Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#93 Recap Kasai Pro 6, Kenetic Grappling 1, F2W 122, Preview IBJJF HW GP. Masters Worlds

August 20, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 93
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#93 Recap Kasai Pro 6, Kenetic Grappling 1, F2W 122, Preview IBJJF HW GP. Masters Worlds
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This week on the show Maine and Ryan recap the weeks professional BJJ events and Superfights.  

We Recap Kasai Pro 6, Kenetic Grappling 1, Fight To Win 122, Shugyo Invitational Episode 1, and Preview the IBJJF Heavyweight GP, plus talk about IBJJF Masters Worlds.

We kick off the show with some news talking about ADCC drop outs and replacements; with Romulo dropping out to replaced by Claudio Calasans.  Plus Maine talks about being the backstage social media interviewer for ADCC world championships 2019.  We talk a bit about the Grappling Rewind YouTube page and the additional content that is being produced for that platform including a new video of how to get on a BJJ Superfight.  Subscribe to see the latest BJJ YouTube content.  

After the news section we talk about the Kinetic Grappling, and come to a few conclusions.  One Lachlan Giles is very good and guys going to ADCC are also very good.  We talk about domination that was the super team of BJJ Fanatics with Giles taking out an entire time himself, and the Nick Rodriguez, Gordon Ryan combo taking out a whole second team themselves. We break down the winning teams matches, and talk about some changes we have seen as of late in a few of the members of the team as they go into ADCC. 

In the recap for KASAI Pro 6 we recap the mens 135 pound tournament, all of the super fights, and a couple of the undercard matches.  In the tournament recap we talk about some changes that Richard Alarcon, Junny Ocasio and João Miyao have made with their games as of recently.  We talk about the way the Unity grapplers now basket the legs, and the pace at which Junny worked in his inaugural Black Belt showing.  In the super fights we recap Murilo Santana and his great hooking arm control and sweep.  In Matheus Diniz vs Josh Hinger we recap the interesting game plan choices from Hinger, and a flying armbar attempt got awry.  In the Kaynan Duarte vs Patrick Gaudio matchup we discuss the intricacies of scoring points, and what it takes to have a back take scored.  Plus Tom DeBlass retirement after winning his super fight by Kneebar.  As well the William Tacket, Gracie Gundrum, and Aaron Harris undercard matches.

In the recap of Fight to Win 122 in Scottsdale, AZ, we break down Augusto Tanquinho Mendes vs Marcelo Mafra, and Osvaldo Queixinho Moizinho vs Tiago Barros.  Then get into talking about the great submission attempts and sequences that took place in the Karen Antunes vs Tracey Goodell matchup. Plus Maine shares a story about a weird triangle footlock.  

In the preview section we briefly talk about IBJJF 2019 Masters Worlds in Las Vegas, with Ryan going out to Vegas to compete.  As well as all the cool BJJ events and seminars that happen this coming week in vegas.  With the IBJJF Vegas open taking place the same week.  During this preview we get into the preview for the IBJJF Heavyweight GP that Ryan realizes he will be in Las Vegas for, and now plans to attend live.  

In the preview of the IBJJF HW GP, Maine and Ryan are unable to pick who they think will take the championship between the stars scheduled to compete at the event.  Even with all of the card changes this event is still looking like it will be amazing with the likes of Matheus Diniz, Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa Cyborg, Current IBJJF No Gi world champion Tim Spriggs, Current ADCC Champion Yuri Simoes, Patrick Gaudio, Perennial top world contender Joao Gabriel Rocha, and Luiz Panza.  This is not one to miss.  

Recorded 8-18-2019 and 8-19-2019

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Kinetic Grappling Recap
Kasai Pro 6 Recap
Fight To Win 122 Recap
Shugyo Invitational Episode 1 Recap
IBJJF Masters Worlds "Preview"
IBJJF 2019 Heavyweight GP Preview
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