Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#73 Recaps of F2W 106 Preview of Quintet FN 3 Females, Kasai Pro 3, F2W 107

April 02, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 73
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#73 Recaps of F2W 106 Preview of Quintet FN 3 Females, Kasai Pro 3, F2W 107
Show Notes

On this weeks show Maine and Emil get right into it.  No April Fools Jokes, (because we recorded the show before April 1) we get right into BJJ news.  Tapology has added submission grappling results to their website.  Making it a one stop shop for a multitude of combat sports results.  If you are a grappling nerd like we are this is pretty exciting news.  

Then we get into the recap of Fight to Win 106 in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  This event paid out over $46,000.  Which is great to see.  We talk about Cyborg.  A whole slew of title fights on the card.  As well as a Rewind Recommends match between Karen Antunes and Talita Alencar which was Fight of the Night and a match for the F2W Fly Weight Championship.  We talk about an amazing choke from Rafael Formiga Barbosa Vs. Alexandre Pimentel Choke which was Submission of the Night For the Masters Black Belt Welter Weight Title.  As well as a number of other title fights on the card.  And some really stand out performances from the black belts.  

After that we moved the preview section of the show where we preview Quintet Fight Night 3 the Females.  Do we have a preview for you.  We (Emil) dug deep and found out information about all of the grapplers on the lineup for this light weight fight night.  We took a look at all four teams.  Team 10th planet, Grace Gundrum, Liz Carmouche, Elvira Karppinen, Fabiana Jorge, and Illia, Team BJJ Kunoichi with multiple time black belt world champ Rikako Yuasa.  Team Sun Chlorella featuring Sara McMann, and team Deep Jewels with the heaviest grappler King Reina, and her judo background.  We had a great time previewing this event, and it made us even more excited to speculate on potential matchup’s for the following week.  

After that we preview KASAI Pro 5 and it’s 205 pound light heavyweight tournament.  It is an outstanding the stacked bracket.  Where every single grappler announced has a legitimate shot at taking the title. Literally no one in the lineup needs introduction Felipe Pena who is Felipe Pena, The Australian phenom Craig Jones, CJJ 185 pound champ and ADCC trials stand out Jon “Thor” Blank, A man already halfway to a 2019 grand slam Kaynan Duarte, East Coast ADCC Trials winner Aaron ‘Tex’ Johnson, Jackson Sousa, Rustam Chsiev, and Pedro Marinho the Kasai Qualifier winner earring his spot in this monster bracket.   Then we move into a brief preview of the Superfights featuring match ups between Marcos Tinoco vs Romulo Barral.  Dante Leon fresh off his King of the Mats 5 victory this weekend now matched up with Edwin Najmi, 

And Mayssa Bastos vs Fiona Watson.  This card is sure to produce some fire matchup’s. 

After all that we get into the staple of the show and preview Fight to Win 107.  This event takes place in Tyngsboro Massachusetts.  (Boston) and serves as an New England showcase for the areas  (and beyond) grapplers.  This event features Ana Carolina Vieira, Rick Hawn, Nick Rodriguez, Troy the night pigeon Everett.  An outstanding lineup of other grapplers.  There are some big names to watch on this card. 

After that we move it to the outer of the show next week we will have a guest host/ Analyist on the show Austin Jones.  Who is going to fill-in and help the team break down the weeks events.  

We also briefly touch on Third Coast Grappling qualifier event, the King of the Mat 5, Tap Cancer Out Black Belt Showcase, and the ADCC Brazilian Trials (South American).  

Recorded 3/31/2019