Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#80 Recap F2W 113 Previews, Polaris 10, CJJ Worlds 135, Finishers 9, SOGI 2

May 21, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 80
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#80 Recap F2W 113 Previews, Polaris 10, CJJ Worlds 135, Finishers 9, SOGI 2
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This week on the show Main and Austin recap the weeks professional Brazilian Jiujitsu events and grappling news.  

Check the new section off with some talk about Keenan Cornelius versus Nicholas Meregali that was announced earlier in the week for third coast grappling.  We’re really excited to preview this match up in the future.  After that we talk about the ADCC Asian trials footage that came out later last week after the show.  Talk a little bit about Lachlan Giles, Robert Whitaker, and other ADCC trials stand outs.  

 Then we move into the MMA news section where we highlight the current crop of outstanding grapplers that have left BJJ for greener pastures.  This week Garry tonon breaks another unfortunate mma fighters legs in spectacular fashion at the One Championship; and BJ Penn might not have actually been cut as Maine stated last week.   

CBJJ has announces testing all athletes 2020, Maine and Austin are somewhat skeptical of this scale of testing being implemented for an amateur sport.  

 In big news João Miyao was announced for SAGC 8 versus Marcelo Cohen, event of the Grappling Rewind will be commentating.  In other Jiu-jitsu news matchup announcements Gabby Garcia has been confirmed for an upcoming Fight To Win card.  In other Fight To Win News Brittney Elkins has left Fight to Win, the team team wish her the best of luck her future endeavors. Finally Jorge Masvidal vs Anthony Pettis have been announced for an upcoming Superfight. 

After all that we move into the recaps talking about Fight to Win 113 that took place in Reno Nevada and was headline to by. Kaynan Duarte The virtually unstoppable first year black belt Who took on Tanner Rice this weekend. Then we talk about the co-main event, for the flyweight championship. This took place between Amanda Monteiro and Karen Antunes and featured some really interesting guard work from both women.  Then we move into the fight of the night and submission of the night for the black belts.  Finishing up the majority of our recaps with brown belt title fight between Vince Barbosa and Troy Everett.  After that we go to the remainder of the results for the card.  

Then it’s into the preview section of the show where we take a look at Polaris 10.  This card features some outstanding matchup’s including a headline matchup of Uriah Faber versus Nicky Ryan.  Main and Austin break down some of the finer points of how they think the matchup will play out and how Nicky will look as he moves closer into ADCC.  Then we move into more hot jujitsu action talking about Craig Jones versus Mateus Lutes.  And what truly looks like it will be a clash of stylus at middleweight.  There are a number of other stand out matchups on the card including Ash Williams versus Ethan Crelinsten and Ash Amos versus Nick Rodriguez The Show Pony. 

We then do a brief preview of the Eddie bravo invitational combat jujitsu worlds that takes place this time for the 135 pound a championship.  This card may be the most evenly stacked car that we’ve seen from the promotion in a while featuring names that like a Geo Martinez, Ben Eddie, Barret Yoshida, Nick apace, Marcelo Cohen, Daffron, and tons more stand out competitors.  This is truly an event to be taken by a number of guys especially given that the newness of the rule set.  

Then we move into our preview of the Finishers 9 this all the women’s event, showcases some of the best and brightest talent across the East Coast and beyond.  Including Natalie Boss, Laura Kent, Mona Bailey, Cece Mena. Samantha Clay, and Danielle Kelly.  

After that we move on to our preview of SOGI 2, this event features a 16 woman bracket as well as a Quintet style four team event.  

Recorded 5-20-2019

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