Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#98 ADCC 2019 Preview, Recap of F2W 126, Shugyo Ep 6

September 24, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 98
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#98 ADCC 2019 Preview, Recap of F2W 126, Shugyo Ep 6
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This week on the show we have three hosts on Maine Miller, Emil Sandoz-Rosado and Josh Weinstock.  On the week before the big show; ADCC 2019, the Olympics of our sport the every two years celebration of the highest level of professional grappling in the world.  Before we get into the preview we run through the weeks news the ADCC replacements, who has dropped out from the event and who is replacing.  We talk about the UAEJJF partner with FloGrappling going into 2020, which should make it even easier for us to cover their events on the Podcast. Plus we talk about Josh being internet famous ending up as a member of the Valhalla Club on BJJ Scout Instagram.  

Kicking off the recap section of the show we recap Fight to Win 126 in San Diego, we talk about this Black Belt stacked card.  We break down Gustavo Batista vs Felipe Bezerra, Guthierry Barbosa defeating Marcio Andre in a very close match. Baret Yoshida in his outstanding performance and choke From back crucifix, taking about some of the nuances of the position changes that lets him get to his signature position.  We talk about Joel Tudor returning to competition and his grinding old school style armbar.  Then we get into a fast paced match between Ronaldo Junior and Matheus Luna that earned Fight of the night honors and a mid mat discussion from Seth Daniels.  We break down some amazing back and forth between Sergio Rios and PJ Barch and a submission of the night armbar performance.  We also talk about Gabrielle Mc Comb vs Tubby Alequin, and the second fight of the night on the card in Johnny Tama vs Kevin Berbrich.  This was a great card and deserves to be re-watched. 

After that we get into the recap of the Shugyo Invitational Episode 6 that was the last episode of the show before the finals are announced we talk about Josh Bacallao Versus Max Rohskopf and talk about how tight the Darce from Max must be, then the rematch of ADCC North American East Coast Trials match between Ethan Crelinsten and Keith Krikorian that might have had one of the realest post fight interviews we have ever seen in BJJ.  We talk about the transition and way that Ethan goes for the back and other grapplers in ADCC that might implement this same style of taking the back.  Plus talk about who we think might be in the finals of this weeks episode. 

After that we move into our preview of ADCC 2019 in anticipation of being live at the event in a few days.  We run through the top contenders in the -66, -77, -88, -99, and +99 Kg for the men’s divisions and Emil busts out the statistics on who has beaten and lost to each other in their respective divisions.  As well as some of the X-Factors going into each of the men’s divisions.  The we talk about how stacked the woman's -60kg and over 60kg divisions are and the respective frontrunners for each division.  Can Gabi Garcia continue her dominance of the +60kg division or will we see turn over at the top We talk about how Craig Jones may be a favorite in his division with the recent division changes.  How Gordon may be the favorite in his division since moving up.   Plus all the other top grapplers in each division.  

After that we have an interview with King of the Mats Grappling ahead of their 7th event.  Talking about some of the grapplers on their card and their event format as well as their 10k payout. 

Recorded 9-23-2019

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Fight to Win 126 San Diego Recap
Shugyo Invitational Ep 6 Recap
ADCC 2019 Preview
KOTM 7 Upcoming Event Promoter Interview
Josh Vahalla Club Story BJJ Scout
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