Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#77 UAJJF Worlds, ADCC 2nd Euro Trials, F2W 110, Preview Askren Vs Burroughs, F2W 111

April 30, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 77
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#77 UAJJF Worlds, ADCC 2nd Euro Trials, F2W 110, Preview Askren Vs Burroughs, F2W 111
Show Notes

On this weeks show Maine and Emil recap the weeks professional BJJ and sport Jiu Jitsu news.  Including Keenan remaining a free agent.  Seth Daniels and the Fight to Win crew producing ADCC 2019.  Craig Jones releasing more leg lock DVD's and a little about Lachlan Giles AMA on Reddit this week.  

After the news segment we dive right into the UAEJJF with the 2019 Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship.  ABWPJJC for short.    We saw some outstanding matches in the finals of this event including Beatriz Mesquita vs Ffion Davies which ended up being one of the closest 10-2 matches Emil had ever seen.  We talk about the growing rivalry between Paulo Miyao, and Isaac Doederlien, Tommy Langaker having another stand out performance.  Erberth Santos vs Kaynan Duarte, and Duarte Vs Adam Wardzinski, plus the rest of the finals matches to crown this years UAEJJC world champion.  

After that we break down the second and final ADCC European Trials, its seemed to be a weekend for kneebars between the first two events on this weekend.  We see Uk grappling star Thomas Halpin Limerick take gold as well as Maine and Emil butcher European names as per usual.  We see a number of men named Mateusz take ADCC trials spots, and a really cool dogbar to kneebar plan B sweep from Mraz Avdoyan vs Daniel Ladero in his finals match.  ADCC is fast approaching and the whole team is excited to see how the final few invites and trials spots line up and bring the event together.  

After that we get into Fight to Win 110 in Cleveland, OH, featuring Cleveland's own Stipe Miocic the most decorated UFC Heavyweight of all time taking on fellow emergency services member Aaron Howard in the first time Stipe has ever competed in the Gi.  We recap and talk about  Michael Liera Jr. taking on Jaime Canuto in the Black Belt Fight of the Night.  Then talk about Zach Maslany tight head and arm choke of Rob Hileman in the Black Belt Submission of the Night.  We get into the brown belts a bit on this card talking about Emil Fischer strange Rick and Morty themed walk out that may rival even fellow brown belt on the card and team no sleep member Troy Everett.  We talk about about Matt Paul, and Dan Dykeman's scissor take down to Heel Hook Sub of the night for the brown belts.

After that we get Rob Sullivan in the studio to preview Beat the Streets Grapple at the Garden event featuring a bunch of national team members, college and international champions. As well as the matchup everyone is looking at  Ben Askren vs. Jordan Burroughs, and other stand out wrestling matches on the card. 

After that we preview Fight to Win 111 in Chicago IL, a city that F2W has said is one of the best cities in the country as far as crowds go.  We preview this card that features a Black Belt Heavy Weight Title between Erberth Santos and Gutemberg Pereira.  This card has a co main event Female Black Belt Bantam Weight Title between Catherine Perrett and Luiza Monteiro. This card also features matches like Gustavo Batista vs Matheus Diniz, and a long awaited match that we had previously previewed in Matt Leighton vs Devhonte Johnson.  This card is stacked with tons of black belts and sure to produce some amazing matches.  

After that in the outro of the show we seem to end on a downer for some reason talking about Maine's upcoming Cortisone shots in his back the day after this recording.  

Recorded on 4-29-2019