Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#74 Recap Kasai Pro 5, Quintet Fight Night 3, F2W 107, Preview F2W 108

April 09, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 74
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#74 Recap Kasai Pro 5, Quintet Fight Night 3, F2W 107, Preview F2W 108
Show Notes

On this weeks show we have Maine and new member of the Grappling Rewind Team Austin break down the weeks professional BJJ events and some grappling related MMA news.  We recapped Kasai Pro 5, Quintet Fight Night 3 the females, and Fight to Win 107 New England.  Then we preview Fight to Win 108 In Philadelphia.  

In the news section of the show we commented on the interesting news that apparently everyone is training at DDS and Renzo’s this week. We saw multiple main card stand outs and world champs including Buchecha, Gordon, Craig, Romulo, Pena, in the blue basement.  This is for sure an ADCC camp, but interesting non the less.  We also talk about some potential matchup’s for Ben Askren in wrestling.  Maine talks about his interview with BJJ strength Podcast.  

In the recap section of Kasai Pro 5 in New York.  We go deep into every single match of the 205 pound light heavyweight tournament featuring Aaron tex Jhonson, Felipe Pena, John Thor Blank, Kaynan Duarte, Jackson Souza, Craig Jones, and more.  We talk about how absolutely crazy it was that Tex was able to Heel Hook Pena; and espouse about how amazing Duarte is.  As well as talk about some interesting technical pieces of Craig Jones game with respect to back control.   

We talk about the super fights on the card as well.  Marcos Tinoco impressive takedown game versus Romulo Barral.  Dante Leon and him impressive rear naked choke of a top grappler in Edwin Najmi in back to back Kasai events; and Mayssa Bastos impressive performance and submission of Fiona Watson.  

After that we move into the recap of Quintet Fight Night 3 the ladies.  This is the promotions first time showcasing an all women’s event.  We talk about all the matchups on this event.  In the first round team matchups with Team 10th Planet vs. Team Deep Jewels we saw impressive submissions from Elvira Karppinen that we’re instrumental in progressing team 10th planet into the second team stage.  On the other side of the team stage we saw Team BJJ Kunoichi vs. Team Sun Chlorella Rikako Yuasa and Yuki Sugichi submit their teams way into the final team stage against team 10th planet.  

In the final team stage we talk about Liz Carmouche, Grace Gundrum, Fabina Jorge and the rest of 10th Planet vs. BJJ Kunoichi in a series of draws where 10th planet was able to secure the victory.  

We talk about the superfghts on the card as well, looking at the rebroadcast of Sakuraba and his crazy Japanese theatrics matchup and more. 

Then we get into our recap of Fight to Win 107, outside of Boston.  Recapping Ana Carolina Viera vs Luisa  Montiero.  Nick the Show Pony Rodriguez in his Fight To Win debut; and one of the best judo matches the team has ever seen under the old school F2W rules.  

After all that we move into the preview section where we take a look at Fight to Win 108 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania headlined by Eddie Cummings return and tile defense.  Maine is going to be at this card covering it live and is very excited about t given the stack of huge names on the card. This event features DJ Jackson, Murillo Santana, Josh Palmer, Dylan Royce, Mike Padilla vs Andrew Kochel in a match sure to produce fireworks.  Plus a rematch the we all want to see Amanda Leve vs Maggie Grindatti for the brown belt Gi title at welterweight.  Plus John Battle defending his belt, and Nick Rodriguez back to back weeks, but fighting for a title this week.  This is not one to miss.  

Recorded 4-7-2019