Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#107 Spyder BJJ 2019 Final Recap, F2W 132, GrappleFest 7, Preview Polaris 12, Quintet FN 4

November 26, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 107
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#107 Spyder BJJ 2019 Final Recap, F2W 132, GrappleFest 7, Preview Polaris 12, Quintet FN 4
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This week on the show Maine, Emil, and Austin recap the Spyder BJJ Invitational Final for 2019 and who takes home the 100,000-dollar prize.  We also recap the Fight to Win action that took place in Hawaii featuring Garry Tonon, and recap GrappleFest 7 with Craig Jones.  
In the news section of the show we talk about some upcoming matchup announcements, Including Gordon Ryan posting his checking account and calling out Kaynan Duarte.  We talk about the heavyweight lineup announced for Kasai Pro 7.  

In the recap section of the show we recap ever match that took place in the Spyder BJJ 2019 event.  Our amazement with Johnatha Alves submission finish of Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor in their opening rematch.  The other quarter finals and semi finals matches and the down to the wire with penalties match between Levi Jones-Leary and Matheus Gabriel for the finals of the -76 kg division. 

In the heavyweight -100 kg side of the bracket we follow Nicholas Meregali on the way to his rematch with Erberth Santos that was fireworks until the strange ending.  We talk about how dangerous of a leg locker Erberth is and Rodolfo Vieira passing game.  We also share our thoughts on the finals match between Kaynan Duarte and Nicholas Meregali and the hosts talk about how you could give the decision to either competitors, and the arguments for and against each. After that we share our thoughts on the event at a whole. 

In the recap of the GrappleFest 7 event we break down Craig Jones vs Adam Wardzinski, and the dynamism of Craigs game, and fast submissions.  The we talk about Dante Leon Vs Marcio Andre in an extremely impressive performance from Dante that showed dynamism of takedowns and positional control.  The Ruotolo twins Tye and Kade matches displayed great passing, darce game, positional control and more against Tom Halpin and Jeremy Skinner respectively, we talked about jumping darce pass attempts and who we want to see the bothers against next. 

In the recap of Fight to Win 132 in Hawaii we talk about Garry Tonon crazy highlight reel match with Davi Ramos that made the short list for Fight Of The Year, Jordan Gomez vs Baret Yoshida for the Masters Black Belt Feather belt, another back and forth match between Jena Bishop and Tracey Goodell for the woman’s Masters Bantam Weight Gi title.  As well as Victor Hugo vs Helton Jose Jr and a really interesting Guillotine set up off of some interesting hand position.  Plus the events huge payout. 

In the preview section we talk about one of the sexiest matchup’s booked in recent history Nicky Rod, Vs. Luke Rockhold booked as the main event of Polaris 12.  Also on the event are matchups between ADCC vetran Richard Alarcon VS Ash Williams, and the only Gi matchup on the main card Tommy Langaker VS Gilbert "Durinho" Burns two staples of the promotion.  Michelle Nicolini, Devhonte Johnson and ADCC Trials winner Arya Esfandmaz also are present on the main card.  Plus a matchup that might be fireworks between PJ Barch and Marcin Held.  

In the preview of Quintet Fight Night 4 we take a look at all four of the announced teams for the event Carpe Diem, Korean Top Team, Paraestra, and Team Sakuraba, and talk about some of the notable members of each team and some exciting grapplers we have seen on the Quintet stage in the past.  We also talk about some of the special matches Haisam Rida vs Kyle Chambers.  A match that might be interesting with no Heel Hooks, Kazushi Sakurab vs Takanori Gomi, and Hideo Tokoro vs Minowaman.

In the outro we talk about crazy travel recently. 

Recorded 11-25-2019

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Spyder BJJ Championship Final 2019 Recap
GrappleFest 7 Recap
Fight to Win 132 Hawaii Recap
Polaris 12 Preview
Quintet Fight Night 4 Preview
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