for businesses and educational institutions.  

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Learn More from the Right Response Consulting webpage

Our philosophy is built on 3 foundational ideas

1. Identify

Identify repeat offenders. Cases with multiple plaintiffs are both less harrowing for survivors and more likely to win in court. The current system more often than not fails to find mutual survivors.

2. Provide

Provide direct access to civil lawyers and prosecutors, circumventing authorities who may not have survivors' best interests in mind. It is our goal that making the reporting process simpler and safer will enable more survivors and witnesses to act within the statute of limitations of their state.

3. Ensure

Ensure survivors and witnesses complete control over their data. Nothing will be sent to anyone, ever, until a user specifically requests it. Our encryption algorithms guarantee your privacy. Even if compelled to do so by a warrant, JDoe would be unable to read your data and hand it over.

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