Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

ADCC 2019 Finals and Semifinals Recap, Previews of F2W 127, World Jiu-Jitsu Festival

September 30, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 99
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
ADCC 2019 Finals and Semifinals Recap, Previews of F2W 127, World Jiu-Jitsu Festival
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On this week's show Maine and Emil talk about ADCC 2019, covering the semifinals and finals for the men and women's divisions, the absolute men's division, the superfight between Andre Galvao and Felipe Pena, talked about the overall experience of the tournament, how great the jiu jitsu community is and our favorite moments from the weekend.

In the men's +99 kg division, we talk about Kaynan Duarte upsetting Buchecha with a controversial decision victory, Nick Rodriguez pressuring Cyborg into a decision victory, and Kaynan Duarte defeating Nick Rodriguez in the finals with veteran ADCC experience.

In the men's -99 kg division we dive into Gordon Ryan's intense match with Lucas the Hulk Barbosa, and Gordon's incredible last-minute backtake for the win, Vinny Magalhaes' loss to Vinicius Tractor Ferreira, and Gordon's dominant submission win over Tractor in the finals.

We talk about Craig Jones' incredible start to ADCC in the men's -88 kg division, submitting everyone in his first three matches including John Thor Blank in the semifinals, we talk about Matheus Diniz imposing his will on Josh Hinger in the semifinals and smothering Craig Jones in the finals to win.

We discuss JT Torres repeat first place win in the men's -77 kg division, securing a win over fan favorites Garry Tonon in the semifinals and Vagner Rocha in the finals, and the fireworks that were Vagner's semifinals match with Dante Leon.

Stories abound in the men's -66 kg division, with Augusto Tanquinho Mendes showing everyone he still has what it takes to win gold in the most competitive, prestigious professional grappling tournament in the world, defeating Paulo Miyao in the semifinals on his way to the finals against Kenny Cobrinha Jr. Maciel, who emphatically claimed his right to enter into the ADCC world championships with three decisive wins, including two submission wins on his way to the finals, one over Atos prodigy Tye Ruotolo, where Cobrinha Jr. had a competitive match against Tanquinho.

In the women's +60 kg division, Gabi Garcia cements her legacy as the most dominant ADCC competitor ever with four division championship wins by defeating Ana Carolina Vieira and submitting Carina Santi in the finals, who herself disrupted Tayane Porfirio's ADCC run in the semifinals.

In the women's -60 kg division, in the semifinals Ffion Davies went to war with Bia Mesquita, catching a brutal armbar that left Queen Bia unable to participate in a consolation match, but Ffion suffered an injury of her own when, in the finals, Bianca Basilio wrenched a savage toehold on Ffion for the division victory. Bianca had defeated Elvira Karppinen in the semifinals on the path to the gold medal. 

In the men's absolute division, we talk about the modern day David vs. Goliath story with Lachlan Giles submitting +99 kg champion Kaynan Duarte by heelhook, submitting -99 kg monster Patrick Gaudio by heelhook, and submitting +99 kg behemoth Mahamed Aly by heel hook to take bronze as a -77 kg competitor and shock the world. We talk about Garry Tonon's flash 18 second flying heel hook submission victory over Edwin Najmi, and Gordon Ryan's ultimate victory in the division over Buchecha in the finals.

We preview Fight to Win 127 featuring Tanquinho vs. Matheus Gabriel, World Jiu Jitsu Festival featuring Gordon Ryan vs. Rousimar Palhares, and Battle Grapple VI in the UK. 

Recorded 9-29-2019

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