Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#95 Recap Polaris 11, F2W 123, Preview BJJ Fanatics Invitational, F2W 124, GrappleFest 6, Shugyo Invitational

September 03, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 95
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#95 Recap Polaris 11, F2W 123, Preview BJJ Fanatics Invitational, F2W 124, GrappleFest 6, Shugyo Invitational
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On this weeks episode of the Grappling Rewind Podcast Maine, Emil and Josh, dive into a great three host episode.  Taking a look at Fight to Win 123, Polaris 11, the BJJ Fanatics Brown Belt Invitational (and below), Fight to Win 124, GrappleFest 6, and talk about how we cant find any info on ACBJJ 15. 

We kick the show off talking about BJJ related news in some big grappling news Garry Tonon is back in the ADCC 2019 world championships.  Echo Charles got his Black Belt.  Gordon Ryan stated in an Instagram comment that his knee was 85% recovered.  Last and least former IBJJF world champion, and former UFC champ BJ Penn got in a street fight.  

In the recap section of the show the team breaks down the main card of Polaris 11.  We dive into how great of a main event Ffion Davies vs Talita Alencar was and Emil states that it is a rewind recommends.  This exciting rematch for the under 50 kg Polaris title showcases the best in women’s BJJ.  Next we break down Edwin Najmi vs Mansher Khera in a performance that shows why Edwin is one of the best in the weight division.  We talk about Nicky Rod's impressive wrestling heavy performance against Ben Dyson, as well as how we think his speed and takedown game will translate to the grand stage of ADCC later this month.  We also talk about two MMA stand outs that were featured on the Polaris stage Paddy Pimblett vs Steven Ray that saw Ray hitting an interesting single scissor leg takedown to a heel hook.  We also talk a little about the controversy of the only Gi bout on the main card Marcus Tinoco vs Tommy Lanaker.  That saw Lanaker take a close split decision and call out Keenan Cornelius.  

We recap Fight to Win 123 in Sacramento, CA headlined by Gabriel Arges vs. Dante Leon in a match contested in the passing phase.  In the co-main event we saw a great masters title match with Cassio Werneck defeating Angel Lopez with a textbook X choke from the mount, after an amazing series that saw great top play and positional work from Cassio.  We recap Samir Chantre’s victory over Jose Carlos Lima with an Estima lock to take the Black Belt Featherweight Gi title in the last minute of the match.  As well as run through the rest of the cards results. 

We also recap episode 3 of the Shugyo Invitational where we saw Jordan Holy continue his fastest submission streak against Shawn Weisenburgh.  As well as Nathan Orchard take home another rear Naked Choke victory against Rafa Domingos, in one of the craziest sequences we’ve seen in a long time.  Plus we talk about some of the technique on display and some of the other points in the episode. 

After that we move into the preview section of the show with BJJ Fanatics Brown Belt Invitational, and below.  The events notable names include Roberto Jimenez, Nick Ronan, Kody Steele, Nick Rodriguez, Pedro Marinho, Jesseary Childrey, and Pierre-Olivier Leclerc, and many more top stand out names.  This is not an event to miss.  After that we preview Fight to Win 124 In Seattle WA, headlined by Marcelo Mafra Vs. Edwin Najmi, and Karen Antunes vs. Mayssa Bastos, plus Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira vs. Josh Hinger in a match sure to end in scrambles.  

After that we previewed GrappleFest 6, by Figure 4 Promotions. This event features both Miyao brothers.  We have an exciting match where we are sure to see some footlock entries in Joao Miyao vs Frank Rosenthal.  Paulo Miyao takes on  Kamil Wilk, and the man himself Masakazu Imanari takes on 10th planet specialist  Ben Eddy, as well as a ton of other great matchups on this card. 

We also briefly touch on the Submit IV, taking place this weekend as well, and the lack of any information surrounding ACBJJ 15.  We also talk about sponsorships, and terrible tattoos. 

Recorded 9-2-2019 

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