Holy Shenanigans

Come & Sit

February 08, 2022 Tara Lamont Eastman Episode 75
Holy Shenanigans
Come & Sit
Show Notes

In this week’s podcast we hear a Jesus story about healing that flips the tables of life as we know it and blesses people in experiences of woe and need. Special guest,  Rev. Mack Smith answers 3 ½ questions about love and reminds us that "God loves you like crazy!" Stay tuned for a lively conversation about blessing and healing. Come and sit... Listen to the needs of people around us... And engage in some table flipping, holy shenanigans.

In honor of Black History Month, this episode includes a reading of Joseph Seamon Cotter, Jr's poem And What Shall You Say:

Brother, come!
And let us go unto our God.
And when we stand before Him
I shall say —
“Lord, I do not hate,
I am hated.
I scourge no one,
I am scourged.
I covet no lands,
My lands are coveted.
I mock no peoples,
My people are mocked.”
And, brother, what shall you say?

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