Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#106 Recap BJJ Fanatics GP, Finishers 10, Preview Spyder Invitational 2019, GrappleFest 7, F2W 132, Grappling Idiots

November 19, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 106
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#106 Recap BJJ Fanatics GP, Finishers 10, Preview Spyder Invitational 2019, GrappleFest 7, F2W 132, Grappling Idiots
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This week on the Grappling Rewind Podcast Maine and Josh recap BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix, Finishers Sub Only 10, then in the preview section we talk about the Spyder Invitational Championship, GrappleFest 7, Fight to Win 132 Hawaii; and Maine interviews Matt Kaplan about his upcoming Grappling Idiots Superfight card. In the weeks news we talk about the recently announced matchup between Nicky Rodriguez vs Luke Rockhold scheduled to main event Polaris 12. Also Garry Tonon being fired from Rutgers after 6 years of coaching. 

In our recap of the BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix, we run through some of the round of 16 matches quarterfinal matches Between Tex Johnson and William Tackett and the matches controversy and talk about the semi finals match between Lucas Hulk Barbosa and Kody Steele that showcased an impressive lift from Steele with a veteran reversal from Barbosa. Then in the finals we talk about Kyle Boehm vs Hulk and how good Kyle is at the EBI overtime. Plus we do some BJJ payout math regarding how much Kyle has made from the rule set recently and speculate on what his DVD will be on. 

In a recap of the Finishers Sub Only 10 we talk about the men’s 185 pound bracket and the women’s 105 pound bracket. With Adam Leve looking impressive but running into Alan Sanchez in the finals with Sanchez taking the victory. In the women’s bracket Maine and Josh are impressed by Grace Gundrum mounted modified guillotine finish in regulation that earned her the win in the finals and her Brown Belt. We also talk about a few of the super fights on the card. 

In the preview section we kick it off with Spyder Championship 2019. With the -76 kg bracket and the -100 kg bracket. In the first round quarterfinal matchups we see a rematch between Johnatha Alves vs Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor, a matchup between Edwin Najmi vs Matheus Gabriel, on the left side of the bracket. On the right side of the bracket we see Gabriel Arges vs Levi Jones , and Matheus Lutes vs Inseong Jang the hosts make their picks on how they think the bracket will shake out and who they think the frontrunner for the event in the bracket is. In the -100 Kg division Maine and Josh talk about Tim Spriggs drawing the short straw vs Nicholas Meregali, and what version of Erberth Santos will show up vs Claudio Calasans, on the right side of the bracket Kaynan Duarte vs Leandro Lo, in a rematch from earlier this year, and the events X factor grappler returns to the Gi once again in Rodolfo Vieira vs Anderson Munis. 

On Grapple Fest 7 we preview Craig Jones  Vs.Adam Wardzinski for the  -100 kg title and how we think the two styles will matchup. Then we talk about a match sure to bring action in Dante Leon Vs Marcos Tinoco. Tye and Kade Ruotolo also make appearances on this card at different weights. Plus ADCC 3rd place medalist Elvira Karppinen is featured as well. Fresh off BJJ Fanatics Jason Rau also has a matchup on the card that we talk about. 

In our preview of Fight to Win 132 in Hawaii we talk about the matches that had been announced at the time of recording Garry Tonon vs Davi Ramos and how both want to push a pace. Plus the time difference this event will be at and when you can watch it. 

In the preview of Grappling Idiots we take a look at the 170 pound bracket and taking about how impressed we were with William Tackett this weekend and how he might be very tough to beat this coming weekend. As wells the rubber match between Keith Krikorian who was also in the BJJ Fanatics event but will be facing Daniel Miara in the hybrid rule set. After that we have an interview with the Grappling Idiots promoter Matt Kaplan where he talks about the rules and why they were chosen and shares some insight on sanctioning and how he intends to run the PPV. 

In the outdo Maine and Josh talk about recording miss-haps and training together for the first time in a long time. 

Recorded 11-17-2019

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BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix Invitational Recap
Finishers Sub Only 10 Recap
Spyder BJJ Championship Final 2019 Preview
GrappleFest 7 Preview
Fight to Win 132 Hawaii Preview
Grappling Idiots Preview
Interview with Matt Kaplan for Grappling Idiots Event
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