Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#85 Third Coast Grappling 2, SAGC, Rise 7 Recap, F2W 117 preview.

June 25, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 85
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#85 Third Coast Grappling 2, SAGC, Rise 7 Recap, F2W 117 preview.
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This week on the show Maine and Emil recap Third Coast Grappling 2, SAGC, and Rise 7. 

In the new section we talk about how Rafael Lovato Jr took the belt from Gegard Mousasi as well as Meregali and his post fight call out to Keenan looking for a rematch.

In the recap for Third Coast Grappling we go through the top matches on the card breaking down the loop choke that Mergali hit on Cyborg. We talked about Craig Jones,  Matheus Diniz, and the potential ADCC match later this year between Vagner Rocha and Ethan Crelinsten.  We also break down the Edwin Najmi vs Gianni Grippo match, and talk about Gilbert "Durinho" Burns victory. 

In the recap for SACG the hosts talk about what it was like to do commentary for SAGC Redemption in college park Maryland.  We talk about the three man commentary team of Maine, Emil, and Josh.  In a true miracle managing not to curse for nearly 4 hours straight.  We talk about the unique SAGC endurance format, plus go through some of our top matches on the card.  We run through the undercard matches, then move into teh 10 man 155 pound bracket that ended up with 2 contenders that are scheduled to face off for the best at SACG 8.  Big thanks for SACG for having us back to serve as commentary on this event.  This event is up on the SACG Facebook page for anyone who wants to go back and watch the event. 

After that we move into the recap of Rise 7.  This straight NYC card features some title bouts, Rey De Leon taking the number one contender spot to face off against defending 145 pound champ Frank Rosenthal.  The we talk a bit about current IBJJF world champion Joao Miyao's heel hook victory over Finishers promoter Zach Maslany.  Plus some more MMA fighters taking grappling bouts on this card.  

After that we move into the preview section of the show talking about Fight to Win 117 being headlined by Kaynan Duarte of Atos vs Gutemberg Perreira of GFT, always exciting Baret Yoshida vs Marcus Norat, and some of the top woman's competitors in the world Jena Bishop vs Luiza Monteiro.  Plus a showcase brown belt matchup between Keith Krikorian, and Dan Dykeman.

We plan to record a second show this week to cover Midwest Finishers 2, Fight to Win 116, and preview, Sub Spectrum 8.  Look out for the show later in the week.  There was just too many events to fit into one show.  

Recorded 6-24-2019

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Third Coast Grappling 2 Recap
SAGC Redemption Recap
Rise 7 Recap
Fight to Win 117 Preview
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