Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#108 Recap Polaris 12, Quintet FN 4, Preview Third Coast Grappling 3, F2W 133

December 03, 2019 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 108
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#108 Recap Polaris 12, Quintet FN 4, Preview Third Coast Grappling 3, F2W 133
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This week on the show Maine and Emil Recap Polaris 12, Quintet FN 4, Preview Third Coast Grappling 3, and Fight to Win 133 in Fresno CA. 

In the news section we talk about Vagner Rocha Vs. William Tackett, and how it’s great to see Vagner facing all the young killers.  We also talk about the superfights on Quintet Ultra in less than two weeks, and teams from the UFC, WEC, Strikeforce and Pride. 

In the recap section of the show we kick it off with Polaris 12 Nick Rodriguez Vs. Luke Rockhold.  We talk about Nicky Rods ability to steal rounds with big takedowns and how well he is able to control top position against Rockhold.  We recap the entire main card and select undercard matches.  We talk about Ashley Williams impressive armbar win over Richard Alarcon for the No Gi Bantamweight Title.  An extremely impressive win for Tommy Langaker over Gilbert Burns in the only Gi match of the main card.  We talk about the woman's main card matchup Michelle Nicolini VS. Vanessa English that ended in a nasty Toe Hold. Unity's Devhonte Johnson Vs. ADCC Euro Trials winner Arya Esfandmaz, and rounding out the main card PJ Barch Vs. Marcin Held in a back and forth match. For the Undercard we talk about the fantastic passing and finishing sequence form Espen Mathiesen.  As well as the rematch and controversy of Frederic Vosgrone Vs. Ash Amos.

In our recap of Quintet Fight Night 4 we talk about the four teams; Carpe Diem, K-TOP BJJ, Team Sakuraba and Paraestra faced off.  As well as special superfights between Haisam Rida and Kyle Chambers, and other Japanese MMA legends.  In this event we see Carpe Diem take the championship in impressive fusion securing their third Quintet championship.  Highlights we talk about include Sotaro Yamada submitting his opponent with a calf slicer and Rear Naked Choke bear trap combo.  In the team finals we talk about Tomoshige Sera impressive flying armbar and kneebar victories that helped Carpe Diem secure the win.

In the preview section Maine talks about his plans to cover Third Coast Grappling 3 live from Houston Texas and some of the new equipment he has purchased for the trip. Then we get into talking about Gordon Ryan Vs. Bo Nickal and the modified rules for the match.  How we think it will play out and more wrestlers coming into submission grappling.  We talk about Jake Shields Vs. Romulo Barral, and Edwin Najmi Vs. Gilbert Burns another match taking place in the Gi on the main card.  We talk abour Pedro Marinho vs Joao Gabriel Matos in an exciting brown belt match, and Andrew Tackett Vs. Savion Maranon in a very exciting match for the No-Gi Juvenile Blue Title for TCG. 

In our preview of Fight to Win 133 in Fresno CA, we talk about the headliner AJ Agazarm Vs. Ary Farias, and a very exciting Masters Middle Black Belt Gi Title bout between Tom Knox and master plus champion Andre Maneco Leite.  Also on the card is Samir Chantre Vs. Lucas Pinheiro, and Troy Everett in his last Fight to Win appearance as a full member of team no sleep.

In the outro section Maine and Emil talk about travel woes of the recent Thanksgiving Holiday.

Recorded 12-2-2019

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Polaris 12 Recap
Quintet Fight Night 4 Recap
Third Coast Grappling 3 Preview
Fight to Win 133 Fresno, CA Preview
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