Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#116 IBJJF Euros 2020 Recap, Preview Kasai Pro 7, Finishers 11, TCGQ III, Recap JitzKing 2

January 28, 2020 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 116
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#116 IBJJF Euros 2020 Recap, Preview Kasai Pro 7, Finishers 11, TCGQ III, Recap JitzKing 2
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IBJJF Euros 2020 Recap, Kasai Pro 7 Preview, along with a recap of select matches on JitzKing 2 Miami, and previews of Finishers 11, and Third Coast Grappling Qualifier III.  Maine Miller and Zak Brodnik sit down and talk about the above as well as the weeks BJJ news.
In the news section we talk about new articles on the and some other great content coming out on the site. Grappling industries ending their MMA Pro fighter free entry to events and the reasons why.  We talk a bit about some announced matchups for future pro and superfight cards. As well as Gordon Ryan ribbing Keenan publically that as per usual stirred up controversy.

In the recap of the 2020 IBJJF European Championships we talk about all the men’s and woman’s black belt adult finals matches and some select other important matches that we though needed to be discussed. 

We talk at length about Michale Musumeci Jr. matches in the open class against Mahamed Aly, and in his other absolute matches.  We talk about Keenan Cornelius matches with both Aly and Felipe Andrew at absolute in the final, as well as his match with Adam Wardzinski and some of the changes we’ve seen in his game, and strategies against Keenan.  We break down Thalison Soares vs Tomoyuki Hashimoto in the roosterweight finals and talk about the disqualification.  We talk about Jonnatas Gracie and his decision win in his finals match.  As well as Patrick Gaudio’s kneebar win over Felipe Andrew in the finals of the weight class, and Tommy Langaker quick submission performance in his division.

In out recaps of the woman’s divisions we break down all the finals matches as well, and the open weight.  We talk about Ffion Davies vs Jessica Flowers, and Charlotte Von Baumgarten matches; and how methodical Ffion climbs through positions and takes submissions.  We talk about the gamesmanship of Mayssa Bastos.  In the finals match between Sábatha Santo vs Maggie Grindatti we talk about the great triangle entry from spider lasso guard that lead to the finish.

Plus Zak talks about some of the specific trends that he is seeing at Purple Belt and Brown belt at the Euros 2020 and how he forecasts these changes being implemented into the meta game in the next 5 years.

In the JitzKing 2 Miami recap we talk about the finals match for the men’s 145 pound tournament between Ethan Crelinsten and Andrew Tackett for $5000.  We also break down Richie “Boogie” Martinez vs Enrico Coco and the heel hook setup that got the finish, and Kody Steele vs John Combs in an exciting first superfight at black belt for Steele.

In the preview section we take a look at the Kasai Pro 7 Heavyweight Tournament round robin 8 man that will be broken into two 4 man brackets.  This bracket features possible recent rematches with Nick Rodriguez, and Cyborg.  Plus rematches between Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa, and Kyle Boehm in a points rule set.  As well as Patrick Gaudio fresh off of his Euros gold, and João Gabriel Rocha, Bruno Bastos, and Vinny Magalhaes.

We also preview Finishers 11 the Quintet style 4-team 5-man event that has some stand out grapplers and superfights on the card.

Plus we talk about the two brackets that are part of the Third Coast Grappling Qualifier III.

Recorded 1-27-2020

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IBJJF Euros 2020 Recap
IBJJF 2020 Euros Mens Divisions Finals Recap
IBJJF Euros 2020 Recap Woman's Divisions Recap
Euros Purple and Brown Belt Meta Discussion
JitzKing 2 Miami Recap
Kasai Pro 7 Preview
Finishers 11 Preview
Third Coast Grappling Qualifier 3 Preview
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