Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#87 Recap Kasai Super Series 2, JitzKing, SUG 9, Preview Subversiv 2, AGC 4

July 09, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 87
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#87 Recap Kasai Super Series 2, JitzKing, SUG 9, Preview Subversiv 2, AGC 4
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This week on the show Maine and Josh recap Kasai Super Series 2 in Orlando, JitzKing's inaugural event in Tampa, and Submission Underground 9.  We also Preview Subversiv 2, and Australian Grappling Championship 4.

First in the news section of the show Raphael Lovato Jr is out of ADCC due to an injury in his most recent Bellator championship fight.  AJ Agazarm has been asked to leave his GB gym.  Austin from the Grappling Rewind has earned and been awarded his Brown Belt along with Dave from Just the Tap.

We get into the recap section looking at Kasai Super Series 2 in Orlando that took place on July 4th.  We talk about how fast paced as well as some of the controversery surrounding the Renato Canuto vs Dante Leon match.  We talk about Gleison TIbau flying stomp DQ vs Richie Martinez.  Mansher Khera coming back after some inactivity to tap Enrico Cocco via heel hook.  Also the outstanding technique from Craig Jones vs Aaron "Tex" Johnson with his Kimura trap and back take and rear naked choke.  Plus Maine and Josh talk about how much they enjoy watering Vagner Rocha face choke people.  We also get into Richard Alarcon vs Junny Ocasio for the spot on Kasai Pro 6. 

Then we move into a recap of JitzKing Tampa, the promotions inaugural event William Tackett continues his win streak of superfight matchups taking this 165 pond 16 man tournament.  We talk at length about Nick Rodriguez vs Jason Reyes and the way The show Pony implements his low single and takedown game, an improvements, and pacing that allows his to continue to be successful.  We talk about fellod ADCC trials winner John Combs, as well as Amanda Leve vs Maggie Grindatti in their ADCC trials finals rematch that once again saw Amanda secure the victory by submission.  Then we finish the recap of the event talking about slams and KO's.  

Then we move into a recap of Submission Underground 9, that featured a matchup between Craig Jones and Anthony Rumble Jhonson, and a 51 second heel hook for the aussie.  We talk about a potential matchup with Jacare.  We recap Gabriel Gonzaga vs Fabiano Scherner this time in grappling.  Also we talk about Kevin Casey's top control and use of EBI overtime rules.  

After that we move into our preview section talking about Subversiv 2 featuring team red bowie vs team 10th planet.  After explaining the rules we take a look at the teams including world champion Joao Miyao vs Geo Martinez,  DJ Jackson, Kyle Chambers, Pati Fontes and Elvira Karppinen.  As well as the rest of the Fight to Win style card.  Featuring Kevin Casey, Jordan Holly, Stephen Martinez, and tons of Judo.  

Then we quickly preview Australian Grappling Championship 4 (AGC 4).  Also taking place this next weekend.  

In the outro section of the show Josh and Maine talk about their weight cuts and preforming terribly at IBJJF No-Gi Pans years ago.  As well as the Baltimore BJJ promotions and engagements, proposals, and generally how the weekend went for Maine and Josh.  

Recorded 7-7-2019

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Kasai Super Series 2 Orlando Recap
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Subversiv 2 Preview
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