Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#82 2019 IBJJF World Championships Recap

June 04, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 82
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#82 2019 IBJJF World Championships Recap
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This week on the show Maine and Emil recap the 2019 IBJJF World championships we talk about every single black belt finals match that happened during the event for the men’s and women’s adult divisions; and tons of other matches in the event and any showcase moments we thought stood out. 

In news Garry Tonon declined his ADCC invitation, focusing on MMA and his upcoming bouts in One Championship. Erberth Santos, and his rumored two-year ban from IBJJF competition as a result of the BJJ stars incident. 

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We kick off the recap talking about the men’s black belt roosterweight division we saw Mikey Musumeci dethrone the returning division GOAT Bruno Malfacine. We also talk about Caio Terra’s bye in the division and the implications of Mikey winning the division, and the 13-second submission victory that won him the title. 

We move onto the light featherweight division that featured a four way close out between the Cicero Costha team with a close out in the finals between the Miyao brothers. 

The featherweight division we see more action and we see Maine, and the rest of the team start to get prediction picks from last weeks show incorrect. This trend continued into the lightweight division where we saw Lucas Lepri take his sixth world title. 

In middleweight we talk about how stacked the division is and the finals match between Gabriel Arges and Isaque Bahiense Braz. 

Then in the medium heavy division we see Felipe Pena fresh off his injury at KASAI to put a stamp on why he is one of the best in the sport over Gustavo Batista. 

After that we move into previews of the heavyweight division and see yet another first-year black belt in Kaynan Duarte crowned as champion taking on perennial top contender and former multiple time world champion Leandro Lo, in a match that really cemented Duarte as having one of the best first years at black belt ever. 

Things go off the rails on the super heavyweight division as we talk about Mahamed Aly vs Nicholas Meregali and the fireworks associated with the finish of this match; with Nicholas Meregali taking his second world title, and one of the most impressive submissions and matches of the entire world championship. 

In the ultra heavyweight division Marcus Almeida "Buchecha" does what he does and submits Ricardo Evangelista in impressive fashion after running up a larger point total. 

We talk about many of the open class absolute division matchups. Including Keenan Cornelius vs Nicholas Meregali in a phenomenal closely contested match. We also talked at length about Leandro Lo vs Keenan and how the team thought the decision was justified.

After that we move onto the women’s divisions starting with the roosterweight upset of Rikako Yuasa by Mayssa Bastos. In light featherweight division we talk about Tammi Musumeci taking the victory over Amanda Monteiro becoming the first brother sister combo to win World championships in the same year. In featherweight division Ana Carolina Schmitt, upsets Bianca Basilio to take the title. In light-weight division for the women Bia Mesquita once again shows us why she is one of the best women in the world in her submission Armbar victory of Charlotte Baumgarten. The middleweight division saw Anna Carolina Viera Srour victorious over Laura Hallock. In medium heavy we see Andressa Cintra victorious over Luiza Monteiro. The heavyweight division we see Nathiely De Jesus, come out on top over Fernanda Mazzelli. In the super heavyweight division Claudia Doval takes the championship beating Venla Luukkonen. In the women’s absolute we see Nathiely De Jesus Face off against Bia Mesquita in a fantastic finale to the world championships. 

Recorded on 6-3-2019

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